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While Brit's in Court,

K-Fed Films, Parties

10/13/2007 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What was K-Fed doing while Britney was fighting for supervised visitation with their Sean and Jayden? Why, filming yet another episode of "One Tree Hill," of course. Daddy's got some bills to pay!

After filming wrapped, Kev and crew toddled over to a local bar for a night of heavy partying, reports People. At one point, the DJ played Brit-Brit's new jam, "Gimme More," but Federline failed to bat an eyelash. "He didn't have a reaction. He wasn't dancing," said one clubgoer.

American Idol's Underage Drama

Traveling with the "American Idol" tour isn't just child's play -- and the U.S. Department of Labor can prove it. This past week, 19 Touring, the parent company of "American Idols Live Tour '07," was fined $5,000 for violating child labor laws. The reason? Underage performers Jordin Sparks and Sanjaya Malakar.

The Labor Department also says that 19 Touring lacked a certificate of eligibility to employ singers under the age of 18. Who says Sanjaya's a singer?

The company eventually filed the proper paperwork but will still have to pay a fine.

Rosie: I Made J.Lo

Jennifer Lopez was just Jenny from the block -- fat and clumsy Jenny from the block, when she got her start, says squeaky-voiced Rosie Perez in the new issue of Out magazine. Rosie says it was she, not Keenan Ivory Wayans, who hired Lopez as a dancer on the hit '90s comedy show "In Living Color." "He didn't want her because she was overweight and didn't dance well, but I said, 'she has star quality.'"

Party Favors..."Dirty Sexy Money" Star Has Issues...

Samaire Armstrong, who plays a blonde rich beeyotch on "Dirty Sexy Money" entered an outpatient facility to deal with "personal issues," according to People. A rep for Armstrong says that she'll continue to work on the show and will be "completing her treatment" in a matter of weeks.


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One Tree Hill is filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina where Dawson's Creek was also filmed. I know that there aren't too many nightclubs in that town.

2574 days ago


Well, to everyone who kept harping about K-Fed not working - there's your proof. Britney seems to be getting more sober & K-Fed seems to be working. It's really going to kill a lot of you if this story has a happy ending, isn't it?

2574 days ago


Dirty Sexy Money - Love it!

Federline working - Also very cool!

Britney fighting for her kids - Awesome.

Looks like all is well in the world of people I don't even know. I'm off to shop. Have fun blogging everybody!

2574 days ago


jack54, are you like some sad little 14 year-old boy?

2574 days ago


LMFAO just read the post about jack54 & his jealous little green beanstalk.

2574 days ago

pointing out the truth    

haha how funny.. diane you know nothing I'm from wilmington adn on the water front there alot of clubs for the record and second everytime he is there he is at the club but its wilmington not hollywood so it doesn't get reported on and def not by TMZ.... ha ha jack made me laugh, yeah I've thought for along time kevins been buying his good rep that is truly how the holly wood game is played! Did he have the kids with him? "Cause i thought they couldn't go out of state without the other parents approval and if he had them then he was violating that order and the alchol order! If he didn't have the kids with him then where are they? Who are they with you mean to tell me that he can leave them on the other side of the country and no one bats an eye with nannies but brit goes out shopping during the day without them and everyone jumps on her! i dont care for them they are both rocks but I'm telling you more and more of kevin is going to come out and the next thing you know you'll find that the bodygaurd was paid!!!!! By kev of course! Oh and for shar she knows where her bread gets buttered think about it people if kevin gets more money who else gets more money? Ya think she's gonna screw herself on that one? Didn't think so!

2574 days ago


Apparently he was working which is more than her usual!

2574 days ago


As, I live in the Wilmington, NC area....I heard on good authority that Kevin F was T-RASHED out of his mind on at least alcohol. WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE...IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER! Although Kevin would relish pap's following him around...he lives for the day...but he should be watched closely..and the courts should rip him apart like they have Brit. Man, I hope he get's his. He and Shar Jackson don't deserve a penny of Britney's hard earned money. They are grifters. 'Nuff said.

2574 days ago


May I Take Your Hat Maddam..................

2574 days ago


#22 Wilmington'ite

You heard it on good authority??? Well OMG it MUST be true then, y'all. Film at 11 - stay tuned! Who gives a freak, dude? He's allowed to go to a cast party. He has nannies for when he does go out - which is not very often & you know it. If you want to pick at something, then pick your nose.

2574 days ago



Ummmmmmmmm............... NO!


2574 days ago


jack54 is not a sad little boy. He's a frustrated 54 year-old Pervert hatin on K-Fed's youth & the fact that he got to screw Britney Spears. What jack really needs is a good dating service.

2574 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

My, my, touched some nerves, did I? First of all, "ding, dang" was an intended pun on tmz - guess that didn't work - I also hate that expression but I think I got about as many blasts on that one that tmz gets on any given day (and we're only up to about post #22 or so?).

"SIGH", PLEASE, I beg you, enlighten me ... EXACTLY why do you think that I'm jealous of kturd? I have never aspired to be a bloodsucking, alcoholic, druggie, leach, dirtbag, useless, self-centered, egotistical, low-life, child using, baby mamma ditching, worthless, piece of shiit. So, I'd really like to know what's going on in YOUR peabrain. At least I express my feelings and don't attack others w/o giving reasons.

"ME", "ME", getting off on kturd??? RLMAO!!! I'm happen to be married to a REAL man who know how to treat a woman and his children (not to mention support them).

As for being on everyday - NOT! But, I must say, this is a bit addicting!

And, YES, I do only post to get on kturd's shiit b/c I find the bloodsucking, alcoholic, druggie, leach, dirtbag, useless, self-centered, egotistical, low-life, child using, baby mamma ditching, worthless, piece of shiit and those who support him really really really disgusting. I have been a Britney fan for the last 10+ years and I still belive in her and wish her well.


2574 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

HA! Peter Cottontail: Close, but no cigar. I'm 53, not 54. I'm female, not male. I'm happily married to a wonderful man (for the past 28 years) with 3 great kids (two in their teens, one in her early 20s). Pervert? Nope. You must be confusing me with kturd! But thank you for your kind remarks.


2574 days ago


Rosie Perez is saying this now after how many years

2574 days ago
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