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Hasselbeck Ready to Pop

10/14/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"View" fans take note: you've got less than a month with your beloved Elisabeth Hasselbeck before she goes on extended pregnancy leave.

The blonde conserva-mom -- who already has a daughter with former football-playing hubby Tim Hasselbeck -- is preggo with her second child, and Hasselbeck's spokesperson says Lizzy will be taking leave starting November 8 or 9. Who's Whoopi going to argue with now?

To satiate your Hasselbeck desires, "The View" will have a series of celeb co-hosts in her place.


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Thank GAWD!!! She is the single most irritating person on TV!!!

NOTE: Her husband no longer plays football......He was cut by the Giants in September!!!

2568 days ago


I hope they replace her with an educated republican. A Woman who is well read and is up on current events. A republican who is not a nut or a dumb ass like she is. There are so many Reagan Republicans like myself who are pro choice and who believe Bush is an idiot. Hope they find a reasonable, kind, funny republican. One can express themselves without engaging in a fight..........discourse is about respect and listening and none of the women on The View engage in that.

2568 days ago


TMZ you are putting a good parent first here today??? Must be a slow news weekend.
I like her and wish her good luck with the new baby!

2568 days ago

Busted Celebrity    

We think she is hot and should release a celeb naughty tape for us. LOL


2568 days ago


Well she isn't beloved by everyone. The only thing that would make this story TMZ worthy is to have a sex tape, which I am sure is out there somewhere.

2568 days ago


Finally a reason to actually watch The View: Psycho Republican won't be there!

2568 days ago


Good. I hope she goes away permanently.

2568 days ago


Poster #1: I guess you didn't watch Superbowl XL? Her hubby is Matt Hasselbeck. He plays for the Seattle Seahawks. He did not get cut by the Giants. The Giants are in New York.

There's a new NFL commercial with Matt Hasselbeck and their daughter.

So even though you hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck, unfortunately she's still married to a current NFL quarterback. Yeah, life is not fair. Hot girls get the rich quarterbacks, even if she's a biaaatch.

By the way, you were thinking of Jesse Palmer, the ex-NFLer who was the bachelor on the show "The Bachelor".

2568 days ago


Don't let the door hit her in the ass on her way out! Hopefully, she will decide to be a full-time Mom so we don't have to be subjected to her overly-judgemental, brainwashed ignorance.

She just does not posess enough "real" life experience to provide truly meaningful opinions - Republican or otherwise. Please bring back Lisa Ling!!!!

2568 days ago

Tony Leake    

Yeah............. She's gone.... maybe Barbara will 'back door' her and fire her when she's on leave.... We can only hope. The whiny-voice blond must leave. When is her contract up anyway??? When I went to and - this was the top story of the day?????????? PUKE.............

Anyone else wanna complain about her? Email me at
Happy Sunday.

2568 days ago


i hope she don't come back. she is so dang irritating.

2568 days ago


GOOD RIDDANCE!!!! I hope she stays gone! But tell her if she MUST have more human children, quit popping out kids like a pez dispenser and go adopt a kid who needs a home. I'm so sick of these self-righteous "mommies" who think repeatedly blowing a fetus out of their groin and carting the kids around in a mini van is cause for celebration. YOU GOT KNOCKED UP. BIG DEAL. You're NOT SPECIAL. Take some responsibility for the overpopulation problem and grow up: see

2568 days ago


she'e the only reason anyone i know watches the view!!!!!
she's the ONE thats has any commom sense

2568 days ago


PLEASE stop saying 'preggo' - am I the only person who gets really irritated by this stupid made up word?

2568 days ago


I would watch the show again if she did not return....

2568 days ago
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