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Hasselbeck Ready to Pop

10/14/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"View" fans take note: you've got less than a month with your beloved Elisabeth Hasselbeck before she goes on extended pregnancy leave.

The blonde conserva-mom -- who already has a daughter with former football-playing hubby Tim Hasselbeck -- is preggo with her second child, and Hasselbeck's spokesperson says Lizzy will be taking leave starting November 8 or 9. Who's Whoopi going to argue with now?

To satiate your Hasselbeck desires, "The View" will have a series of celeb co-hosts in her place.


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Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin? You've got to be kidding or insane. When I hear those two poor excuses for human beings it makes me rethink my views on free speech. They have no decency, no respect for others and they certainly don't have a soul. It's not just liberals who despise them, it's 70 percent of the country.

2535 days ago

Frankie On The Beach    

Elisabeth is the reason I still look in on the program occasionally. I can't understand why some of you have such hostility toward her or any conservative who has the integrity that she has. Why can't you stand to hear another side of a question without loosing your cool?

2535 days ago


How nice. Now, please don't come back. Stay at home with your kids. Teach them all the good things to come out of this war. Maybe they'll grow up just as narrow-minded as you. At least I can tune in and watch Joy again!!

2535 days ago


I always wondered how she got on the show. She doesn't have the credentials the other hosts have. Yes she's young but she is very uneducated and apparently cannot think for herself. After I saw the episode where she and Rosie got into it I realized how ignorant she was. I don't watch the show. I work. I don't care to hear what she has to say, and that's rare for me. I usually believe everyone has a voice. She's a closed minded individual sucked up in a closed minded political view. I guess it is "her view". I hope she doesn't come back. Stop infecting and dividing our society. Get her off the air.

2535 days ago

Muskoka Girl    

she is one of the biggest HIPPOcrites. she doesn't think for herself BW beloved Bill geddy tells her what to say thru her earpoece ever notice she always looks like shes in a deep thought but she is actually straining to hear what he is saying. i miss Lisa ling but she has gone on to bigger and better. last season EH was talking about how its the mans job to be out working supporting a family mmm isn't her hubby unemployed now and she plays on the christain card a litle to much especially since her own kid isn't even baptized yet she says she doesn't have time give me a break shes phony fake and thinks shes special GO AWAY!!!!

2535 days ago


Hasselbeck is the only calm rational voice on the view. When she leaves the view will have a huge hole in its makeup and the leftists who crap on our tv screens daily will be lost without her to bash. What will they ever do? Beat up on one another? Hasslebeck was the best part of that show and there will be no need to watch it anymore, at least until she or another calm voice returns.
By the way, I saw some photos of Nicole Richie today and it is plain to see that she is NOT anorexic as the TMZ was trying to foist upon us all. I wonder if they have some true genius's working at TMZ using Photoshop to trash people the TMZ wants to make look bad. Some of those Photoshop smears are not all that good and it is transparent they are fakes.
It appears that Nicole Richie will have a fine baby as well and without the trashing of TMZ. Isn't it strange that TMZ no longer trashes Paris on a minute by minute basis. Has TMZ spewed enough hate for Paris or are the trolls at TMZ reloading? It is true that TMZ is aiming at Britney. What that outcome is no one yet knows. Maybe TMZ has a secret hold on some of those judges looking for 15 minutes of fame.

2535 days ago

Born Again...Amen    

Congratulations Elisabeth. Without her we'd have a completely liberal spread on the View. That's a little scary and of course quite unbalanced folks. She's a beautiful person inside and out and stands on strong convictions...something that sadly the majority of our country does not anymore! You'll be missed while you're away Elisabeth. Enjoy baby # 2.

Oh and "Quest" on page 1, you're SCARY. Sounds like you may have some deep seeded issues? I'm all in support of adoption, it's a wonderful thing. Is Elisabeth allowed to have a second child...good gracious!!!

2535 days ago


I like Elizabeth. She keeps the liberal lefties in check. Now they can go on rampage, because all the 'celebs' the choose will be libs like the rest of them.
I hope she has a beautiful, healthy baby, and has a very good recovery, and I will look forward to her return in a couple of months.
God Bless you, Elizabeth and your sweet family.

2535 days ago


Leave Elissabeth...she'll get another J.O.B at Fox News...they'll give her a show of her very own. Or...wait a minute...maybe they are even too smart for I agree with #30...I think Barbara Walters is a fake. She always tries to overact too prim and proper. What say y'all????? Barbara AND Elissabeth go away!!!!! AND Barbara LIES, LIES, LIES!!!!

2535 days ago


Hey maybe she can raise it up and send it directly into the Iraq on the front lines of the war. She is so pro-war, I am sure she won't mind offering up one of her own. People like to talk tough, but not when it comes to their own blood. Spill the blood of other people's children, that's a great plan.

These people make me sick!

2535 days ago


I can't for the life of me figure out why Barbara keeps her on the show. Irritating does not begin to describe this person. I can't stand to listen to her and I imagine there are many who feel the same way, so why does Barbara keep her on the show?

2535 days ago


Muskoka Girl - you are absolutely correct. Elisabeth is COACHED before the show by the executive producer, Bill. She is coached during the show as to what to say. His opinion is her opinion. How she got that gig is beyond me. She's not very smart.

I say let her retire and get someone who is SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER.

2535 days ago


I certainly don't agree with her politics or much of anything she says in general, but she isn't stupid, if anyone cares to really listen to her, and she brings an interesting side to the subjects discussed. She really has been what makes View interesting. I think she's a brave young lady to speak her conservative mind amongst the liberals at her table...and I'm definitely liberal. I'll miss her, even though she infuriates me at times - it's good for me!

2535 days ago


Her husband gets things ready for breakfast the night before, and she goes and undoes his work. She said that she hates that he's a perfectionist. Barry Manilow's right. She's dangerous!

2535 days ago


Barbara keeps Elissabeth on the show because she kisses Barbara's Bu'ttocks. Notice when they walk out, Elissabeth is always agreeing with Babs. She knows where her shopping sprees come from. I'll bet she is a snitch for Barbara. Do you remember Barbara saying she had never been invited to a White House Dinner...but Elissabeth has. Barbara likes Elissabeth.

2535 days ago
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