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Hasselbeck Ready to Pop

10/14/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"View" fans take note: you've got less than a month with your beloved Elisabeth Hasselbeck before she goes on extended pregnancy leave.

The blonde conserva-mom -- who already has a daughter with former football-playing hubby Tim Hasselbeck -- is preggo with her second child, and Hasselbeck's spokesperson says Lizzy will be taking leave starting November 8 or 9. Who's Whoopi going to argue with now?

To satiate your Hasselbeck desires, "The View" will have a series of celeb co-hosts in her place.


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To kobe_no_means_no,
Elisabeth is not married to a current NFL quarterback. Tim Hasselbeck is Elisabeth's husband who was cut by the Patriots. Matt Hasselbeck is her brother-in-law. Tim and Elisabeth live in New Jersey and Matt, wife and 2 daughters live in Seattle. Anyhow, they should replace Elisabeth.

2573 days ago


I wish her the best of luck, but I think this perfect mother and wife should stay home and be just that. She is as, someone else noted a speed talker and always talks over all the others, even the guests. Maybe the quest co-hosts will turn up someone TPTB will bring on for good.

2573 days ago

are you new?    

The book of Scout verse 5:
Go Elizabeth.Go have a healthy baby. Go and live a good life
Go and get the hell off my TV.

2573 days ago


#7 Kobe....Sorry but you are wrong! Elizabeth's husband is NOT Matt Hasselback it is his brother Tim Hasselback who played with the Giants.Matt is her brother-in-law.

2573 days ago


Thank god! I can start watchin the show again... that woman is such a annoying whiny, close-minded bitch! The show would be better off without her in my opinion!

2573 days ago


#38, You shudder at Free Speech because of Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin and that they have no respect or decency to others and no soul???????

Uh sounds MORE like Rosie O'Donnell to me!!!!

what a dull show this will be with Elizabeth gone, what will they do sit around all the host with the same opinions agreeing with each other
gee that sounds fun to watch!!!!

liberal's beware "SHE'LL BE BACK!!!!!" LOL LOL LOL LOL

2573 days ago


I wish the best of luck to Elisaeth and her family.

As for Qwest, you really need to do your research before running off at the mouth.
Elisabeth's husband was released by the New York Giants. Why do you think it was so convenient for Elisabeh to work in New York and constantly be close to her family??!!
As for her over-populating the world, you just sound extremely bitter and jealous!!
Perhaps, you have some personal issues that need to be dealt with. At least she is taking care of her own children with her own money and does not depend on society to support them.

It could be lot really need to lighten and up and learn to respect the lives and decisions of other people.
After all, this is America.

2573 days ago


Elizabeth you will be missed!!!! I hope the Girlz have the Balz to have Anne Coulture, Megan Kelly , or Greta etc.GALS WITH A MORE REALISTIC VIEW OF THE WORLD!!! Good Luck Elizabeth~ Hurry Back!!!

2573 days ago


I am a recovering Catholic and I used to be a right wing conservative until I woke up.Elisabeth is brainwashed just as I was. I feel sorry for her and hope she doesn't come back. She is very irritating to watch and doesn't seem to listen to the other side. I think The View should have different co-hosts instead of Elisabeth. Having a man on one in a while would be very refreshing.

2573 days ago


The last name is HASSLEBECK...not HasslebAck.

2573 days ago


good let her go argue with a wall in her apt.

2573 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Posted at 12:07PM on Oct 14th 2007 by pat
["I am a recovering Catholic"]

Pat, what does this mean exactly?

2573 days ago

Larry Fuller    

WOOHOO!!!!!! The blonde windbag will be gone!!!! Barbara wach the ratings climb without Elizabeth!!!! Wake up Barbara and get rid of the airhead!!!! I loved how you stopped Elizabeth from commenting back to Joy a few weeks ago when Joy told her that it was expected that Elizabeth be upfront with questions to Republicans like she is totally rude to the Democrats. Barbara KNEW Joy was correct on that one. No one wants to see miss orange color skin anymore on the show. She started the fracas with Rosie that day and everyone knows it. The smirk on her face and the lies she has told since have given her true nature away. I also want to know HOW did she ever get that job on The View in the first place and second, how did ever KEEP the job?????? She is a waste and a mess in a dress!!!!

2573 days ago


She is so stupid . If Barry Mandalo hates her so do IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Maybe Bush will give her a job as greeter at the White house front door. Stay home and watch the View on T. V. We dont want her you can have her.

2573 days ago


This is another television personality that I wish would just go away. She needs to stay home after this baby is born and live in her bubble. I still don't understand how she can't see how ridiculous she is. I love how her commentary is never based on any facts that she can prove. She sounds like a recording of Bill O'Riley. LOL.

2573 days ago
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