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Hasselbeck Ready to Pop

10/14/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"View" fans take note: you've got less than a month with your beloved Elisabeth Hasselbeck before she goes on extended pregnancy leave.

The blonde conserva-mom -- who already has a daughter with former football-playing hubby Tim Hasselbeck -- is preggo with her second child, and Hasselbeck's spokesperson says Lizzy will be taking leave starting November 8 or 9. Who's Whoopi going to argue with now?

To satiate your Hasselbeck desires, "The View" will have a series of celeb co-hosts in her place.


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Georgia Girl    

won't miss you AT ALL!

2532 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

She got Rosie fired so she must be doing something right.

2532 days ago


So is being married to an NFL quarterback considered her talent? She isn't SPECIAL but just a self-righteous, offensive Bush Republican. As to #35, Ann Coulter is just another closed minded BUSH CLONE.
PLEASE don't let "LIZZY" come back!

2532 days ago


Where in the hell did that word "Preggers" come from. Sounds so stupid! Anyway, I say GOOD RIDENCE to that Hasselbeck Hag. Can't stand the self-righteous puppet of Bill Gedde. She is the most irritating person I have ever heard on a talk show. Big phoney is what she is with a mouth that talks so fast nobody else can get in a word sometimes. Glad she is going to be gone for a while. Only wish it were permanently!

2532 days ago


WHAO!!! GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH. 1. Thank GAWD!!! She is the single most irritating person on TV!!! She is as dumb as they come with her stupid, overly-judgemental, that thinks she knows better at 30 years old than someone that is over 50 years that has been in this world before they even think about conceiving her. Don't let the door hit her in the ass on her way out! Hopefully, she will decide to be a full-time Mom so we don't have to be subjected to her overly-judgemental, brainwashed ignorance.

2532 days ago

Mike Moran    

Stop picking on Elizabeth ! She was hired to do what she's doing. If you want to slam 'The View' - rip into Barbara Walters, not Elizabeth. The only person on that show that is annoying is Joy Behar ( The only surviving 'original', because she "kisses Barbara's ass " !! ). At least Elizabeth believes in what she puts out. Behar is nothing but a "parrot", for the elitist "limousine - liberals" that want to tell us how to live ! If you want something to complain about, let's see Ann Coulter do Elizabeth's maternity leave ! That would be fun !!!

2532 days ago


82. Hasselbeck is the only calm rational voice on the view.

Shrilly McShrew calm and rational? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

She has to check in with Hannity on a daily basis to see what her opinions are on anything. She should go work on Fixed News once her leave is over.

2532 days ago


Please, please make her go away. What a moron! Maybe if her husband was a better QB and could make some real dollars she'd just stay home and bake. "The View" used to be a fairly intelligent hour of TV but everytime she opens her mouth, the IQ factor drops substantially.

2532 days ago


Love her.. She is the voice of conservatives Good Luck with Baby No. 2

2532 days ago

too sad    

shes needs to not go back to tv ever .

2532 days ago


Yeah, Cheers, I can watch again! Hope her baby is healthy, and she decides to be a stay at home mom. But after reading this artical looks like her hubby is out of a job. So at least I can watch untill she gets back . Sorry I just can't stand the sight of her, her voice and her right wing ways. Rosie, I miss you "The View" is not the same without you! GO HILLARY 2008!

2532 days ago


It's a shame that another human being is being brought into this world that will be subject to her warped ideology.

Her brand of Christian Conservatism--now termed Christianism--is the biggest threat this country faces. Even more so than the so-called Islamic Fascists.

2532 days ago


Divided we fall into the CLINTON MESS!!!!!

2532 days ago

rockin' johnny    

She's an idiot.

2532 days ago


This is the only "clean" woman left on T.V. I love that she stands up for what is right. I love that she doesn't cave in on her integrity just to be accepted by the crowd. I love that she is unashamed to express her point of view and still try to be an influence for good while the world around her is corrupt. I'm so proud of the fact that she has reserved her right to to have children, and continues to show the world what a respectful woman should be. She loves her family, she is honest, she is hard working, and just. It amazes me that even when someone is choosing to stand up for whats right, people still will pick on her while you have other poor examples of womanhood running around on the planet. God Bless all the women in the world who do what is right.

2532 days ago
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