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Chevy Not Ready to Roll Over T.I. ... Yet

10/15/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is T.I. done for at Chevy? Possibly.

When asked whether the company plans to renege on the legally embattled rapper's endorsement deal, a spokesperson for Chevrolet told TMZ, "They are reviewing the situation," whatever that means.

The rapper was brought in by the auto maker earlier this year to bring much-needed cred to its cars, particularly the new Impala. The heavily rotated ads, featuring such stars as Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mary J. Blige were a huge hit, and the car company tooted its horn back in May, saying, "Chevy is a brand that represents a voice of American Revolution, and T.I. shares some of those same values."

How ya like me now?


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mel 7072    


2379 days ago


Machine Guns, Felons, and Cars, just don't mix

2379 days ago

The Monkey Zone    

No problem, he'll be making their license plates.

2379 days ago


TI's gangsta... it's the image Chevy needs. Bling Bling baby!

2379 days ago

He's Boring now    

"This is our Country"............Mellencamp tune with flashes of T.I. holding machine guns in it, just like Mellencamps cheap shot Video of the Jenna 6 with flashes of KKK from the 1930's.

Chevy saying "its being reviewed" is kin to what Nike said when Vick first came up about involvement with dog torture. The public outcry helped hurry that "its being reviewed" to a total ban of him and his products within a week.

Same thing will happen here...T.I. will become toast as this case continues to develop. Chevy or any other Corporate name will run fast and far from this type of image going forward.

2379 days ago


just to let you all know..i am a middle aged white lady and i love rap music. i feel that today rap music is filled with passion and heart and some of the most truth filled form of musical outpouring around. i love ludacris and have enjoyed watching him grow from a street level rapper selling his own cd's out of the trunk of his car and becoming a talented actor and well as a savvy businessman. if this story is true then i am a little disappointed in T.I. i think he has great talent as a rapper and also very much enjoyed him in the few movies i have seen him in. he is in the new movie american gangster starring alongside denzel washington. rappers rap about what they know about..and america today young black men know about the street life and drugs. this is not to excuse them in any way...but when you have 11 and 12 yr. olds. out slinging dope and not attending school this should be a wake up call for all america. perhaps if the government poured as much money into the educational system and programs for young children. (of all races) as they have spent on the never-ending iran conflict there would not be so many young black men in prisons due to selling drugs. T.I. seems to be a smart guy and hopefully he will be able to turn his life around and get back to doing what he does best. i am praying for you T.I.

2379 days ago


"Chevy is a brand that represents a voice of American Revolution" . These comments by chevy are ,only, about making $$. Morals don't matter ,it's like how much money can this idiot make for us? I don't know what Chevy is talking about ,but I am dam sure not part of such a ridicules statement . HEY CHEVY ,BECAUSE YOU DON'T GET IT , I WILL BE PURCHASING A TOYOTA TOMORROW. You can keep your F%%%% chevys and this assclown !!!!!!!!!!!!

2379 days ago


Ti Ti what on earth were u thinking... You know they keep successful brothers and sisters under surveillance at all times waiting for any chance to take us out the game...Up your game playa...i hope that you come out on top...

2379 days ago


Pimp up the chevy with some machine very American. Courtesy of the NRA bringing us as many guns and bullets we need to kill off human kind.

2379 days ago


You see, this is what's wrong with America right now. Alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. No offense, but you are ignorant. TI and that garbage he represents is not the true reflections some guys who are black But, it has become the one you and many white women and guys are most comfortable with . Guys who hang out in the street (black or white) are losers!!!!!! They could have gone to school, but decided the street life and everything negative it provided instead. You are a subconscious racist! Because you choose to listen and associate your self with the lowest forms of someone culture, you think you have an understanding. but ,you don’t. You like looosers? You feel comfortable with a guy like TI and other guys like him. Good .Your call. But don’t think that it represent a group of people. Denzel Washington. Michael Jordan or Tiger wood would never fall under this stupidity and there are many other black guys who don’t care about TI’s lifestyle. It makes you a racist to think this is what a black guy is ! This guy represents an idiot! Not a group! (Black or white)

2379 days ago



2379 days ago


in response to have your views and i have mine. i was not saying that the entire race is drug dealers and rappers... but that that is how T.I. was brought up...that is
what he is familar with so that is what he raps about. denzel, micheal, and tiger all grew up with a father in their life...and parents who put an emphasis on education and teaching them how to succeed in life. the thug life and drug life that so many rappers rap about are a true representation of some..( i repeat) some guys that are black. i challenge you to go into any prison in america and poll the prisioners who are there for drug convictions. how many do you think had a stable home life..let alone even know their father...and more than likely dropped out of school as soon as they were 16. my whole point in commenting was that i think that if as much effort was spent (time and moneywise) by the government in educating
children as they are spending looking for weapons of mass destruction(lol) in iran
that more young black men could grow up to be like tiger. i don't approve of what T.I. has done..but the boy has one can deny that. i sympathize with the situation that T.I. was forced to grow up in as so many other young children (of all races) have and will continue to be exposed to while growing up. if T.I. is guilty..then by all means he should pay his price to society...but perhaps i am more open minded than you...
i will still enjoy watching american gangster when it comes out...and you will still be able to catch me singing along the next time T.I. is on the radio.

2379 days ago


ALEX. your point is well taken. But, you have to realize that there are many poor kids (black and white) who dads were not around (In some cases ,that may have been best thing, many were alcoholics) and those people turned out well. What I am hearing with rappers and that image is that they say it is apart of their life, when clearly choices were made and they were not forced upon them .Many of these guys do this because it makes people have pity for them (like you) and excuse their bad behavior. What I am saying is this is only a certain group of people who want to glorify failure in order for someone like you to appreciate them more. It's cool ,you can listen to TI. My choice, however, is the FOO FIGHTERS Alex, they play instruments.......

2379 days ago


This was all a publicity stunt, they really wanted TI as a spokesperson for this...

2379 days ago


Ya'll do it for a day or two, We do it for a month or two!!!!!!

2377 days ago

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