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Cops to Orlando: Bad Crash, No Problem

10/15/2007 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando BloomOrlando Bloom smashed into a parked car at around 2:00 AM on Friday after partying at a club, leaving a passenger with a fractured neck. Speaking of leaving -- Orlando left the scene, came back, was never given a blood-alcohol test -- and he's getting off scot-free!

TMZ photogs captured video of Orlando getting into an argument outside the Green Door in Hollywood just after 2:00 AM. The accident occurred shortly thereafter.

X17 got video of Orlando walking away from the scene of the accident, only to return after paparazzi repeatedly told him that leaving would constitute hit and run. Bloom eventually came back and accompanied his injured passenger (who suffered a fractured neck) in an ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Bloom's rep says he immediately called 911 and characterized the fractured neck as a minor injury. She is silent on Bloom walking from the crash scene.

Cops now say they are on the hunt for an SUV that may have cut off Orlando, allegedly causing the crash. They also tell TMZ that walking away from the scene, like Orlando did, isn't necessarily hit and run.


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I am not sure what the cops consider hit and run any more.

Two years ago, a young guy sideswiped us and took off. My husband chased him (it wasn't exactly a high speed chase, but it was pretty entertaining watching him chase a little blue Mazda with our SUV) and finally got the kid to pull over (In the mean time I was calling 9-1-1 to explain that we were chasing the guy that hit us). The police arrived about a minute after we stopped him (small town) and they didn't even ask to see his ID!

I don't thing Mr. Bloom was getting preferential treatment; the guy who hit us was defininately not Hollywood material.

2566 days ago


here's a good poll question: Is supposedly walking away from an accident worse than following somone in traffic solely for the purpose of taking pictures of them and then causing them to crash?

by the way tmz, are you guys under investigation like x17 online? - is that why you keep working this blame bloom slant?

2566 days ago

This case is a very public disgrace...    

but if you hit a parked car, and are not a dui, you lose custody of your children and face 6 mths in jail..

We all saw the video and Orlando was in the wrong. Jen is gonna have to find someone else to make her 40's a** desirable now.

2566 days ago


TMZ and X17online,paparazzi cause this crach.

2566 days ago


#13 Actually check the clips again. He was NOT driving.. the same girl is in the drivers seat in both the before and after clips. This is just a beat up because TMZ had a slow "news" day. Try checking the facts before dismissing someone's comments you wanker.

2566 days ago


To #25:
I understand how you feel about the paparazzi, but it must be stated that they work in conjunction with the tabloids and with celebrities and movie stars, who need their press and publicity. It's a whole circle, with the paps, the tabs and the celebrities each playing a role. Most celebrities would not be too pleased about the paparazzi being put out of 'work.' A lot of actors and celebrities tip off paparazzi, or they have their friends or agents or publicists do 'the dirty work' for them. Sorry, but that's the sad truth.

To #33:
Didn't the official police report state that Orlando was driving at the time of the accident? Didn't Orlando switch places with the female driver at one point, just prior to the car accident in which Orlando was forced to drive into another vehicle? I do believe that he was driving at the time of the accident, per the police report and that he himself stated that it was an SUV that caused him to have to drive into a parked car.

2566 days ago


what a loser this guy is. so wimpy and unattractive! please, jen, no!

2566 days ago


As for one of the women having a fractured neck, I dunno If I believe that. That was never really confirmed by anyone but a no named '' source '' and I don't trust that kind of source. Obviously she was hurt though.... And about Orlando walking away, I don't know if any of you have been in any kind of car accident but your not yourself. I've been in one and even with out drugs/alcohol, your dazed, in shock, and confused. Just cause he crossed a street and went on to the side walk doesn't mean he was gonna run away or something.

2566 days ago

You Wait And See    

Orlando Bloom was not walking away from the accident. He was dazed and confused. He was in a car accident and sometimes, some people get confused about what's going on or what to do. While in their deep thoughts about figuring out what's going on and what to do, the background fades and you just walk around aimlessly. I know I do that sometimes. It's not simply because I'm trying to walk away from someone or something, but you can't think and it's all jumbled in your head and you're trying to process what just happened. People with ADD do this. I believe Orlando Bloom said that he does have ADD or some learning disability. I don't have a learning disability, but I may slightly have a touch of ADD. I have to make myself concentrate on what's being said. I will have someone talk to me and I'll let them talk and the words will just fly over my head. So then I repeat back a few of the words I heard and they will explain again and this is how I process information from a person speaking to me or get myself to concentrate on what a person is saying. I will walk aimlessly or the background will fade if something traumatic or dramatic happen. Then to process the information of what just happened, I will repeat it constantly until my brain processes it.

So yeah, it can be that bad. However, people think I'm very intelligent. They just don't realize what I have to go through to concentrate.

2566 days ago

F that    

thats my take on why he ran.
the girls werent mad at him and it wasnt like he was
leaving them-they all thought the car might be searched.
long time coke rumors for sweet lil o orly

2566 days ago


Personally i think it's rediculous to get upset that a celebrity doesn't get justice, when any black man in america can use the race card to get out of anything.

2566 days ago


My humble opinion: he was intoxicated; he was in shock after the accident and didn't know what to do in his innebrieated state; his friends (the two other gals in the car) forgive him; the police did let him off easy but they didn't want to create a scene in front of paps.

He got lucky, he's probably very sorry...let's move on.

2566 days ago


Yet Another reason why i HATE! Orlando bloom,
He proves that (semi)good looking guys are complete brainless asses

2566 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

If I was the guy he abandoned in his car hurt from his driving the first thing I'd do after I got well would be to kick his sorry ass from one end of town to the other. What a pal!

2566 days ago


Clearly he was not trying to flee the scene. He wasn't running and he was very aware that the paps were following him. He was half a block away and almost certainly walked that bit to a) call 911 in private and/or b) clear his head and vent/compose himself away from the photogs. It is very east to be confused and need to clear your head after an accident. But they, of course, followed him. I am not even a big fan of Orlando, but you guys are seriously out of line! Perhaps it has something to do with that witness who was not part of O's party mentioning that the paps were to blame.

2565 days ago
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