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Cops to Orlando: Bad Crash, No Problem

10/15/2007 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando BloomOrlando Bloom smashed into a parked car at around 2:00 AM on Friday after partying at a club, leaving a passenger with a fractured neck. Speaking of leaving -- Orlando left the scene, came back, was never given a blood-alcohol test -- and he's getting off scot-free!

TMZ photogs captured video of Orlando getting into an argument outside the Green Door in Hollywood just after 2:00 AM. The accident occurred shortly thereafter.

X17 got video of Orlando walking away from the scene of the accident, only to return after paparazzi repeatedly told him that leaving would constitute hit and run. Bloom eventually came back and accompanied his injured passenger (who suffered a fractured neck) in an ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Bloom's rep says he immediately called 911 and characterized the fractured neck as a minor injury. She is silent on Bloom walking from the crash scene.

Cops now say they are on the hunt for an SUV that may have cut off Orlando, allegedly causing the crash. They also tell TMZ that walking away from the scene, like Orlando did, isn't necessarily hit and run.


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As for the reports of what the cops said, perhaps they said something like "what he did wasn't illegal" and TMZ paraphrased it, making it look as if they said something they didn't. Clearly they are not saying that hit and run is not illegal. Orlando wasn't charged. I am certain that the cops know about and have seen the tape so it isn't as if they could get away with letting him off for something so serious. They obviously don't think a crime was committed.
Besides that, even if for some reason O intended to leave the scene of an accident that was photographed from every angle and involved people that he cared about, he didn't actually leave. As far as I know hit and almost run is not a crime.

2533 days ago


It is clear as day that Orlando wasn’t under the influence which is the reason he wasn’t given a sobriety test. His speech wasn’t even slightly slurred and he wasn’t even staggering a little. I would think that if someone had been drinking a lot at 2a.m. their eyes would be a bit droopy. Orlando’s eyes were clearly alert. They weren’t even red. It’s just plain as day that he was not under the influence. And as I stated in another post about this situation: No one has seen video of Orlando and the girl switching seats before (not after) the crash. And even he was indeed driving, the crash was most likely caused by the paps. It wouldn’t be the first time they caused an accident to happen. And as far as Orlando walking away, he was most likely trying to process everything and make a call in private. Until they mentioned it to him, I don't think the thought even occurred to Orlando that him just walking a short distance away from the scene could be considered running. That's probably why he stopped dead in his tracks when they mentioned it to him. When you're involved in a car accident, it can be disorienting immediately afterwards. It leaves your mind a bit scrambled. And that's how he looked -- like someone who was a bit in shock. He did not look like someone trying to run from a scene. Furthermore, it's very strange to me how there isn't any video of him from the time he starts "walking away from the scene." They just have him all of a sudden walking. People like TMZ and the paps are the most unethical editors. They show only what they want to in order to paint the picture they want. And as for the injury to one of the passengers, how would TMZ even know that she had a “fractured neck.” I don’t think the injured woman or the hospital would be so eager to share that kind of private information. Especially with the very ones who caused the accident to begin with (the paps). So, although she was clearly injured, TMZ most likely embellished and added the neck injury to make it seem worse than it was. That’s what they do best. You can’t believe everything you read especially on this site. I mean c’mon. They put up an extreme close-up of someone’s acne and called it an unknown planet. Do you actually view a site that does that as a reputable news forum? C’mon now.

2533 days ago

Rock of    

Did anyone stop to think after the crash he was a bit dazed? Hence him walking off.........

2533 days ago

Rock of    

thats my take on why he ran.
the girls werent mad at him and it wasnt like he was
leaving them-they all thought the car might be searched.
long time coke rumors for sweet lil o orly

Posted at 12:13AM on Oct 16th 2007 by sup orlando

YUP! SUP he was hiding the drugs.........Are you for real how would he have been able to do that with cameras following him DUH!!

2533 days ago

L Dogg    

they need to lock his ass up. he was either drunk or geeked up. famous people need to stop thinking the law doesn't apply to them. he could have killed someone. maybe he b l e w the cops to get out of it

2532 days ago

stacy nielsen    

I think Orlando thought he was on punk'd and didn't believe it was real!

2531 days ago


Oh for heaven's sake. I'm an RN, and that "fractured neck" complaint is beyond ridiculous. Really, think rationally, had someone REALLY "fractured their neck" they would not be sitting in a car afterward, they would not be breathing unassisted and they would very likely be paralyzed from the neck down. While technically the hairline fracture that can occur along the prominent bone DISTAL (meaning distant from) the spinal cord in a whiplash type injury can (usually for legal ie money making ie wow, some friend, purposes) in the most incredibly broad sense of the word be considered a "neck fracture" it heals on its own in minimal time with minimal discomfort and ZERO longterm "pain and suffering" or loss of function. TMZ, you can be right on the money at times, but this is a NO ISSUE issue. Peronally, I'd rather hit a parked car when cut off by a SUV (why do SUV owners think they own the effin' road anyway?) than said SUV anyway. Orlando Bloom is not guilty of any kind of crime, and if he wasn't ACTING drunk the police had NO CAUSE to force him to take any kind of sobriety test. That is true for ANY human, not just "celebs". Again, in my professional opinion this is a NONISSUE. Move on, please.

2526 days ago
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