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Ellen DeGeneres' Doggone Nightmare

10/15/2007 9:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres is caught in the middle of a doggy tug of war that has left an innocent girl in tears.

Ellen and her girlfriend, Portia de Rossi, adopted Iggy (a Brussels Griffon mix) from Mutts and Moms, a dog adoption agency. But things didn't work out as Ellen planned -- her cats didn't get along with Iggy -- so she gave the pooch to her hairdresser, who has two kids, including 12-year-old Ruby.

Last night, a rep from the agency came to the hairdresser's home, claiming Ellen violated the contract by not informing the agency of the hand-off. The rep demanded to take the dog away. Ellen' s position -- yeah, she should have notified the agency, but she found a loving home and isn't that what counts? The agency rep stuck to her guns and removed the dog with cops present. Ruby is heartbroken; reduced to tears.

Ellen says, "I kept saying, 'If you want to be mad at me, be mad at me, but don't take it out on the family. Don't take it out on the dog.'"


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Ms Degeneres and Ms de Rossi addopted a dog, Iggy. The dog according to Ms Degeneres does not get along with the cats that were already established in the home. My husband and I have adopted several dogs and the agency that we have used has brought the dogs to our home to make sure that the other animals established in the home are going to accept the new animal. Did Moms and Mutts not do this?
Unfortunately, pets are not people and can be sold or given away at the owners discretion. If Ms Degeneres and Ms de Rossi felt that the dog, Iggy, was not going to fit in with their other animals, then they should have the right as owners to give the dog to whom ever they choose. Because they had not updated the dogs information on the chip does not mean that they are not the owners. There should have been legal papers provided at the time of the purchase and/or adoption showing that the dog, Iggy had been purchased and/or adopted by Ms Degeneres and Ms de Rossi. Most agency's for pet adoption have an optional clause that does say that the animial can be returned to the agency if it does not work out. However, it appears that Ms Degeneres and Ms de Rossi decided that this family, whom they knew, would make a good home for the dog. What is wrong with this agency Moms and Mutts that they would take a dog who appers to be healthy and happy (according to pictures that have been shown on internet) for a caring and loving family. Thousands of animals every day are being put down because there are not enough homes for these animals, I just don't understand why they woud take the dog, just because Ms Degeneres and Ms de Rossi did not update the information in a timely fashion.

2515 days ago

timothy roof    

Its such an unfair world when it comes to stupid rules like that. It has become a pets world and is long past due. what happened here sickens me. I also have a story to tell and im going to do it here, Ellen if you read this, it is the single most human act of kindness I have ever seen. Last Friday my 3 story caught fire while I was not there, and my dog was trapped. She is a 5 year old Jack Russel, Her mane is Socie, The goround floor was on fire and the whole house was filled with balck thick smoke, no way to get to her, she found her way to the third floor tub, where she died, A fire fighter from Charlotte FIRE DEPARTMENT found her and took her outside where he worked on her for about 15 minutes and got her back, You had to be there to experoience this, he then picked her up with oxygen mask on and transported her to local hospital. It was truly amazing. The fire fighter risked his lifwe to save my Socie. Everyone should know there is alot of good out there. Please feel free to cry and laugh. I have her back and she is as if it neveer happened. Just amazing, while I lost everything, I have her and it was the best Christmas Present I could get, Thanlks for listening to me run and on.

Timothy R Roof
Charlotte nc

2494 days ago

Britney loves OJ    

Ellen loves OJ!

2562 days ago


What kind of evil, soulless, waste of space would take a 12-year old girl's dog? That's all kinds of sick

2562 days ago


The cops? People are so stupid. Give the poor girl back the dog; it will be a better situation for everyone, including the dog. These do-gooders who get so involved with animal adoption need to get lives and stop ruining them.

2562 days ago


I'm sure the cops were just thrilled to be involved.

2562 days ago


Celebrity lesbians don't have to follow the rules!


2562 days ago


What should have happened is that the adoption agency should have checked out the new dog owners to make sure the dog was in a good home and then approve the adoption transfer.

There are too many homeless pets and to take a pet away from someone who seems to have a good home for the animal is beyond tragic.

2562 days ago

married with children    

I have never heard anything like this. The important thing is that the dog had a loving, caring, home.

2562 days ago

Leave Brittney Alone!    

Ellen didn't do anything wrong! Ruby should get her dog back!

2562 days ago


totally asinine

2562 days ago


Ha. I completely agree with Conky.

2562 days ago

married with children    

#Conky--Was that comment neccessary?

2562 days ago


oh for god sakes give the damn kid the dog back !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2562 days ago


MY GOD - this is a JOKE RIGHT???? I am so sick of these holier than thou "pet adoption agencies" treating animals like humans. for the love of Pete, the the dog was in a loving home and I assume well taken care of? They took it away because of some ridiculous policy? these are dogs everyone, give it a rest!

2562 days ago
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