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Ellen DeGeneres' Doggone Nightmare

10/15/2007 9:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres is caught in the middle of a doggy tug of war that has left an innocent girl in tears.

Ellen and her girlfriend, Portia de Rossi, adopted Iggy (a Brussels Griffon mix) from Mutts and Moms, a dog adoption agency. But things didn't work out as Ellen planned -- her cats didn't get along with Iggy -- so she gave the pooch to her hairdresser, who has two kids, including 12-year-old Ruby.

Last night, a rep from the agency came to the hairdresser's home, claiming Ellen violated the contract by not informing the agency of the hand-off. The rep demanded to take the dog away. Ellen' s position -- yeah, she should have notified the agency, but she found a loving home and isn't that what counts? The agency rep stuck to her guns and removed the dog with cops present. Ruby is heartbroken; reduced to tears.

Ellen says, "I kept saying, 'If you want to be mad at me, be mad at me, but don't take it out on the family. Don't take it out on the dog.'"


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You've got to be freakin' kidding me...

Mutt's and Mom's must really be in the hole for money... It looks like they pulled this one out of the "Shameless Publicity" bag. Seriously.

What A-Hole would take a dog from a kid?

2529 days ago


The dog adoption agency, Mutts and Moms should be ashamed of themselves. I can see if the dog was dumped at a shelter, but it was given to a good home. I hope they are put out of business. It sounds like the woman who called the police and snatched the dog back is a nut case.

I hope Ruby gets Iggy back ASAP!!!!!!

2529 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Maybe Ellen realized the dog was not Gay and didn't want it, ever think of that?

2529 days ago


First of all I am sure that being a Pet Lover and having adopted before from the Agency , the Agency knew that Ellen is a Animal Lover and would never hurt or put an animal in harms way. I am sure she would not have given it to this little girl if she thought it would not being taken care of. So they come in and take , they could have just inspected the home while they were there, but no that would be to much trouble for them, but it was no troule at all to get the cops involved ( Like they have nothing better to do then take a little girl's dog away) and these people wasted their time. Maybe they knew it would get them in the news, or maybe yet they were a little peeved that if Ellen would have taken it back they could have gotten a second adoption fee..........So they make a little girl cry by taking her dog away, but yet these people are suppose to be compassionate people , or they only compassionate for animals and don't care about humans and their feelings?

2529 days ago


When you adopt a dog from an agency such as the one Ellen adopted her dog from, you sign a legally binding CONTRACT. Often times the contract states that if the dog is to be given up, it must be returned to the agency. What Ellen should have done is just that, and said to the agency I have a friend who is interested in this dog.. Then had her friend contact the agency. That would have avoided this mess.

The language is there in the contract to protect the animal, from further heart ache. If the friend met the agency's criteria .. they would have adopted it out to her.

This isn't about a12 year old losing her dog, it wasn't hthe child's dog to begin with!

This is about the protection of the dog and Ellen not complying with the contract she signed.

2529 days ago

Phylla Dilla    

I didn't have time to read all the comments, but I am thinking this...... What did the adoption agency do, run to the press with the info on Ellen just because she is a celebrity? If it was you or me nothing would have been said. I really think Ruby and her family should be able to have the doggie and the adoption agency should be thrilled someone else was able to give love to the pouch! Thanks for letting me make a comment here. I like Ellen very much and what if she didn't give it to anyone for 6 months, would there still be the same reaction? I doubt it.

2529 days ago

Where is the common sense    

Okay, so we can give children to pedophiles and lunatics as foster kids, then when something terribly goes wrong we take them away again and give them to someone else who could be just as sick. Does anyone get the idea that freakin dogs are not people!

2529 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

i always saw ppl from animal shelters encourage ppl to give the animals a GOOD HOme where they can grow old and probably die; Ellen succeeded in doing that but theyre still against it im sure its just a way to see how much money she can dish out to have Ruby keep her dog i mean sure she shouldve not violated the contract but sometimes helping out other beings is more important than pieces of paper

2529 days ago


Wait a minute... Ellen is GAY???? I didn't see anything about that in the video. Wow, I wonder if the adoption agency found out and that's what all the fuss is about. What is with people making crazy comments over Ellen's sexual preference. I thought this was about a girl and a dog, and some power happy, attention seeking adoption agency. I'm glad that the cops went to reclaim the dog. Maybe the kid was a ninja, or a terrorist, and would not have allowed a home visit?? Cause I bet a home visit would have been all that was needed. Well that and another "minimum donation"

2529 days ago

Bonnie, Concord, CA    

One of the agencies where I live has you sign a similar contract. They want to be certain that, if you get tired of the pet you adopt, you don't just dump it or give it to people who will use it as bait for dogfighting, etc. The contract is for the protection of the pet. However, in this case, the agency could have given the new family the paperwork to fill out to make certain they qualify to adopt, and left the dog with them as a "foster family" temporarily until the paperwork was completed. It sounds like a case of an overzealous adoption agency worker looking for his/her "15 minutes of fame." Certainly the worker was not looking out for the best interests of the dog. Bringing the police?!! Surely, even in southern California, they have better things to do......

2529 days ago


Those people are so dumb, give the little girl back her dog!!

2529 days ago


I adopted my dog from a rescue lady on petfinders. I signed the same type of agreement. I would never have given the dog back to the rescue lady . She was obsessed with saving dogs from shelters and could not properly take care of them. I spent several hundred dollars nursing my dog back to health. She was infested with worms, ticks and fleas. I don't have anything positive to say about animal rescue groups.

2529 days ago


Just go to a breeder next time problem solved! shelters suck

2529 days ago


You've got to be kidding me. What the hell was that woman trying to prove? Why couldn't the family just fill out the paperwork and keep the dog? A sensible person would reason that a family that WANTED the dog and already HAD the dog would be a GOOD HOME for the dog.... and then there's the CRAZIES that show up on that family's doorstep with the freakin' COPS to take it back because they didn't have complete and utter CONTROL over said animal. Some "Rescue" people really need to get over themselves.

2529 days ago


Give the girl back the dog! Poor ellen, she was just trying to find the dog a good home, the police have to ruin everything

2529 days ago
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