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Girls Gone Contrite -- Fla. Floozies Apologize to Joe

10/15/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The two girls who sued "Girls Gone Wild" sexecutive Joe Francis for using their footage without their consent, but then had their stories refuted by video evidence, have dropped their suit against Francis and his company.
Joe Francis, Christina Brose, brooke patsolic
TMZ has learned that Brooke Patsolic and Christina Brose have issued a statement saying that they've "agreed to dismiss our lawsuit" and say that "Girls Gone Wild and Joe Francis have suffered as a result of this law suit [sic] and our actions." The women also make it clear that Francis and Mantra Films haven't paid them a penny.

As TMZ reported last month, the women had their claims publicly slammed when video showing them consenting to being filmed was released on the Internet. "I am prepared to fight back, and I will defend myself against all baseless accusations," says Francis in a statement to TMZ.


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TO # 60 Cellynn

Oh, believe me. I do blame the lawyers. And our justice system. There is justice if you have enough money to pay the right attorney. There is "celebrity justice" which is laughable. Then there is justice for the general public. Believe me, it's the general public who will be spending time in jail for the same, or even less, offenses committed by celebrities or the truly rich.

Lies will to be believed if a high-profile shouts, "It's the TRUTH!" long enough.

Our justice system is no longer about finding the truth. They want to punish for what is perceived to be the "truth". Innocent people are jailed and guilty people walk. Eh. It makes me mad just thinking about it.

2573 days ago



i think someone really needs to take a look at your country's legal system, i don't blame you for being sick or angry about it.

i have yet to see a perfect one.. but america's seems.. extremely donwn the hole

2573 days ago


Wonder how many kneecaps Francis's goons had to break.

He is, has been and will always be a worthless douchebag.

2573 days ago


#62 Canada's judicial system is no better. It's pretty much the same, minus the frivoulous lawsuits.
And I for one, am not going to BLAME THE LAWYER. Your paying someone to be on your side, not "take sides".
A lawyer is supposed to defend you, even if he knows your wrong. It's his job.
Wouldn't you be pissed if the garbage man said "so sorry, those are recylable, i refuse to pick up that".
You EXPECT the garbage man to pick up your garbage, just like you expect the lawyer to defend yourself.
Blaming everyone else (including the lawyer) is also what is wrong with America today. NO ONE wants to take ownership of the crime. Even if your caught on video, you will still try and say "not guilty" and try to get off on technicalities.

To fix America, everyone needs to take accountability for themselves and stop trying to blame others.

These girls are at fault. Not this joe guy. If he asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?!
But if he asks you to take off your top, these girls do. It's all about the "porn-celebrity" fame combo. Pornography is no longer deemed "obscene" by middle america. Everyone wants thier 15 min of fame. Show your tata's and you get your 15 min of fame.
It's sick cycle and no one is to blame except each and everyone of us in this forum that say's porn and lewd behaviour outside the home is okay.
So I say fark these girls. Let them reap what they sow.
Joe, make a million, wish I would have thought of it first.
And when america regains it's morals, better save your cash now. Cause you will be out of business.

PC correctness is also to blame for alot of america's woe's as well. A ret@rd is a ret@rd. They ain't handicapped, they ain't special, they are ret@rded. As soon as middle america can go back to that way of thinking. The better we are all off.

2573 days ago



Dude. You come across as having anger issues.

You don't HAVE to agree with me or anyone else. Yes, the girls were skanks for not only doing what they did on film, but for lying about giving consent.

You may like his videos. Personally, I don't.

No one (that I saw, anyway) attacked you personally. If you had read what she was responding do, you would have seen why I "blamed the lawyers". It has to do with "justice" having nothing to do with the truth or the facts. "Justice" has been bastardized by the court system (and that means the judges, the DA's the USAttorneys and the defense attorneys). It is a role-playing and highly political game these days. If you don't know that, then you haven't been in a courtroom recently.

Once again, I don't like Joe Francis' films at all, but since they are legal, then there's not much more to say. I don't 'have to watch them if I choose not to.

I do, however, believe that Joe Francis pissed someone off who had the ability to pull enough strings to bring the hammer down on him via the U. S. Attorneys office. From then on, it looks to me as if there has been some "piling on", particularly with these young *ahem* women.

If that is indeed the case, then it stinks for Joe Francis because, unlike Lindsay Lohan, he didn't kidnap anyone as she did the three young men in the SUV. Why aren't the feds beating down her door and charging her with kidnapping? Reckless endangerment? Saying that she "comandeered" a vehicle is a joke. At best it was a joyride and kidnapping and at worst, it was theft and kidnapping. Even without counting the drugs that were on her or the DUI. That is my point. There is no equitability here.

I am not condoning laying blame on anyone else to make yourself look better. Exactly the opposite, actually.

The justice system should be based on findings of facts, not a witchhunt AND it should be applied equally. Just because the guy might be an ass in real life doesn't mean that he doesn't have rights.

2573 days ago


stupid bitches, that will teach them. they should be charged with lying.

2573 days ago


Depending on all the counts he has Indictments for crimes If they are for rape and false imprionsmnent for them and other than the tax invasions then he should be legally released and retrial for the tax charges.

The should legally proscecute the two girls for perjury charges and they should do the same time he has done so far.

It is supply and demand without the girls there would be no GIRL'S GONE WILD if they did not like the treatment then the should not flash there T& A for the camera plain and simple once a whore always a whore!!!!!

2572 days ago


thats the best way to protect yourself joe, against these brainless tape them signing the consent forms...

2572 days ago

Dr. Blackgirl    

Absolutely hilarious!! He is a genius! No other comments, because if I do....

2571 days ago


I'm glad too that the stupid commercials are not blasting all over the TV like they use to. Joe is a sleezy to do this but these dumb bimbo chick are worse! Why do they think if they act like sleezy whores it's a good thing?????? I hope they do live to reget it and not just go on to do even cheaper porn

2565 days ago
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