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Britney Wanted for "Sordid Lives"

10/16/2007 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Award-winning writer/director Del Shores wants Britney so badly for his new series, "Sordid Lives," he went looking for her himself!

Unable to reach Britney through her "people," Del and actor Jason Dottley (who'll play Ty Williamson) showed up at Millennium Dance Studios in North Hollywood yesterday, where Britney was supposed to be auditioning dancers for her next tour. Del says he's got a great part for Britney in the show, and since they're shooting in her native Louisiana, she'd be perfect!

Shores is so serious about getting Britney for the show, he brought his own film crew and waited for her. They got into the studio to try and find the pop calamity, but she never showed. Perhaps this is the comeback vehicle that'll put Britz back on top! She'd be crazy not to do it -- it will be seen worldwide -- and the cast already includes Olivia Newton-John, the fabulous Beth Grant and Delta Burke!


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11. we want Brintey! And she CAN act. Did anyone see her on Will and Grace??? She was fantastic. And, no, we did see Crossroads, but maybe she was the victim of poor material and a lack of acting confidence. This role is fun and easy and Del Shores is a GREAT director. She will be fine... if we can find her!

jason dottley
star of Sordid Lives: The Series

Posted at 1:31PM on Oct 16th 2007 by Jason Dottley

whether or not she can act is moot, her current history shows right now, she is undependable.

i've never seen or even heard of "sordid lives", but why would i need too? brit is a reality show all on her own.. and no one has to even pay her.

2533 days ago


There are enough true actors to audition for any movie, we don't need Britney Spears, a can't act, can't sing , can't dance, wreck. That's the problem with Hollywood, filled with singers (turned actor?), models (turned actor?), and then people like Britney Spears, no talent turning to whatever, taking up space and time that would be put to better use by someone else, someone with talent. Pay to see a Hollywood movie?? Not on my dime.

2533 days ago


They probably would have had a better chance at her local gas station or Taco Bell!

2533 days ago


The guy said they were not there audition obviously. Wasn't obvious to me!
her record is about to be rleased and no push PR from her company, it's so quite wonder if they gave up on her too. Can't see a tour or video would be helpful to her now anyway.

2533 days ago


Shes such a loser! Why would anyone give her the time of day!

2533 days ago


#6. Speaking of Britney, has anyone gone to that "other" site (X) that is so biased toward her? There has been nothing posted since last Friday. Hopefully, people stopped going because of the ridiculous spin they put on all stories Britney. IMO, they are not credible AT ALL.. Lots of people complaining about it last week. Anybody know what's going on?
stick with TMZ for the real scoop! Posted at 1:08PM on Oct 16th 2007 by janey

You're joking right? You actually would believe a gossip site when most of their news on hatered on her or anyone they don't like even when the story is only half truths? Good lord. At least there is a site that is not always attacking her on her every move. So she goes & gets coffee everyday, I see that everyday here where I drop my son off to school & pick him up. There is no law that she can't get a cup of coffee or get gas. That site is @ least trying to give postive feedback on her instead of all this negativity TMZ has shown, day after day. Why didn't they report on Kevin partying hard over this past weekend, drinking with his buddies while the women were all over him? Oh that's right, Kevin is entitled to have some fun. Who's taking care of the kids while he's out? Nannies. But yet TMZ & others have bashed Brit for having nannies taking care of the boys when she went out. Who is biased? The woman can never catch a break, it's always her fault, never Kevin's. Just my opinion.

2533 days ago


you lookin for britney, you go to the local gas station or starbucks, not her own dance auditions

2533 days ago

Matt Damon    

Matt Damon

2533 days ago


Del Shores is, imo, lacking in talent and apparently desperate. His house in the Hollywood Hills has been up for sale. Now he's taken on this no-name actor and wants Brittney Spears to put him back in the limelight/money. Brittney is better off drinking her lattes than meeting with this ex-Queer As Folk "writer."

2533 days ago


DBG... How do you know about Mr. Shores house and all of that? A little bitter? Get a life.

I would love to see Britney on TV.

2533 days ago

Chad F.    

I feel if Del thinks she can do it he can make it happen. He is a brilliant writer/director and a personal friend of some friends I have in Dallas and in LA, so I have faith. I also feel Brit can make anything the best when she puts her mind to it.

2533 days ago


DBG...stalker much?

2533 days ago


Just look for the damn paparazzi!!! Britney lets them know her every move! She had them in the bathroom with her!!! Hell she probably even lets them know when she opens can of Coors!

Dumba$$, just look for the camera flashes, you'll find Britney in the middle of it all.

2533 days ago


OH people... this is a publicity stunt. Good job but I think the little puppy under the other guys coat should be the star of your show.

2533 days ago


Hey Del Shores,
Have Britney and Olivia do a duet!

2533 days ago
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