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Britney Wanted for "Sordid Lives"

10/16/2007 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Award-winning writer/director Del Shores wants Britney so badly for his new series, "Sordid Lives," he went looking for her himself!

Unable to reach Britney through her "people," Del and actor Jason Dottley (who'll play Ty Williamson) showed up at Millennium Dance Studios in North Hollywood yesterday, where Britney was supposed to be auditioning dancers for her next tour. Del says he's got a great part for Britney in the show, and since they're shooting in her native Louisiana, she'd be perfect!

Shores is so serious about getting Britney for the show, he brought his own film crew and waited for her. They got into the studio to try and find the pop calamity, but she never showed. Perhaps this is the comeback vehicle that'll put Britz back on top! She'd be crazy not to do it -- it will be seen worldwide -- and the cast already includes Olivia Newton-John, the fabulous Beth Grant and Delta Burke!


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Some dude    

I have a better idea, how about this award winning retard takes all of the money he and the studio are willing to pay Brit and instead light a small bonfire near some homeless people.
Because A. It would be about the same as hiring Brit.
And B. It would be a whole lot more entertaining.

2566 days ago

jasons mom    

jason dottley is my son and del shores my son-in-law and i can assure you of a few things 1. jason and del are compassionate and loving people (ask any of their friends or family) and they both (me included) want nothing more than to see britney spears regain control of her life and be reunited with her family and new friends. personally, i hope and pray she is soon blessed with an extended LA family as my son and del are. i live on the east coast and jason is my "only" child and i rest knowing that his extended LA family will more than love and be there for him-they will treat him with all the love and respect that he treats them with. everything a mother could desire!!!!! please everyone hope that some new people do come into britneys life--i applaud jason and del for reaching out---no matter how they have to do it. "ain't it a bitch".
2. if you know del shores' brilliant writings then you know his intent and he would never jeoporadize his work -not in casting ANYONE even jason for a part that wasn't going to reflect his abilities to the max. his writings is his gift to the world and as is his word , neither to be negotiated ,if your are not familiar will del shores go rent sordid lives.
and finally to quote del shores'-" sometimes i close my eyes and create a perfect world. a world of acceptance and understanding and love." when i read such crude comments as posted here my heart and prayers go out to those writers as well.

2566 days ago


Hey, did you check Target??

2566 days ago


Oooh! This is fun! I hope TMZ follows up and asks Britney about it - I want to know if she takes the role - even if she doesn't show up - it's entertaining to follow the wreckage! TMZ - let us know what happens with this?!? THANKS!

2565 days ago


Well, I did it, I walked right down that hall without my hair on. That mean security guard Bubba was cat callin'

Love the movie. Would be great to see Britney do some scenes with Brother Boy

2565 days ago


I wonder what would happen if everyone just started ignoring her. The press - everyone. I bet that would scare her into cleaning up her act!

2565 days ago

Patsy Saint    

Yes, Britney has hit the bottom, there is no denying that., but the fact that Del and Jason (my nephew) are reaching out to her and offering her another chance (yes...many have offered) to turn things around, speaks volumes aqbout those two. They want to help and it wouldn't be hollywood w/out a little back scratching.

And whoever posted about Del's house being on the market needs to recheck their WAS...and they have decided to keep it and it's been off for a while.

Jason did a wonderful job producing/directing "Sordid Lives" and "Southern Baptist Sissy's". HE has worked very very hard to get ahead in life (details not worth sharing with any of you!!!) but he has not had his life handed to him on a silver platter. He has WORKED for it.

I NEVER POST on this page because, really most of the comments are sad attacks by people with nothing else better in life to do! I would hate for my only hobby/exercise to be sitting in front of a computer PASSING JUDGEMENT on people I don't even know! (you know, if you're a christian...that's a sin!!!) ) *LOL* And if yo're NOT a Christian, it's just plain BAD MANNERS!

These is NO NEED to attack someone for trying to help another person! Some of you should try that for a change- the HELP ANOTHER PERSON part!

Peace, love and light to everyone that tries, in their daily lives, to bring about positive change-lord knows there need to be more!

Patsy...Jason's aunt.

OH, and BTW, Jason, if you come back to this site , best wishes! I'm so very proud to have you as my nephew! I just talked to Sherry. She loves you sooooooo much!

2565 days ago


OH MY GOSH!...Brittney has no idea how doing this show would feel SOOO great!!!. Del shores is just the right person to write something funny, charming and perfect for this girl. GO FOR IT, BRITTNEY!!!! It can only make you look good. These people involved with this project are SOOOO talented. I would die to see her in a scene with Leslie Jordan. Brittney you would have people peeing their pants..... YEAH!!!!

2565 days ago


I think the show will be great with or without brit. I'll watch it no matter what. can't wait.

2565 days ago


Well "Shorely" we will watch with or without Brit!
Brit..listen to me girlchild.. TAKE THE JOB.. You would be working with an awesome cast including Jason Dottley, Olivia Newton John, Leslie Jordan and Delta Burke to name a few, and I might even put my boots on and mosy on over to Louisiana to meet some of these awesome actors.

As for the negative comments on Brit... I have none.. I always walk in my own boots before I walk in someone elses. Maybe you should try it.. and to Jason Dottley... when you get to Louisiana (with or without Brit).. ALWAYS REMEMBER...... you know the rest...

2565 days ago


Congrats Jason and Del on your upcoming Sordid Lives!!! Hope you can get through to Britney..... Sounds like she needs to get back in touch with her Southern roots!!

2565 days ago


RE: #20 -- DBG

Does that stand for Dallas Bitter Girl? With your tongue wagging all over Dallas, you are so apparent.

2564 days ago

Linda Stricklyn    

Hi, my name is Linda Stricklyn. I work in Dallas in theatre and have met mr. shores and mr. dotley personally after their fantastic shows at the Magestic Theater last summer.
From what I've heard, they are really swell people. And look at the heart and the message of Dale's work. I'm just really happy for them.

And if they can get Britteny Spears, well, I'll be in front of my TV set waiting for that trainwreck as well!

My best

2564 days ago

A. Ashley    

How funny! I can't wait for Sordid Lives as a TV series. I loved the movie and stage play and Britney would fit right in! Actually, she'd probably have more fun working on that than worrying about her off-and-on musical comeback!

2549 days ago
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