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Drug Tests Pending in Nick Hogan Crash Case

10/16/2007 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A report released today by the Clearwater, Fla. Police Department about the crash involving Nick Hogan doesn't say much, but it does indicate that authorities are waiting for the results of drug and alcohol tests.

The St. Petersburg Times reports the wreck totaled Hogan's Toyota Supra valued at $50,000. The crash also caused $500 in property damage to city shrubs.

According to the report, the roads were wet at the time of the accident and the driver "disregarded other traffic control." Police sources tell us that the investigation into this case will be wrapped up by the first week in November-- and they should have a decision on whether or not to press charges.

Cops say Hogan was driving his souped-up Supra at a high rate of speed when he lost control and hit a median. The car was demolished and Hogan's passenger, his good friend John Graziano, was critically injured.

Graziano is still in the hospital, having suffered permanent brain damage. Doctors say he will never recover.


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"NIcky Trendy" needs to go to prison -- immediately, if not sooner.

2526 days ago


to #205 Well Done! I thank you and it is good to know there are some people out there that get it. To TrishB#152, I am glad for your boyfriend and his recovery. It is so rare. You need to understand what the head injuries are that John has sustained. Without the life support he will die. That is keeping him alive. I saw my own father on life support after a massive is heart breaking to see someone you love hooked to a machine and see them get thinner by the day, a shell of their past lives. I have seen the horror of parents of a 4 year old who had to make the decision to let their child go after a car wreck. I have seen a 22 year old man in a nursing home for life because of a wreck...paralized from the neck down, no speech, no control of bodily functions period! I am angry that this ever should never have happened. But the parents of that 17 year old knew very well what his driving was like...he was given high powered cars and has made the people living in Clearwater live in a nightmare. I have read the reports of what John's cranial damage is and folks, he didn't just bump his head, like Nick said. He isn't walking out of the hospital with Nick and Terry. What if it were your son laying there? His life is marriage, no kids, just a ventilator to keep him going and a feeding tube to keep him fed. Maybe open his eyes once in awhile and see nothing. Nick is only 17 years old, but that shouldn't excuse him or his parents. Read the facts..he has excessive speeding tickets...he boasts about his speeding...he gets a ticket for $1000 and you darn well know Terry paid that. I am just sick to death that we have to hear over and over how we need to feel for Nick and his family. I do to an extent but when you allow your immature 17 year old to act the jerk behind the wheel, and he puts someone in a hospital with no chance to live a normal life, yes you are responsible. All of us have consequences for our actions. If it were you or me, we would be looking at jail time, and more than likely losing our homes to a lawsuit. That is life..that is justice. I hope to God that John doesn't go on and on like poor Terry Schiavo...God that broke my heart. It is called the living death folks. I saw my father that way for 4 months...I prayed to God to take release him. And my prayers were answered. I hope John is released from this hell he is in. And I hope for justice for the Graziano's and every family that is ever put through this kind of hell. The Bolleas are responsible whether you want to hear it or not.

2526 days ago

Grandma in Florida    

It's a terrible injustice that John, who unselfishly served his country with dignity, will spend the rest of his life in a vegatative state, because of a useless, spoiled rich kid.

2526 days ago


permanent brain damage....

If that been my kid injured damn there would be hell to pay.

2526 days ago


This is stuff we all know already. It's sad that the parents of this young man are going to court. You would think it would pull the family together rather then tear them apart, but it happened in my family too. Sometimes I wish people would stop being so selfish and wake up. This is not about money, or whatever may have happened in the past, it's about a human life a son/brother/grandson/nephew/fiancee/ friend who needs his family more then anything. Put all grievances and differences aside and start thinking about John. Head injuries are not like cuts and bruises, they take much much longer to heal and the Graziano family has a long long road ahead of them.
As for Nick, I hope he takes responsibility for his actions. Jail time and about 5-10 years of community service to get it through his thick skull that speeding on public roads is NOT ok.
My thoughts and prayers continue to be with John, his family and his fiance. My God bless them all.

2526 days ago

hello, it    

207. They say John had a Living Will. The best thing that can happen for Nick & his family AND for John is that he has a Living Will stating he does not want to be kept alive by artificial means. Pull the plug, John and his family have closure and Nick's family is not paying for medical care for the next twenty years ala Terry Schivo. This won't relieve the Hulkster from having to pay for damages, but it would be one lump sum and its over.

Posted at 9:09AM on Oct 18th 2007 by Oscar

You are one cold person. Please don't reproduce.

2525 days ago


To #212 Thinking of John..well put. Yes this disaster will more than likely pull the Graziano family even farther apart. I am sorry for your pain and I understand how tragedies like this pull loved ones apart...nothing is ever the same for anyone. This is not about sending a 17 year old to jail for life..not about ruining the Bollea family is all about a family who has lost a son, nephew, fiancee, brother...and a 17 year old who through his immature actions and parents who have let him put himself and others at risk by letting him drive. It doesn't matter that John was not wearing a seat belt...seeing the car it is obvious that nothing was going to prevent his injuries. But it all goes back to Terry and Linda Bollea...I am not saying they don't love their kids or that they don't feel horrible for the Graziano family. I am sure they do...but it comes down to their allowing Nick to drive when he proved over and over again that he has no respect for the laws or the rights of other human beings. If he were over the age of 18, it would all be about Nick but he is a it goes right back to his parents. They stand to lose everything they have worked, homes cars...if there are lawsuits and there will be, they will lose big time. And Nick will lose too. He will have to live with the fact that he did this..he ruined another man's life...he ruined another familys lives. No matter how you look at it, there will be no winners in this case. Nick will forever be known for one thing only...the son of Hulk Hogan who killed his best friend. That will be his legacy. The best thing he can do right now, is to stand up and take the consequences. It is time to grow up. We can only protect our kids so much, that I know. But there comes the day when you have to grow up and take what comes. It doesn't matter whether you are a celebrity or not. That is life. My heart goes out still to John's parents, grandparents and all his loved ones. And to the young woman he planned to marry.....bless her heart. God help them all...the Bolleas too. No parent ever expects this to happen.

2524 days ago


I just hope Nick is not driving these days. No one is safe with that crazy kid on the road. I just hate the fact that the TV show is still on. The whole family makes me sick. They go on while John has no life. The whole thing makes me sick. If you have money I guess you can do anything in the world and God help the rest of us.

2523 days ago


Sunday, October 21, 2007


its been forever since i blogged...hell i dont even know what blog means but i guess its where you write stuff for people to read

anyways my last one was before i even drove for mopar, if you check my pics youll see that i did end up driving for them for my amateur season and most of my pro rookie season. i recently left the mopar team tho...things didnt work out to well

but!....i picked up a new title sponsor...POLAROID! and started my own team with twin 350z's pretty cool i know

anyways id like everyone to wish my luck for my 08 season and keep john graziano in your prayers

That is from Nick Hogan's Blog on Myspace.....................

2523 days ago


Seems like A LOT of excuses more then anything, especially since its close to being 2 months. Yes indeed a terrible accident, however has this young man LEARNED from it? I doubt it....
Sure people speed, but we also get TICKETS and punished for our accidents. Sheesh! Wake Up would ya!

2521 days ago
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