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Drug Tests Pending in Nick Hogan Crash Case

10/16/2007 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A report released today by the Clearwater, Fla. Police Department about the crash involving Nick Hogan doesn't say much, but it does indicate that authorities are waiting for the results of drug and alcohol tests.

The St. Petersburg Times reports the wreck totaled Hogan's Toyota Supra valued at $50,000. The crash also caused $500 in property damage to city shrubs.

According to the report, the roads were wet at the time of the accident and the driver "disregarded other traffic control." Police sources tell us that the investigation into this case will be wrapped up by the first week in November-- and they should have a decision on whether or not to press charges.

Cops say Hogan was driving his souped-up Supra at a high rate of speed when he lost control and hit a median. The car was demolished and Hogan's passenger, his good friend John Graziano, was critically injured.

Graziano is still in the hospital, having suffered permanent brain damage. Doctors say he will never recover.


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Rich kids that get away with too much...right here. Drives me crazy, because if it were our kids, they would have already been in BIG trouble...probably even in jail. You know Jail....something that lasts more then 82 hours!?!

2501 days ago


First of all a $50,000 Supra? What the heck is he doing driving a car like that anyway. It is common knowledge that he wants to race cars and you let your son out driving on the streets in a car like this. I can only imagine what the car must have been souped up with to be valued at this amount of cash.

It is a tragedy what happened to his passenger John, Nick will have to live with that for the rest of his life. I hope he doesn't turn out like Leif Garrett after his car accident that left his best friend in a wheelchair for life.

I hope this is a lesson to Nick and that he learns that cars can be driven fast and be raced under the right conditions and in the right location. Street racing and driving at excessive speeds in this country are out of control. Young people are dying and killing innocent people everyday because of this. I know the need for speed has always been around but, cars these days can be tweaked to reach higher speeds than ever before.

2501 days ago




2501 days ago

Andrew Taweel "AKA...WHEELS"    

He's a homosexual! signed Andrew "Not a HOMO" Taweel

2501 days ago


I agree with #5........dear god that would be the worst thing imaginable!!

2501 days ago

Mr. T    

Valued at $50,000 my ass.....that was a $150,000 Supra.

2501 days ago


TO # 17 HOPE

It's nice that the injured young man's mother apparently has no animosity toward Nick Hogan. That's how they are dealing with it personally. It has nothing to do with the fact that Nick Hogan broke the law (repeatedly) and endangered more than one life.

The young man in this car crash will NOT be walking out of that hospital. They will be watering him like a plant for the rest of his life. I don't really want to hear anything about poor Nick Hogan. Save the tears for his friend who will never have a life.

What I do not understand is why this child was ALLOWED (and yes, the word is allowed) to behave in this way, racing down the road, being stopped by police many times, and he was never made to face any consequences. Makes you wonder where his parents were and why his license had not been taken from him long before this travesty.

2501 days ago


He's gonna be fun in the slammer. Talk about fresh meat! *wink*

2501 days ago


Is it me or does he look rather fruity in this picture?

2501 days ago

Desease control    

I used tot hink the Hogans were sweet family now not so much.

The money and Fame has ruied them all.

I saw Brook looking more like a man than ever
Lindas partying too much and Nick bascialy killed this guy
and Hogan is caught in it all.

hogan needs to be a paent not a friend to Nick Nick needs
to never drive agin and do some jail time.

2501 days ago


IThis is the first I've heard of wet roads involved. I can see it now. If toxicology comes up negative, the grossly and deliberately excessive speed will be ignored, and it will be claimed that Nick had no control due to slick, wet roads and is therefore not responsible for anything.

2501 days ago


They should go back and fire those cops that were on video letting him go after he got pulled over going over 100mph!! This loser bragged about how fast he can go and how he gets let off...something is wrong here! He should be in jail. As for his sad. Do you think he knew what kind of driver Nick was? That he was a total nut behind the wheel? He should never have entered the car with him. I prey Nick never drives again...his family should be ashamed!!!!

2501 days ago

Rosie O'donnel is way too gross for words    

How can there be any question as to whether or not to press charges?! Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't this kid have a history of driving like an idiot?

2501 days ago


I think the little genius needs to be sentenced to take certified nursing assistant classes and then be required to help take care of his friend including moving positions to avoid bedsores and cleaning up after him when necessary. He should be assigned doubles on weekends so that he gets real familiar with what his friend is sentenced to the rest of his shortchanged life. VH1 also needs to cancel that Hogan Knows Best program because it's obviously false and misleading the viewers.

2501 days ago


To the moron who said John's injuries were due only to a faulty headrest - you're a moron.
Headrests don't just snap off - if you're driving 100mph and crash head on to a pole - then, anything would snap off.

Are you one of Nick's "smokin" buddies? Only someone on dope would think that. It reminds me of Nick's brilliant comment post-accident "[John] is fine. He just hit his head."

2501 days ago
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