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Drug Tests Pending in Nick Hogan Crash Case

10/16/2007 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A report released today by the Clearwater, Fla. Police Department about the crash involving Nick Hogan doesn't say much, but it does indicate that authorities are waiting for the results of drug and alcohol tests.

The St. Petersburg Times reports the wreck totaled Hogan's Toyota Supra valued at $50,000. The crash also caused $500 in property damage to city shrubs.

According to the report, the roads were wet at the time of the accident and the driver "disregarded other traffic control." Police sources tell us that the investigation into this case will be wrapped up by the first week in November-- and they should have a decision on whether or not to press charges.

Cops say Hogan was driving his souped-up Supra at a high rate of speed when he lost control and hit a median. The car was demolished and Hogan's passenger, his good friend John Graziano, was critically injured.

Graziano is still in the hospital, having suffered permanent brain damage. Doctors say he will never recover.


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Hey Hulk!

Permanent Brain Damage means get your CHECKBOOK ready.
Now is when I would really love that realty show to be in the house.
I bet it's not to pretty!

2529 days ago


If I knew how, I would start an online petition that Nick Hogan should have to work in a hospice for the brain damaged for as long as John Graziano is in a coma (i.e. forever)

2529 days ago


The problem is the celebrity, but I think the bigger problem is when parents defend their kids for everything and not allow them to suffer any consequence. Like Cedric the entertainer might say.... "STONNNNE HIM!!!"

2529 days ago


17 years old – Fla licensed driver....

If you receive 6 points on your driving record within a 12 month period, your driving privileges are automatically restricted to business purposes only for 12 months or until you are 18, whichever happens first. If you receive additional points during this restricted period, the restriction is extended 90 days for each additional point.


2529 days ago


You know whats messed up? The fact that someone I know just a couple days ago got pulled over and got accused of racing when he wasnt [he was switching lanes] and now he has to find a lawyer and fight the ticket, but yet this jackass, WAS racing, at a high rate of speed, crashed and left his passenger in critical condition and what is he getting for it? And yes, my friend that got pulled over... it was also in the state of FL.

2529 days ago


No matter what happens to Nick, I hope he has nightmares every night for the rest of his life reliving what he has done to his friend. The man goes to war for his country and survives only to be "killed" by his best friend. Very, very sad.

2529 days ago

concerned citizen    

I feel sorry for Hulk Hogan - he is such a nice guy. I also feel very sorry for John and his family - God Bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no sympathy for Nick, or for any young new drivers that have a total disregard for others on the road. He should be made accountable for what he did, as John will be paying for the rest of is life.

2529 days ago


Hope that story was posted during the frist weeks. it's been MONTHS NOW We also found out that The HOGANs are FINANCIALLY helping her out. WHAT IS SHE SUPPOSE TO SAY ABOUT NICK, thats why the father want an independed guardian.
Mistakes happen, But if that had happened to your son, BEST bet he'd be in jail. and thats the truth. DONT FORGET THAT

2529 days ago


And... why is this guy not in jail? Driving his car way to fast with the streets wet, and now his friend is a vegtable. Why is he not in jail?

2529 days ago


Just be glad it was Nick and not a regular guy on the street who did this. If it were you and I we would be facing serious jail time. Just because Nick was disregarding traffic controls and possibly driving to fast for conditions, and caused permanent physical and mental damage to a friend doesn't mean that we should rush to judgment in this case. My tongue is firmly in my cheek.

2529 days ago

I Love Rock n' Roll    

I don't know which is worse...maiming someone or killing someone in an accident. Now Nick Hogan and the Graziano family now have to live with the fact that their handsome son (and friend) who somehow managed to survive going through living hell in Iraq and then returns home and is placed in a coma for the rest of his life because of Nick Hogans irresponsible driving practices.

If Nick has a conscience (I hope so) it's good enough for me. He will suffer massive guilt for his actions for many years to come. If you didn't start praying for God to forgive you yet Nick you better start now!

2529 days ago



2529 days ago


i think this is so sad all u people are focusing on is how rich he is. NEWSFLASH he is NOT rich his father is rich. My prayer goes out to his friend not his friends family becuz they are money hungry, Hulk Hogan has moved John's mother into a condo and is paying for everything why da hell she needs to live in a condo? did she live in one before her sons tragedy?

2529 days ago


He needs to be charged!! Johns' life is OVER, he made it home from Iraq and some punk kid "kills" him. I don't know how Nick looks at himself in the mirror

2529 days ago


TMZ's refresher of his incidents:

In the first incident, on Sept. 17, 2006, Nick was pulled over for doing 115 mph in a 70 mph zone. That's not even close! He completed traffic school for that one.

For his second offense, Hogan (real name Nicholas Allan Bollea) was clocked doing 57 in a 30. Ha, child's play! And for his third bust, the little Hulkster was clocked doing 106 in a 70

More than 15 mph over the speed limit = 4 points

Speeding resulting in an crash = 6 points

The kid doesn't deserve the PRIVELEDGE to drive!

2529 days ago
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