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Ellen Breaks Down on Her Show

10/16/2007 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The usually upbeat Ellen DeGeneres was anything but on today's episode of her show -- stopping her opening monologue to give a passionate, tear-filled speech about her recent dog troubles.

After walking on to the usual applause, Ellen quieted the audience and explained that, "Today is a hard day for me ... I am not capable of coming out and pretending to be funny when things are going so terribly wrong right now."

Wiping tears from her eyes, Ellen went on to talk about her ongoing battle with a dog rescue group that took back a dog Ellen adopted after discovering the talk show hostess had given it to her hairdresser.

Tonight's TMZ TV has all the latest on the developing story. Watch today's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to see the rest of her passionate plea.


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I think this is just crap. I can't beleive we now live in a world where dogs are considerd way more impoartant than human beings. She needs to take herself and her girlfiend to Darfur, and then she'll really have something to cry about. Give me a break. No wonder everyone else in the world look at us and laugh, cause it just ridiculous. We're the only society in the world that treat dogs better than the average peson on the street.

2511 days ago


All of you people who state that anyone who cares about animals does not care about anything/anyone else - get off it. Starving children are not the issue at hand, it's the dog. When you are debating something with someone, do you mention all of the world's problems? Only if you have a severe case of ADD.

2511 days ago


I understand Ellen's feelings. It was wrong to take a dog from a loving home. Terrible, disgraceful. Give the dog back!! Don't be so petty & stupid. Thank you Ellen for caring about animals!!

2511 days ago


Meatstick-- You are very wise.

2511 days ago

Snoop Dog    

Animals have rights, too. This is about a truly crazy person running a dog rescue for personal gain. The only way she can feel special is to exert control over homeless animals and the people trying to adopt them. Ellen found a good home for the dog. Isn't that the point of animal rescue? The dog rescue woman is a wounded bitch who bit Ellen's helping hand. Shame on her.

2511 days ago


Meatstick and Dina, why is Leela stupid? I read her post, nothing sticks out as stupid. Back it up...You're the ones who sound stupid by verbally attacking someone and not stating why.

2511 days ago


You generally won't have problems with an animal shelter if you don't give your adopted animal up.

2511 days ago


Dina, Lol, wow, calm down. Sounds like you need some anger management. Boy, I feel really "stupid" for asking - didn't mean to set off your verbal attacks again. You sound like you're about 12.

2511 days ago


BTW, "Stupid" Dina - it's "you're" not "your" - now that looks stupid...

2511 days ago


I'm not saying that taking away the dog is right, or not, but these organizations work very, very hard to place dogs in the right enviornment. I've seen them turn celebrities away because they aren't home enough to properly bond with and care for a dog. They can be pretty picky. This type of resue group has gone INTO the shelter and rescued the dog and they consider themselves responsible for the dog and that is why most have contracts that require the dog to be returned to them if things don't work out.

Ellen CLEARLY loves her animals and didn't think that she was doing anything wrong. It might seem cruel to take the dog away, now, but it is hard to tell if there was a reason behind it, or not.

If not, then it is unsconsicionable to remove a dog from a happy home in order to teach someone a lesson.

TMZ, nice job on only showing the dramatic intro, and not inluding any of her actually talking about the incident. How silly to think that a clip of her actually talking about the issue might be relevant to your story.

2511 days ago


Hey P.R. (today's #11 comment):
I really suggest you work on your spelling; now, that's embarassing.

2511 days ago


Although I'm sure Ellen's intentions were good, what she did was wrong. If the new family was a good fit for the dog (and I have no reason to believe they weren't), then Ellen should've had no problem telling the rescue group about them. THEN the group could do a proper home-check on the family.

Rescue groups invest lots of time and MONEY into saving animals every day. That is why they put so much effort into finding good homes. Ellen may have thought it was a good home, but she doesn't get to make that call.

2511 days ago


Moms and Mutts must have been overwhelmed -- they took their site down overnight. When I looked yesterday, they had conflicting policies -- in one dog's ad they said their policy was not to adopt small dogs out to families with children under 13, another dog's ad, they said their policy was not to adopt small dogs out to families with children under 15 (15???). When I was adopting from a shelter locally and they recommend children be at least 4 for the prospective home to be considered suitable. Mom's & Mutts sounds flaky as heck. The only reason they wanted that dog back was to charge another adoption fee -- all they had to do is make the rules work in their favor.

2511 days ago


dina, meet the dealer is Leela! A gay vegan!

2511 days ago


What the hell is wrong with the mutts & moms? If they truly care about the welfare of the animal than they should transfer ownership. Many animals are euthanized because of the overcrowding. Ellen & Portia could have said here take the dog back. Instead, they found a loving home. Ellen did a good thing and here is some pyscho wanting to make a lesson out of it. Let me just say this- this woman is out for p[ublicity and hopefully she is not a mother because she has no heart and is an insensitive bitch! How can you take an animal who has love and a forever family? GO ELLEN!

2511 days ago
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