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Ellen Breaks Down on Her Show

10/16/2007 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The usually upbeat Ellen DeGeneres was anything but on today's episode of her show -- stopping her opening monologue to give a passionate, tear-filled speech about her recent dog troubles.

After walking on to the usual applause, Ellen quieted the audience and explained that, "Today is a hard day for me ... I am not capable of coming out and pretending to be funny when things are going so terribly wrong right now."

Wiping tears from her eyes, Ellen went on to talk about her ongoing battle with a dog rescue group that took back a dog Ellen adopted after discovering the talk show hostess had given it to her hairdresser.

Tonight's TMZ TV has all the latest on the developing story. Watch today's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to see the rest of her passionate plea.


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HEY. Who is RUBY?

2530 days ago


bless ellen she was just trying to do the right thing , we should set kathy griffin after the shelter seh would have a ball with this story

2530 days ago

Mama Says    

Ellen, you've got all my sympathy - a couple of years ago I was targeted by a similar group.for allowing my neighbor to keep my cat while I recuperated from surgery. They used that as a reason to take the cat back, even though it took MONTHS for them to find them new homes. Sometimes these groups, while well-intentioned, go way over the line of what is right.

2530 days ago


Those crazy ladies' 'rescue' groups are all over the country. The NYT even did an article on them. This is more about bored women finding a way to be powerful over something than the animals. I hope Ellen puts that one out of business.

2530 days ago


WTF?! it's just a frigging dog!

2530 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Li, I think you have made you idiotic point you freak wench whore

2530 days ago


This is very sad, at least she found a good home for the dog. And I went to to the organizations website and the cowards have since removed their email address to "contact them" they must now realize how stupid their actions were and how much crap they are going to get from this.

2530 days ago


I support Ellen all the way on this issue. Obviously the rescue group knew Ellen and what type of individual she is. Instead of returning the dog to the rescue league, not knowing how long it would take for this pup to find a new home, she found a loving home for the animal herself. The goal of the rescue league should be just that, finding a loving home for the pup, not worrying that some rules were by passed. My guess would be that this Rescue Group has done more harm to itself by their actions. Hopefully they will do the right thing and complete their in home interview and return this pup to Ruby. Step up to the plate who ever this Rescue Group is and do the right thing, Ruby is waiting to be reuinited with her special friend!

2530 days ago

Ellen Fan    

I can't believe some of the comments I am reading. Why does everything have to do with Ellen being a lesbian? She says over and over again on her show that she is a animal lover and for people to be this harsh about her truly amazes me. I now know why our country is so screwed up! ELLEN LOVES ANIMALS, ALL ANIMALS!

2530 days ago


Seems to me that Ellen used the airwaves to muster up sympathy and put pressure on the adoption obvious abuse of her position. Do we really care about all the these personal issues in her life?....I think not! We all have issues from time to time that we have to deal with them and keep them to yourself.

2530 days ago


Good God! The agency is the culprit here; Ellen put the dog in a good home! What a panty-waist, candy-assed society we've become- giving a dog away is media sensation? Let's put this in perspective; I have to BUY paper clips, but kittens are still FREE!

2530 days ago


Good news! Thanks to all the emails you fine people sent I now have my dog back! Watch Ellen's next show or tonights news. They asked me questions on camera. I'm so happy.

Thank you everybody! Love, Iggy and Ruby

2530 days ago


There sure are some very heartless and mean people responding to this story. I'm a snarky bitch myself but come on, it's about Ruby having her pet taken away from her. You just don't do that to a little kid. Nothing to do with being lesbian, crying in baseball or dog lovers in LA. IT'S ABOUT A KID LOSING A BELOVED PET!

2530 days ago


It's a dog! I love my dogs, but she acted like her mom got murdered or something. She's just upset over the bad press. Gheez!

2530 days ago


I love Ellen, and I am sure that she took care in finding that doggie a good home -- BUT......with rescue adoptions, there are rules. I have two friends that adopted dogs from a rescue center - the terms and conditions are very clear. I feel really bad for that little girl, possibly they could be considered as an adoptive family for that pet.
Sorry Ellen - I love ya but....them's the rules.

2530 days ago
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