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Geri Jewell Today

10/16/2007 2:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 51-year-old comedian/actress/motivational speaker turned up at the Media Access Awards in L.A. on Sunday, which recognizes those in the entertainment industry who hire and/or accurately portray people with disabilities.
Geri Jewell
has cerebral palsy and recently starred on HBO's "Deadwood."


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Sami #15, YOU HAVE NO CLASS, don't you realize that she could be reading all these comments. They all were nice, till I got to yours.

2500 days ago


Oh good, I wondered about her. Its nice to know she kept up in acting and is happy, missed the Deadwood episode though. But good for her! Thanks for the update

2500 days ago


Thats great to see that she is NOT letting her disability hold her down or hold her back. Maybe her jokes aren't off the wall or hilarious, BUT she is still out there doing it. KUDOS TO HER!!!

2500 days ago


I have read all the comments. Most interesting that everyone missed the point. The news is that she won a unique award in the entertainment business, This is news.

2500 days ago


So, why is it important to see only one person & not showing thousands have the same medical problem? I'm handicap & I can not find anything to make me feel, as the Neurosurgery Doctor's said, "After this operation, you will be up & around in a few weeks. When I woke up, I was pararlized!!!". The hospital stay was 3 and 1/2 weeks & i'm STILL not able to due thing like I used to. Two years later, they tried another operation, & guess what? Same comment from the Doctor's, was again the same. "You will be up & back on you feet in no time"!!! BULL!!! It was the same recovery, ALL OVER AGAIN!!!
So, Do you know the difference between God & a Doctor? God DOES NOT think he is a doctor!!!
Toughest Cowgirl in the South West (But NO MORE Rodeo)

2500 days ago


Gee, what's another word that starts with "D" that stands for an object that holds back water...hmmm, not "dam" but...

PS- she looked way better when she was rockin the doctor octopus arms.

2500 days ago

Stupid Is As Stupid Does    

Geri is amazing. In Deadwood she played a rough-ridden cleaning woman who could verbally throw crap right back at her boss, 'Sweggin" without missing a beat. Award winning performance for sure!

2500 days ago


#110, What is your IQ if you do not mind me asking? You apparently need to be educated as far as persons with disabilities are concerned. My son is Autistic and I want to know what your definintion of " looking retarded" is. I am betting that you do not have movie star looks yourself for that matter not much of an education either. Get an education and read a few books on Cerebral Palsey, Cerebral refers to the brain and it is a brain injury and it has more to do with motor function than anything else, there is nothing wrong with her intelligence, she is doing what makes her happy and for that matter what makes her money, can you say that for yourself. Gerry has been through many surgerys because the disablity does progressively get worse with time. Go get a life and an education.

2500 days ago


The reason her facial expression may look odd to some people is because people with Cerebral Palsy have some loss of muscle control, this includes facial muscles and movement. IT's very hard to get an attractive photo taken when you have this condition. Some people just aren't educated on this condition.

2500 days ago

Kat Ramone    

THANKS A LOT! Next time, why don't you tell us to get really close to the screen before, closer, closer, CLOSER!!! Then click...JEEZ!

2500 days ago


Definitely Lesbian.

2500 days ago


Lets not be rude about people with disabilities.The woman didn't pick to be like this in rude of need to watch what you say it can come back and bite you.if your young right now you might a child someday with something wrong..then how will you feel?were all human and you never know what might happen.

2500 days ago

George Clooney is a Pu$$y    

I hope that she is acting because her comedy really sucked. I would tune in to see if she was a good actor or not, but again save us from her lousy comedy.

2500 days ago


she is very inspirational! good for her!

2500 days ago

Francesca, the BlueAqua517 NUTBAG    

She looks horrible! I have a disability, but there is no reason to let yourself go like she apparantly has. Sheesh! Wear some makeup and fix your hair! Let Frannie or Dawn help you!


2500 days ago
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