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It's Britney ... Booked!

10/16/2007 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed Britney Spears booked herself with the LAPD Monday night on misdemeanor charges of hit and run.

Wearing a black mini dress, black leather jacket and sporting silver chains around her neck, she walked into the Van Nuys jail last night and did the deed.

LAPD told us "at approximately 9:25 PM Miss Britney Spears checked into the Van Nuys County Jail for a court ordered booking. She was put through standard booking procedures which included booking photographs, fingerprinting and collection of information. Britney was at all time cooperative in the process. She was there approximately 45 minutes." We're also told she was never put in a holding cell, and she was polite and courteous to the officers. We're also told cops offered her the back entrance -- but she declined, opting to go in the front door. FOX 11 Los Angeles caught Brit on her way in and out of the jail.

The L.A.City Attorney charged Spears in September with one count of hit and run causing property damage and one count of driving without a valid California license. Both charges are misdemeanors, each carrying a maximum of 6 months in jail. The charges stem from an August 6 incident in L.A. where Spears was in a private parking lot in the San Fernando Valley and rammed into a parked car.

Britney's inmate information page from the L.A. County Sheriffs website:

LA County Shreiff's Office screesnshot


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Maybe she can sing her way out of her legal troubles. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

2542 days ago


No Janice - we come to check on your well-being. This has nothing to do with Britney at all. It's all about you. You're just such a delightful individual. Your intelligence is just so damned impressive! We know you love Britney. You come here to tell us that every single day. And that means you must...... (could it be?)....... have no life either!!!! :-)

2542 days ago


Grand Slam! All 4 of the so-called "bad girls" (Lohan, Britney, Paris and Nicole) now have a police record! What a country!

2542 days ago


watched the video ( again) and noticed not once did she look at that other car, the one she hit lol. That would be most peoples first reaction!
They don't live like we do, everyone takes care of everything for them so they live in a la la land. Sense she fired everyone she has to deal with the reality, maybe it's not such a bad thing.

2542 days ago


I have a great life, unlike yours.............I don't have to be jealous I have every thing I need.
And did not stalk people to get it

2542 days ago


Is tmz the only way brit can get any attention. Actually, keep checking back to see if she has commited suicide. Is she another Anna Nicole Smith?

2542 days ago


Won't the boys be so proud when they grow up? Pictures of mommy showing her naked crotch to a swarm of male photographers; mommy's police station booking photo, pictures of mommy being carried out of clubs & hurling vomit on her date; pictures of mommy dressing like a common streetwalker.... and the list of accomplishments continues to grow for the Mother Of The Year.

2542 days ago


She managed to get to the police station without paparazzi tagging her, wonder how that happened.
by choice I'm sure.

2542 days ago

Democrats are evil    

These idiots are treating police bookings as a right of passage these days. As if you are a nobody if you don't have a mug shot on file. Sure makes the law in LA look as stupid as ever. Don't expect any punishment. They literarily have permission to break the law. Britney as well as all the other celebuskanks have no shame.

2542 days ago


That's right, Janice dear. You have everything you need. You have your computor (it's computer, by the way), and you have your Britney. Everything a fixated enabler needs. Which is why we worry so about you. Don't worry your pretty little head, Janice. We'll continue to check on you. You won't be alone.

2542 days ago


There is no Eff-ing way that she is 125lbs!! Scarlett Johansson weighs around 125 and is the same height as Britney and they look nothing alike! People who weigh 125 do not have double chins. They probably didn't weigh her when she came in just used her old weight off her license.

2542 days ago


Britney doesn't realize that other people have to scrape to make car payments and that filing a claim for the accident could even raise the innocent persons insurance rates. Notice how she's spoofing the whole incident by wearing the black leather jacket and chains. She thinks normal peoples problems are funny and couldn't care less about them. I just wish she had run into a Britard, that would be funny!

2542 days ago


What - no film of Britney entering the police station? Well boo hoo. How did that happen?

2542 days ago


Well, something definitely is wrong. Her album is expected out on what - the 28th? She should be on the cover of a half-dozen magazines; especially Rolling Stone. Is Jive just not pushing her, or is she refusing? Does anyone know what's up with that? There should be a HUGE marketing push going on right now.

2542 days ago


125, I don't think so!!

2542 days ago
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