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It's Britney ... Booked!

10/16/2007 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed Britney Spears booked herself with the LAPD Monday night on misdemeanor charges of hit and run.

Wearing a black mini dress, black leather jacket and sporting silver chains around her neck, she walked into the Van Nuys jail last night and did the deed.

LAPD told us "at approximately 9:25 PM Miss Britney Spears checked into the Van Nuys County Jail for a court ordered booking. She was put through standard booking procedures which included booking photographs, fingerprinting and collection of information. Britney was at all time cooperative in the process. She was there approximately 45 minutes." We're also told she was never put in a holding cell, and she was polite and courteous to the officers. We're also told cops offered her the back entrance -- but she declined, opting to go in the front door. FOX 11 Los Angeles caught Brit on her way in and out of the jail.

The L.A.City Attorney charged Spears in September with one count of hit and run causing property damage and one count of driving without a valid California license. Both charges are misdemeanors, each carrying a maximum of 6 months in jail. The charges stem from an August 6 incident in L.A. where Spears was in a private parking lot in the San Fernando Valley and rammed into a parked car.

Britney's inmate information page from the L.A. County Sheriffs website:

LA County Shreiff's Office screesnshot


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Notice...........she could have gone in the back door, but went in the front door just so everybody could see her. Hey Britney, most all of us are sick of seeing you. Use the Back door next time.

2534 days ago

Terry Joe    

Britney, WHY on earth can't you 'get your act together'?! I think you have let fame and fortune go to your head my dear...and I wouldn't blame any judge for taking your children away! ACT LIKE A LADY, and not some two bit slut. Between tourself, and paris hilrojn, I can't decide who makes me throw up faster!

2534 days ago


We're also told she was never put in a holding cell, and she was polite and courteous to the officers. We're also told cops offered her the back entrance- but she declined, opting to go in the front door,

Wow, that is such a shock...I would have never guessed Britney would have WANTED her picture taken by the paps! She has a sick need to be constantly photographed. Thank you to ALL the photographers who are feeding one of her many addictions. Job well done.

2534 days ago


Uhmm someone didn't read the article, she didn't hit a PERSON. LOL I feel so embarrassed for that DE who thought he/she was first, Uhm are you like 10. With all the driving Brit does without a license it should be revoked for when she does go to renew/test for it. Which brings me to the last couple days as she was still driving in the state of CA. Does it mean she got her license (which seems illegal considering) or is she still getting away with it?

2534 days ago

Ralph Dreifus    

All of these young media stars will arrive at a time in their lives when they will find themselve like rodeo bucking horse. They will be lying on a slab with a sheet over them and the pathologist will write on the post mortum that the individual was simply rode hard and put up wet.

Abusing your body will take years off your life slowly at first then it then the pace quickens and it no longer matters how much money you have your body simply burns out. Then they open you up to find out what killed you and then it is over.

She just wants to have fun, what a hollow, lonely, empty, existance she must have. The line that separates life from death for any of us is a line as thin as a razors edge.

For people like her fun requires drugs and excess alcohol consumption. That is not even reality. Drugs and alcohol are a means of escaping reality.

2534 days ago


Please people.............this is too damn funny..............she checked herself in, but for what reason? California seems to have no laws, and what laws they do have, if you are anybody who is anybody, you walk. You can commit murder and your a free man, so why did good ol' Britney no panties even bother? What a joke.....................LMAO!!!!!

2534 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Who WEIGHED her......125 lbs?.......Thats laughable.......Maybe 125 STONES!!! :-)....

2534 days ago


Oh Jeeze, felt sooo sorry for her.. the papparazzi is getting worse. why dont they leave her alone. Look what happeend to Prince Diana when she got killed in France....
OH, she just bumped into that car. it does applied so many people. did they get arrested for that no....... but if there was a minor damaged, she would leave a note in the car but i knew it wont work cuz those photographers would take a note from the car . Just let her go. Driver license, she is idiot. she should be charge for that but for not the car. I got a dent on my car and r eported to parking lot police and they says it is private property and coudlnt do it..... so come on....
Photograhpers, just leave the celebrities alone....

2534 days ago


Just another celebrity arrested for something. And as far as "opting to use the front door", instead of the back entrance...looks like another another celebrity out to get more photo ops...

2534 days ago



2534 days ago


5'5 and 125 lbs???... yeah and I'm the freakin Pope.

2534 days ago


The saddest part is she's STILL determined to hit lower and lower, en route to the proverbial "bottom". Such a shame in one so young who "has it all"...

2534 days ago


The saddest part is she's STILL determined to hit lower and lower, en route to the proverbial "bottom". Such a shame in one so young who "has it all"...

2534 days ago


No one seems to notice but in every video I've seen of Britney driving she is never wearing a seatbelt, that encludes the "hit and run" video. Could the courts please site her for that also and add six more months to whatever sentence they give her, PLEASE!

2534 days ago


Does anyone realize that our country's ( as well as other countries) priorities are beyond majorly screwed up? I could go on and on about global warming, politics and a justice system that is so messed up, it does not even warrant making the grade to be considered what was once called "AMERICA." Please !!! for the sake of humanity, could we redirect our interests to something worthwhile, even at the very least, our own families? In all of this chaos....what do we hear on a daily basis????...."Another day in the life of Britney." COME ON PEOPLE. I really do think there are far more important situations out there of concern. It absolutely ASTOUNDS me to see how far we have come in last 40 years...NOT !!!

2534 days ago
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