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LAPD Investigating Orlando

10/16/2007 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando BloomTMZ has learned the LAPD is investigating the car crash involving Orlando Bloom, and cops are still looking at the possibility that he committed hit and run.

The accident occurred just after 2:00 AM Friday, after Bloom left a Hollywood club. The woman in the back seat, prominent fashion stylist Cher Coulter, suffered a fractured neck in the crash. Minutes after leaving the club, Orlando smashed into a parked Porsche, then began walking away from the scene. X17 has video of paparazzi repeatedly urging Bloom to return, which he finally did.

Ironically, as Coulter left the club, before getting in the car, she said to Orlando, "What, are you gonna leave me on the street." Minutes later, that's exactly what he did -- when he walked away.

Detectives tell us Orlando has been interviewed by cops, and he said an SUV with paparazzi cut him off and caused the crash. The LAPD is investigating that as well.

As to why Bloom was not given a field sobriety test, one detective says that even if an officer saw "minor objective symptoms" of intoxication, it's still a subjective judgment call.

The LAPD tells us the investigation is open and active.

We contacted Bloom's rep -- so far, no word back.


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LA Cops conduct an investigation in Orlando? That's interesting.

2562 days ago


Bloom's career may be toast if this keeps up

2562 days ago


One knows they are at a new low when the TMZ paps talk you into doing the right thing.

2562 days ago


This is just beyond stupid. Can't these self indulged jerks afford a driver? I think the paps are a menace and should all be thrown in jail but these stupid actors......Get a chauffer! How long before you all kill somebody?

2562 days ago


I just want to know why the douche wasn't driving his prius like he claims he owns or is that another lie from his public relations image. Watching the video of him leaving and coming back to his victims you can see he has no remorse. He is so self involved. Getting in the back of the ambulance letting the girl with the hurt neck to wander around. Really and he never once said he was so sorry to the girls. Even if he didn't crash on purpose, I know I would have if I was driving caused one of my friends hurt.

2562 days ago



get yourself together! stop thinking with your pants and start thinking with what god gave you! your heart and brain!

I'll support you through thick or thin but you gotta straighten up!

2562 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

So I guess the only cloths anyone has ever seen him in is this hoodie? TMZ must really, reaaaallly like how he looks in it.

2562 days ago

Angelina OhPlease    

As Hamlet said: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio..." Why, oh why, can somebody tell me, do people have their panties twisted in a wad because of this? We have a runaway government, a war in Iraq, impending war in Iran, and you people are just foaming at the mouth to see this guy go down. I have some advice for you. Learn to pick your battles.

We will never know if he was drunk. All this speculation about the way he acted is just that. Speculation. Were the cops right in not giving him a field sobriety test? Probably not. But you see, the way the law works is, you can only be tried if there is proof of wrongdoing. It will be a scary day in our justice system if we can be arrested and tried and the sum total evidence produced is a video tape of you acting like a jackass for two minutes!

Speaking as a person who was involved in a few accidents as a passenger, I remember being very disoriented, and at one point, after the most recent accident, I wandered some distance away before my friend called me back. I even forgot, temporarily, what state I lived in. Disoriented does not equal drunk. Also, if moron were synonymous with drunk, there are several people posting here that must be seriously over the legal limit! You know who you are.

2562 days ago


This has celebrity treatment written all over it. It's just the LAPD doing what they do best...if that had been some nobody, they'd have been treated differently.
That footage of him walking away from the scene of the accident while someone is BLEEDING in the backseat is all the proof I need. Normal, non-drunk people don't do that. When he was talking about the paparazzi afterwards, he just seemed like he was making it up. They made him crash into a parked car? Yeah, right. The only one's willing to buy that are the LAPD.

2562 days ago


if you watch the vid of bloom in the car he is in passenger seat ,not driving the car therefore he did not crash the car the chick in drivers seat did anyone catch that?

2562 days ago


you guys are too dumb to notice anything

2562 days ago


This guy is a loser period...and he had enough nerve to criticize kate bosworth about throwing cigarette butts in public. What kind of man lies about paps in an SUV cutting him off and leaves someone who is injured when we know he's a drunk, drunk punk.

2562 days ago


Ding Dang! So much drama over Orli! Orli marry Brit, NOW. You will make TMZ SSSSoooooo Happy!!! HAIL SATAN DING DING!!DANG DANG!!

2562 days ago

F that    

jokes on you Trish

there are plenty of pictures of him driving at the scene of the accident. Did you watch all the videos? Guess not. They switched drivers-there are pics of that. Don't you think someone would have noticed or said something along time ago if your little orli boy wasnt really driving.

Not only are you a bitch..but you are a dumb bitch!

2562 days ago

Get a Clue    

40. if you watch the vid of bloom in the car he is in passenger seat ,not driving the car therefore he did not crash the car the chick in drivers seat did anyone catch that?

Posted at 10:05PM on Oct 16th 2007 by trish

Umm, Trish.

Mr. Bloom was driving the car, he even acknowledges that. That video you point out has been discussed ad naseum by several clowns here, and that car was not the one involved in the accident. He was in that car before hopping into his.

Maybe if you'd do some simple research before vomiting ignorance from your piehole, you'd be a less of an embarrassment to yourself.

Now bend over, it's time for your fitting.

2562 days ago
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