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Lindsay Tangos Her Way Back into L.A.

10/16/2007 11:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan hit up the Hollywood Dance Center in Hollywood this afternoon to prepare for her new movie, and she brought along a bunch of her old friends -- the paparazzi!

Lohan is at the studio to prepare for her role in the upcoming movie "Dare to Love Me" -- a bio about tango legend Carlos Gardel. As Lindsay left the center, she was swarmed by a throng of photogs as she made her way to a waiting SUV.

Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Salt Lake anymore.


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I just hope she's strong enough to NOT fall down again? Britney (never had talent) trailer-park Redneck goddess, or Paris (worthless blister) Hilton have no movie careers or talent to draw from, I just hope Lohan can restrain the temptations of the liquor and the drugs and the loosers that IS HOLLYWOODs norm, and I wish her the best. Don't know her, never met her, couldn't care less, other than I hope she doesn't fall victom to the worst that fame can offer? She's months of recovery under her belt, but it only takes an instant to throw it all away. Second by minute day by day, she's in a bad place (they call it Hollywood), and she's just not strong enough to refrain be my fear? I wish her the best. Perhaps Vegas not be worth the risk for a gambler, and Hollywood not the best place for an addict? What's it worth? If you can afford it; invest in a farm or a White picked fence, in a land far far away from the glits & the glamour before it's too late?...Thank you...

2533 days ago


Anyone else had enough of Lindsay and Brittany? I think they should both do a Thelma and Louise together off a winding road facing the ocean -- you know, the way their careers have already gone.

2533 days ago


Jason do you really think you had to say the paps sell the photos? that was not the post's point dummy.
It was set up ( dont take my picture please! ) and Lohan does need them right now as much as they want her for a buck.
the woman can't act, she has been over rated because she made one good Disney flick! lol
She is going to have to prove her ability to hollywood before they invest in her.

2533 days ago


The Lindsay issue totally aside----
All of you people with your juvenile foul mouthed comments are just pathetic. You all need to grow up and learn some manners. How many of you would be willing to show your vulgar foul mouthed comments to your parents? If you were my kids, we would be having a real sit-down to teach you a little common sense & respect.

2533 days ago



2533 days ago


I don't think she is a good actress. She sucked in that last movie she was in. It may have worked as a little kid her horrible acting but as an adult she acts like cardboard, not worth the millions they pay her

2533 days ago


She needs to be in jail awaiting her trial for DUI, grand theft auto, kidnapping and possession.

Here's what's going to happen. The L.A. District Attorney has already dropped all of the REAL charges, so the judge will sentence her to......(wait for it).......the exact number of days that she spent in rehab. The judge will then allow her time spent in rehab to count as her imprisonment.

Who wants to take bets on how long it takes for her to go back to her evil ways and kill some poor slob?

2533 days ago


How much longer until this broad falls off the wagon?

2533 days ago

Some dude    

You have absolutely got to be kidding me. Why on earth would any production company agree to, and then furthermore actually hire this complete and total loser?
What don’t you Hollywood execs get about the fact that THE PUBLIC DOES NOT LIKE LINDSEY LOHAN!! How many more crappy, no money making movies is this little idiot going to be in? These fn producers have absolutely abandoned all reason and logic. I don’t need a crystal ball to tell you this movie is going to flop. Every dime from the 2nd day of production forward will be a waste of money.

You probably think, “I don’t care how much money some production company wants to spend on Lilo.” You can think that, and it’s cool. Except that, you know how more and more people are complaining about the price of going to the movies? Take 5 minutes and think about how idiots like Lilo getting parts in movies that flop, MOSTLY because she’s in them, and think about how that can eventually travel down the line to your pocket. You should care, that is, if you care AT ALL about movies.

2533 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

She's practicing by doing the Tango with someone else's fiance. How dedicated to her craft.
Or should I say ex-fiance, now.

2532 days ago
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