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Steve-O: Naked Jackass Protects Animals

10/16/2007 8:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve-O is the new, er, face of PETA. The jackass is taking it all off, again, but this time it's for a cause.
In the new PETA ad, which will be revealed today during L.A.'s fashion week, Steve-O is getting cheeky. The ad claims he'd rather go naked than wear fur, but in all probability, he'd just rather go naked anyway.

It doesn't take a genius to know that animal cruelty is wrong, and this ad proves it.


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RIght on! Okay, if the worm abuse stuff is true I'm not down with that Stevie but the ad is hot. Maybe not his ass but the work is nicely done. All their work is nicely done! I love PETA! Thank you for sticking your ass out for such an important cause. Maybe one of those disgusting, fur wearing, "oh so into the disordered personalities" will get a clue!

2500 days ago

yr not kiddin anyone    

When they get Christian Bale to pose I'll start paying attention....

2500 days ago

yr not kiddin anyone    

When they get Christian Bale to pose I'll start paying attention....

2500 days ago



2500 days ago


I'm no longer a fan of Steve-O or anything he's a part of...this is the 2nd time (at least) he's dealt w/PETA. I'm against wearing animals and other bs, but PETA kills too. Anyone who has pets or now or in the future benefits from medical testing, should run from them.

2500 days ago


#32 Marc, is 100% correct!

2500 days ago

Dr. Blackgirl    

PETA is just getting rediculous! There's starting to be more animal rights than human rights. Hey we are in America, though. Enough said. Sooner or later it'll be illegal to eat fish. *Eeeeek!!* to gay rights, right there.

2500 days ago


Am I the only one who will be excited when Steve-O finally goes extinct?

2500 days ago


I am 100% for animal rights, but PETA is a dishonest group. I won't support them. If interested google PETA lies, the things PETA doesn't want you to know about their money hungry corporate organization. They do more harm than good. FACT.

2500 days ago


HOW CAN U PEOPLE SAY THAT!?!?!? animals are living creatures. They are the same as us just with fur. Some of u people are cruel and selfish!

2500 days ago


Okay, so some people don't want to wear fur. Big deal. Some people DO want to wear fur and they shouldn't be shunned by a bunch of red-paint-weilding airheaded facist who scream for people to live their way. If you don't want to wear fur, that's fine for you. As for me, I leave it up to the individual. That's called being an american. Now, if you'll excuse me, deer season started and I have to go kill Bambi to feed my family some good meat. Maybe I'll make a jacket from the hide. Yours sincerely, People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.

2500 days ago


Peta is full of a bunch of brain dead hypocrites!

2500 days ago


Steve 0? He's the Jackass guy who eats live animals, fish, worms, etc....this nut is the hypocracy of Peta. Just shows you Peta is all about publicity and not the animals. I love my chicken, meat, and I still love animals. I am not going to stop eating chicken and fish just because Peta is telling me to. And if a woman wants to wear fur, ALL the power to her! These animals are used for feathers, wool, meat, oils, and every part is used. And if you wear LEATHER, don't even talk to me about not wearing fur. LEATHER is from animals too silly people, it's the hide of an animal just like fur is..

2500 days ago

Just Me    

The people on Jackass are just that.. jackasses...

how sad PETA had to go to the depths of getting one of these idiots to pose naked for the reason of promoting no fur. lol

I've just lost all respect for PETA... what an embarrassment they are.

2500 days ago


I'm a proud PETA member and I'm surprised to see Steve-O after the stunts he's pulled. He shouldn't be used for a PETA ad.

Ding dong?? You ARE a ding dong!!

2500 days ago
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