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The Mayer Debate: Ron Paul or RuPaul?

10/16/2007 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer spent the night before his 30th birthday having dinner with a few friends and arguing about the Constitution, presidential hopeful Ron Paul and drag queen RuPaul. Just your typical birthday conversation.

The pop star -- without his new woman, Minka Kelly -- celebrated with friends Sherrod Small (his "Chocolate Rain" co-star), comedian Jeffrey Ross, and "Live Free or Die Hard" star/Drew Barrymore's rumored new beau, Justin Long.

In typical Mayer fashion, he launched into a fake tirade about the merits of Ron Paul and how he avidly reads the Constitution. Somehow, Condoleezza Rice comes into the chat, and a homeless man calls him "John Paul."

You never know what's going to go down when John Mayer is around.


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Way to go John!    

Way to go John!!! Staged or not at least someone might look up Ron Paul because of that rant!!! Wake up people!! We need change!

2561 days ago

nanci allen    

Right on!!John Mayer is right Ron Paul does know and follow the consitution.Vote Ron Paul 08

2561 days ago


Go Ron Paul President 2008....John Mayer, Thanks!!

go to for info on a guy that will support our generation!!

2561 days ago


I don't really know who this John Mayer is but happy birthday to you anyway. I do however know who Ron Paul is and that he is real hope for our country. If you believe in the constitution,(which by the way was structured to limit government and protect the American people from big government, and it cannot be changed. It can have ammendments to it though.) the rule of law and your rights and liberties you should take a good hard serious look at Ron Paul. This man is trying to tell you just how much danger you are in by having bad government. People are so used to just complying they have forgotten what real freedom is about. What is it going to take to wake people up? How much more has to happen before the realization hits home that one day soon you might wake up and be under a completely new rule? namely a communistic one.

2561 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Who was it John that said - "stay in sales until you can sell anything?" Was that Ian or you or do you just have many different heads. Coincidence you and Gummi have similar birthdays. They say everyone has a twin. Problem is when both towers fall the world goes very dark. Only a vane idiot would purposely do that to raise himself up. Lock up salvation John, keep us all in the dark, how do the soldiers feel? Want to now why we all went to war? Ask your "messiah" John Mayer. What about all the advancements in cancer and aids prevention your team blocked?

I really hope someone sticks your guitar - where it belongs.

Yeah world go team Mayer. If you are still that naive I'd have to say you are as sadistic as he is.

2561 days ago


Paul Wolfowitless: Bad crazy

Ron Paul: my kind of crazy!! ;-)

2561 days ago


Awesome! Ron Paul is the best candidate for 2008, hands down. He's the only one who can beat Hillary Clinton, and has been called "The Thomas Jefferson of our time"

2561 days ago


Ron Paul appeals to people with some degree of sanity, conviction, intellect, and education. To them and them only does he appeal.

2561 days ago


Woo!! This is a dream come true for me! Two people I greatly admire...John Mayer and Ron Paul...are apparently on the same side!

Ron Paul is right, "Freedom is popular."
Apparently John, like me, is no longer "Waiting on the world to change" he's helping it change now.

Save our country, save our sovereignty. Vote Ron Paul in 2008 and buy as many John Mayer albums as you can!

2561 days ago


"Fake Tirade" they say? It sounded to me like he genuinely meant it.

I know, because I myself have had few "tirades" with my friends after a few beers, trying to hammer through their drunken heads that we either have a "rule of law" (by following the constitution), or we have some sort of "rule of man" (like a dictatorship). Its better to follow the law, even if it is flawed, than to follow "men" and "hope" they don't screw you over. (Hint: They will eventually.)

Ron Paul understands this, that's why he's so extremely popular, and is gaining momentum every day. People are starting to understand why its important to have a Government that follows the rule of law - and why Ron Paul is the only one running that will restore the U.S.

2561 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Excuse the fact that I live on the other side of the globe on a rather large Island called Australia but I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of years studying in your College system and apart from cheerleading and having some serious fun I did actually study a little about your fine country.

Redefining Republicanism you all say? Let us go back to a very intelligent and enlightened man - Abe Lincoln. I am aware that Lincoln's own prediction that "the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here" will probably also apply to me.

Lincoln shifted emphasis from The Constitution to the Declaration of Independence as the foundation of American political values—what he called the "sheet anchor" of republicanism.The Declaration's emphasis on freedom and equality for all, rather than the Constitution's Laws highlighted the moral basis of republicanism, rather than its legalisms.

It is no secret I think John Mayer is a person seriously lacking WISDOM. Blind leading the blind is his aim.

"I" challenge you to focus on your Declaration of Independence rather than your Constitution. Morality would prevent any war, Laws can always develop a loophole.

2561 days ago

former democrat for Ron Paul    

As Seal said, "No we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy" Ron Paul is my kind of crazy!!

Hey I'm, err.....was.... a independent/democrat until they totally chickened out after this last mid-term election and have not stopped the war. We are not a democracy, we are a democratic republic where the rules of law set forth in the Declaration of Independence AND Constitution trump any will of the majority ala a democracy. Unfortunately, the ones in power are paying less and less attention to the Constitution and we need a shock to the system "Ron Paul" to get us back on track.

Donna Smith, The constitution was created as an amended Articles of the Confederation which was created with the Declaration of Independence as its legal basis. They are one in the same with regards to strict construction of Constitutional Interpretation.

Does it matter if John Mayer staged this or not, let's say he did stage it....did it not get the point across he was trying to make???

Have you ever listened to John's song "Waiting on the world to change"? If not, do so, and then goto

Stop playing with labels people, we don't need good democrats or good republicans, we need good Americans before its too late in this great land of ours.

2561 days ago


Thats great that John Mayer supports Ron Paul! We are waiting on the world to change and Ron Paul can help!

Go John Mayer and Go Ron Paul!

2561 days ago


Ron Paul has no business being a republican. After all he wnats less government, less taxes and more freedom. He believes the constituion is the law of the land.

Yep Ron Paul has no right to be in the GOP of today. Perhaps 50 years ago, yes, but not today.

2561 days ago


Sorry folks I LOVE JOHN MAYER!!! I can listen to his ramblings all day.

2561 days ago
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