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Alleged Ellen Dognapper Files Police Report

10/17/2007 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marina Baktis, the dog rescue woman at the center of the Ellen DeGeneres scandal, filed a police report yesterday because she is being harassed for her role in the ordeal.
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Baktis, along with business partner Vanessa Chekroun, runs the Mutts and Moms agency from which Ellen DeGeneres adopted her dog. Ellen then was unable to keep the dog, so she gave it to her hairdresser Cheryl's family, which includes her 12-year-old daughter Ruby. Baktis told "Access Hollywood" yesterday that they've begun receiving death threats. "My life is being threatened, this is horrible. I rescue dogs. I can't believe this."

Baktis filed the report with the Pasadena Police Department last night.


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Sick people threatening this lady. Are you happy, Ellen?

2562 days ago


The true crime involved actually calling the police to assist you with taking the dog back. I can't believe tax dollars have to be spent on such things because there are such idiots out there. Don't you think the police have better things to do, like investigating actual crimes. Why don't you try some common sense in life Mutts & Moms. Maybe if you did you wouldn't be receiving nasty messages.

2562 days ago


Lighten up, you dumb bitch, you're running a charity, not the Gestapo.

2562 days ago


The dog belongs to the little girl...give it back

2562 days ago

Deep Pockets    

You can bet this chick is setting things up for a major lawsuit. She's going to be seeking money from Ellen pronto and I hope she's publicly shown to be the ass she is and loses.
The sad part about this is that this douchebag, so-called rescuer has driven away potential adopters (who wants to adopt from a crazy, and probably soon-to-be lawsuit happy indian-giver).
I bet if you look into her background you'll find out that this chick has done this sort of crap before. All sounds fishy to me.

2562 days ago


They should have let the family keep the dog in the first place.

2562 days ago


What's wrong with you people She's doing her job. Anyone who knows anything about animal rescue know that they are very special people. They clean up the mess that someone else has made. The rules are make to protect the animals. What they don't what is for a puppy to be placed in a home that can't keep it. There are breeds of dogs that are known not to get along with children because they will bite to defend themselves in a threatening situation, which is why I an guessing that she has a rule not to place that puppy in a home with children under the age of 14. What happens when the kids don't want to take care of the dog because it nips or isn't properly socialized because it's not comfortable in it's surroundings. Why should Ellen be the exception? Just because she's a celebrity? Again, the rules are in place to protect the animals not to discourage adoptions. They are trying to find the right home for each dog so it will be a permanent placement. How dare anyone threaten these people. Ellen owes them an apology and should call her fans off if she really cares about the puppy.

2562 days ago

Funny Answers    

I bleieve these people want what is best for the dog, but like a selfish 2 years old, if you don't do it my way, then you lose. This group thought they would show their power of people, so that tells me they have a chip on their shoulders. They could have had the family come to the facility, fill out the needed paper work. And all would have gone well. If your dogs are in good shape, why did Ellen have to pay $3000.00 for a vet to fix it. That tells me your not taking care of the dogs. Peta, I would not support any longer, because of their commando attacks on people, and prono pictures. Like most things that start out as a misstep by someone it has turned into a big production. Shame on the Mutts and Moms, you handled it wrongly, and that makes me think you handle the dogs poorly too. Shame on you.....

2562 days ago

The Monkey Zone    

Your words are strong but only my words will bring these dog tyrants to justice and save all little girls from the refuge of scoundrals.

PETA people cry out, "WE SHALL BE REVENGED"

2562 days ago


Mutts and Moms should be shut down. Do the right thing! Give the dog back to its loving family. Does this woman lack common sense? Just ridiculous!

2562 days ago


I love how the comment "I just rescue dogs" is the caption tothe photo of her going to those poor kids house with ARMED police officers to STEAL this poor dog back. I think that no one deserves to have death threats made against them, but in this case, I think they are warranted. Maybe if someone actually carries the threat out, then maybe they will give the dog back to those girls! haha Both of those bitches deserve EVERY bit of negative publicity they are getting. What COWARDS they are too by taking down their web site.

If they REALLY thought they were in the right, they would have left it up. I hope thsi puts them out of business!

2562 days ago


This woman cares more about how she looks in all this than about that dog. You should see her on Access Hollywood weeping, clinging to a one eyed dog, claiming she has no money, but . . . well. Just look at the insignia on her glasses. She's a fake, she's a fraud. She thought she'd get some good publicity out of this, don't forget she threatened to call the media first, and now she has to deal with what she's started. I don't feel sorry for her at all. I feel for the poor little dog who taken from the little girl who loves him.

2562 days ago


Perhaps is she stopped acting like a bureaucratic douchebag and gave the dog to the kids this would all stop. Seriously, the pound "ladies" need to pull the stick out of the posteriors.

2562 days ago


Ellen, you did not follow the rules, the dog was taken away, and now you're acting like a big baby. Tired of Celebrities who think they can do anything they want. If your hairdresser wants the dog, why doesn't he/she just go in and fill out adoption papers for the dog? You're on TV begging them to give the dog back? Well, guess what? You don't always get what YOU want. Follow the proper procedures and stop being such a big baby.

2562 days ago


I have been in animal rescue for over 25 years. My husband and I have 5 Rescue Dogs, they are treated as well as any human child sometimes better. Although I agree Ellen missed a step I agree with PETA that the dog should be returned. Ellen lives in a very high profile world and she has always made it known how much she loves animals. I am sure that she would not put herself in a position to be judged by placing the animal in nothing less that a wonderful home. My husband and I tried to rescue a small dog from "Small Dog Rescue" in Atlanta, GA about five years ago. Due to that we did not live in Atlanta they would not let us adopt the dog because they could not do "home checks", etc, we had many references, they still denied the adoption. Due to this they denied this dog a wonderful loving home!!! Mutts and Mom's obviously are trying to prove a point of control with this issue and have turned it into a personal issue toward Ellen. It presents that they are using her as there example because she is high profile. It is a very immature attitude, they should think of what is best for the animal and give it back to Ruby. This situation may backfire on them when it comes to a person deciding which rescue they want to support and donate to. They are putting a blemish on their own rescue shelter. Ellen gave an apology and they should accept it, check out the home and return the dog to Ruby. I just saw the interview this lady gave...she should not be rescuing anything....but since she does I hope she has a full-time shrink for the animals on board!!!! I pray she does not have two legged children!!!!!!!!

2562 days ago
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