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Alleged Ellen Dognapper Files Police Report

10/17/2007 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marina Baktis, the dog rescue woman at the center of the Ellen DeGeneres scandal, filed a police report yesterday because she is being harassed for her role in the ordeal.
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Baktis, along with business partner Vanessa Chekroun, runs the Mutts and Moms agency from which Ellen DeGeneres adopted her dog. Ellen then was unable to keep the dog, so she gave it to her hairdresser Cheryl's family, which includes her 12-year-old daughter Ruby. Baktis told "Access Hollywood" yesterday that they've begun receiving death threats. "My life is being threatened, this is horrible. I rescue dogs. I can't believe this."

Baktis filed the report with the Pasadena Police Department last night.


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Team Aniston...    

Holy crap!!!! Excuse me, but did this woman do a home study when Ellen adopted this animal??? I doubt wouldn't that be breaking their 'rules' themselves? This whole story is sad and flies in the face of what a shelter is all about. I was under the impression that these places were supposed to be about finding good homes for these animals, not taking them back...We will probably see an ebay auction for 'Iggy' next week...

2531 days ago


Patrick-you need serious help for supporting Ellen and her ridiculous crying. I bet the audience wished they went and saw another show that day.

2531 days ago

The Monkey Zone    

I will voice my opinion and Ellen will read it and be proud of me. Maybe she will invite me onto her show
"intoducing the person who saved my dog by commenting in a blue box on"

2531 days ago


I adopted my soft coated wheaten terrier from a group on petfinders. The rescue woman was obsessed with saving dogs from shelters. The conditions at her house were deplorable. She could not take care of all of the dogs. She was obsessed with saving dogs. I spent hundreds of dollars on vet bills. I would never have given the dog back to that rescue woman. I would have done exactly what Ellen did and found it a a loving home. Ellen did the right thing.

2531 days ago


Can’t believe this? She rescues dogs? Ellen made an error and did not cohere to the rules, BUT for the best interest of the dog, someone with a brain could see that these two idiots from Mutts and Moms are doing more harm. She isn't rescuing the dog, she is trying to make a point and it is shameful. They don't want to give "special treatment to celebs,” and I agree, most of the time, they shouldn't, but in this case, the best scenario for everyone involved is to give the damn dog to the loving family, as the 12 and 11 year old girls who are under the 14 year old age restriction for adopting a dog from them should be amended in this case. It's called assessing the situation and making the best decision for everyone. But instead these two idiots are proving a point so they don't feel bullied around. ALSO, her damn attorney said "Ellen didn't get rid of the dog because it didn't get along with the cats, she got rid of the dog because she didn't like it." HOW DOES HE KNOW HOW SHE FELT OR WHAT THE DECISION PROCESS WAS? That is complete assumption on his part. AND IF THE DOG IS BEING LOVED AND CARED FOR, WHO CARES? If so many people are outraged by this, don't you think these two Mutts and Moms ladies should reconsider. I mean, the death threats would stop AND just so they know... filing a police report is not going to stop some crazed lunatic from attacking them in retaliation. I think it's shameful that anyone would threaten these women, but they need to see how BAD their actions are.

2531 days ago


It was wrong of that woman to enter the girl's house under false pretenses saying that they were doing a "home-inspection" and then holding the dog hostage while waiting for the police.

Rescuing dogs is honorable but the people who run the programs are always neo-nazi bitches who are on total power-trips. Obviously this woman is no different.

The safest thing to do is ALWAYS adopt directly from a shelter because those are the animals in the most need!!!

2531 days ago


I wonder what happens if they let you buy one of their dogs, and say you are single. If you get married do they come check if it is "ok" to keep the dog? What if you then have children? What if your niece and nephew come to visit for Christmas? Do they take the dog back? At what point does the dog stop belonging to the agency?

2531 days ago


I think to settle this is this:

let the dog wander around in chinatown and if it can find it's way to this little girl then that is where it needs to be.

If not, does anyone want to have lunch in chinatown?

2531 days ago


Ellen made a mistake ..she admitted it.....Moms and Mutts (or whatever) made a mistake....admit it............ and give the dog back !

2531 days ago


Address is:

Paw Boutique
523 S. Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA

Note, the website has been taken down (as has Mutts and Moms)

Riot on suckas

2531 days ago


"just look at the insignia on her glasses" ----Are they CocoChannel? Just guessing... Pricey.

2531 days ago


Ellen tried to be nice and made sure the poodle had a good home and was taken care of by loving people her hairdresser. Although cats and dogs get along well together as family pets, it is sometimes difficult for them to understand one another's body language and play behavior. But the woman from the dog place was looking for her 5 minutes of fame and she was mean and heartless!!!!!!!!

2531 days ago


Ellen(doesnot)SUCK- YOU, my friend need help not me. I am not a hate monger like yourself and I don't think that people like Ellen who give to charity, who raises MILLIONS of dollars for charity suck. No, my friend, it is YOU that sucks...

2531 days ago


Why doesn't take that dog-napper from, "Mutts and Mutt," and shake her and scream in her face, "YOU'RE THE PROBLEM HERE - NOT ELLEN - NOT THE FAMILY - AND CERTAINLY NOT THE DOG! THIS TIME, IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU!"

2531 days ago


The people at Mutts and Moms are idiot harpies. If they had two brain cells to rub together, they would have thought about maybe just dropping by the pup's new home, interview the family, make sure it was a good place, and left it at that.

I would NEVER get a dog from them EVER. I think they'd better get into selling tupperware or something because their shelter business is OVER.

2531 days ago
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