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Don't Screw the Pooch!

10/17/2007 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneres has been attacked by a pet adoption agency for committing a cardinal sin -- not getting approval before giving an abandoned dog to a loving family.

TMZ obtained this clip from last night's taping of Ellen's show that will air today. In it, she says the fight should not be about anything but the dog, and the dog just needs to go back to the family.

TMZ broke the story that Ellen had given a dog she adopted to her hairstylist after she realized the pooch didn't get along with her cats. The adoption agency ripped the dog from its new digs because Ellen signed a contract that said if she gave the dog up it would go back to the adoption agency -- HELLO?!? Adoption, loving home!

Now we've learned Ellen never submitted an application to adopt the dog, nor did she undergo a home inspection that seems so important after the fact. There were no holier-than-thou terms to this process.

For the record, we're told the agency has greenlighted other dog adoptions with young children in the house -- the "kids" in question here are 12 and 13.

Also, we've learned the deal was that the info on microchip in the dog's neck was supposed to be updated with Ellen's information. That was never done. That's why when the police checked the chip, the dog was still registered to Mutts and Moms.


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My family looked into adopting a puppy from a rescue group. We were even willing to drive to another state to "save" the pup. But, when we got the application, we decided to go to a reputable breeder instead.

These people wanted to know my husband's employer, my children's ages and NAMES (why did they need to know their names, I don't know their kids' names), every single pet's name I ever had, where they're at and why they died, whether I knew my county's pet ownership codes, three personal references and a host of other questions. The questionaire was three pages long!

If this was anyone other than a celebrity, do you really think they would've GPS'd the dog and grabbed it back? I think not. But, I bet they weren't counting on the negative publicity they're rightfully receiving.

2527 days ago

D H    

So you shut down a Rescue Org, what does that solve? Boy that is really helping homeless pets that you all claim to be so concerned about! Is Ellen or her hairdresser going to start rehoming homeless pets? The only thing the Rescue Org did wrong was adopt to an unfit home like Ellen. The mother and her poor child should have returned the dog and asked what they needed to do to adopt and if they passed they would have gotten to adopt the honest way, and then they wouldn't have had to get the police involved. Hang in there Mutts and Moms, change your name, all the couch potatoes will eventually go away as they are too lazy to keep up on what happens to homeless pets. One of the many Rescue groups here in the midwest, we run things the same way, you don't want a pet you return it, you don't give it away, sell it, you RETURN it! I am sure this girl will survive, I mean she saw Ellen pass her pet off, so she has already been shown what irresponsibilty is, it is a good lesson for her, follow an agreement, a contract, be it a car or a dog or things could become unpleasant! Her mother set a bad example by trying to screw over the Rescue group! Get off the tube with the dramatics Ellen, your an actrees and doing a fine job at it!

2527 days ago


Hey "Anonymous Lotter Winner", I'll See Your "Large Amount" and raise You DOUBLE, in Favor of Ellen... I'll Always have Her Back!

2527 days ago

Dizzy Izzy    

Thank you TMZ for finding any and all dirt you can on these dog sellers umm Rescue! I work in an Animal Shelter and we GIVE Fully Vetted Dogs to these groups who turn around and Charge people a Fortune to ADOPT them! One Shelter Group came up with a Plan to give Dogs to the Homeless..Provide Food and all Vet care..Just so the homeless people who would never go to shelters would have company..These Rescue people Hollared"ITS COLD Outside for the DOGS" Not one of these Idiots mentioned the homeless PEOPLE!!
If Ellen Broke the Contract it doesnt matter if The Rescue Group Did as Well...They are self Righteous Biggots Who think they have a little Power because they can have control over ALL things a Dog! Let it be known Shelters are emailing each other as I type this..We are going to the Dog food Companies That donate this rescues food..And everything else...To treat Children like this is as Inhumane as it is to pull a homeless dog from a loving home!!!This Rescue will soon be Foodless and then Doglessas Shelters will NOT work with them after this stunt!

2527 days ago


Ellen is a great person why are you all ready to hand her over to the dog Nazie..for god sake grow up, she's a hard working loving person who has had enough S#@@, in her life that most people would fold over, she only tried to get a dog a home, she did the right thing, better then most people with ther figgn kids she didnt give it to Britney for gods sake.

2527 days ago

D H    

Yep, (to wanted to adopt) that's one nice thing about "reputable" (wink) breeders, they ask no questions, it's just show me the money. Just have to love those puppymill and backyard breeders, they are in it for the welfare of the pets! And you all just go out and boycott this Rescue org, big deal, with your mindset you'd be on the do not adopt list anyway! Hang oin there Mom and Mutts, they'll go away and chase another star down to save them from the evils in the world. TeeHee

2527 days ago


Rescue groups that exploit their animals and young children (and even rich tv stars) DESERVE to go down. They give reputable rescues a bad name and keep adding to the reasons why people feel the need to purchase dogs from backyard breeders. Whether or not this group has a valid point, they clearly intended to use Ellen to set an example and get free air time. At the expense of Iggy and the girls he loves. Why not make ELLEN pay instead of the innocents? Why not, if the home is acceptable for the dog, let the family have the dog back but require Ellen to do volunteer work for the group or something of that sort? Good publicity is so much better than bad and the people who run this rescue are too stupid to realize that nobody likes when people hurt children and animals to prove a point. They don't deserve to be in charge of a tweety bird let alone the lives of dogs!!! Wonder how they'd feel if someone stole their kids pets, since they are supposedly "MOMS". That's probably a fraud too.

2527 days ago

Julie G.    

Listen to yourselves who in favor of Mutts and Moms, How did the dog ended up in Ellen's house after Ellen never submitting or had any home inspection. Why did Ellen has to sign the contract without both of them. I won't work for any animal organization doing that like that. Mutts and Moms is using the money off from the publicity. I hope you don't donate any money to Mutts and Moms! That really encourages lots people go to the breeders instead! I hate Mutts and Moms for this way.

2527 days ago


This saddens me because there are tons of dogs out there that are being put to sleep while I write this because no homes are found in time. I have several pets, almost all were rescued from certain death. I respect that the rescue place needs to make sure the animal is placed in the best environment possible, but if the original owner rehomes the animal to someone she feels is more than adequate, then the rescue might rethink their policy of removing a dog from a loving home.
Ellen is known for her work in animal rights. I don't know her personally, but I would trust the reputation she has, and trust that she would rehome the dog in a responsible manner.

As for training the dog to get along with cats, that is sometimes not possible. Usually the dog can be trained, but it's the cats that won't tolerate the dog, so no matter how nice the dog is to the cats, the cats will not be happy. I have several cats and a terrier. He took a lot of training so he wouldn't chase or harrass the cats, because that's the nature of a terrier. Even though now he's very well-behaved around the cats, there are still a couple of cats who remember when he wasn't so nice, and they are not happy, but at least tolerate.

The kids in the family are well beyond the age most rescues will consider appropriate (usually they won't place kitten in a home with anyone under 8, and they will consider the dog breed when placing one with children).

Ellen made a simple mistake. She had nothing to gain by this transaction, other than to see a formerly unwanted dog get a home.

I don't think Ellen is using her show or media to bully the agency. Ellen's show is a peek into her life and right now that peek reveals a very sad outcome for a dog she had hoped to give a better life.

2527 days ago


Why did Ellen have to make a federal case out of this story? Something ain't clean in the milk.

2527 days ago


Well said #41

2527 days ago

5th grader    

the show aired here already. 3pm. it was sad, made me cry. she says what she has to say then gets on with a great show, Drew Carey from the price is right.

It was a great show Ellen,

You could see this tore her up inside, she bawled.

they should be happy she found a loving ome for Iggy to go to.

2527 days ago


The practices and license status of this non-profit organization need to be investigated.

Here's the email address of the Animal Services division that oversees and investigates animal code and licensing for the county where Mutt's and Moms operates:

2527 days ago

D H    

Again, all the time used to INVESTIGATE the Rescue Org could be put to better use VOLUNTEERING at a People or Animal Shelter! But oops I would bet all the computer geeks couldn't pull themselves away from Ellen's show or their computer to clean up a little dog poop or help out one less fortunate. Talk about psychos, they are on here thick, going to save Ellen from the bad Rescue group. And the gal who works at a Shelter, most Shelter have little criteria and they also have people working in these places that have no business working with animals nor people, yes there are bad Rescues, I don't think this one is one of them if the reason they are being targeted is because they took back a dog due to a broken contract. It happens folks to more then just Ellen, people agree not to tie them, etc etc, they don't folow the contract/agreement and they do it anyway, it won't be the first dog seized nor the last, so go holler some more for all the nobodies that broke the contract. And as long as a Rescue takes in the mixes, or purebreds of overbred breeds as well as seniors etc, so what if they get a good adoption fee now and then, they need that to help the less fortunate pets. Educate yourself before you spew crap.

2527 days ago

stupid hollywhores    

boo hoo poor wittle ellwen. even her sob story looked like poor acting. holly whores & dykes think they can do anything they want without warrant. go mutts & moms for sticking with your rules.

2527 days ago
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