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Don't Screw the Pooch!

10/17/2007 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneres has been attacked by a pet adoption agency for committing a cardinal sin -- not getting approval before giving an abandoned dog to a loving family.

TMZ obtained this clip from last night's taping of Ellen's show that will air today. In it, she says the fight should not be about anything but the dog, and the dog just needs to go back to the family.

TMZ broke the story that Ellen had given a dog she adopted to her hairstylist after she realized the pooch didn't get along with her cats. The adoption agency ripped the dog from its new digs because Ellen signed a contract that said if she gave the dog up it would go back to the adoption agency -- HELLO?!? Adoption, loving home!

Now we've learned Ellen never submitted an application to adopt the dog, nor did she undergo a home inspection that seems so important after the fact. There were no holier-than-thou terms to this process.

For the record, we're told the agency has greenlighted other dog adoptions with young children in the house -- the "kids" in question here are 12 and 13.

Also, we've learned the deal was that the info on microchip in the dog's neck was supposed to be updated with Ellen's information. That was never done. That's why when the police checked the chip, the dog was still registered to Mutts and Moms.


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-L-O-V-E- Going to get you... Bad girl give up can't win go space trucking. Come on...

2525 days ago


I do not feel sorry for the owners of Mutts and Moms AT ALL. They should have visited the new family and found some way to work this out. I wonder if either of these two heartless women have any children? The feelings and emotions of the children involved should have been at the forefront of this situation.

All these tearful appearances by the owners do not make me feel sorry for them at all. They are getting what they deserve. Do either of them think anyone feels sorry for them because they claim they can’t eat or sleep and one says she is having "heart palpitations"? What did these two women think would happen when the ripped the family pet away from innocent children????

Mutts and Moms thought that they had a contract, it had been violated and they were in control. Well, I’m so happy to see that their business is destroyed as well as their reputation.

I’m now reading that they aren’t even up to date with the Secretary of State. I hope that the full force of the State of California comes down on these two women and their questionable business practices!

2525 days ago


The contract was void when m&M didnt change the chip

2525 days ago


Animal shelters rely on donations and the kindness of people to complete the circle of giving rescue, to needy animals. So what went wrong here? Money became the shelters concern over common sense and compassion. No compassion for the dog. No compassion for the children. Love of the rules. Love of the money. Even Hitler gave dogs to children. He didnt even charge people. Try to be at least as nice as Hitler! Give the dog back you troll!

2524 days ago


Like i have said on everyother site i have see this on, YOU PEOPLE HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME?!?!?! are you seriousy supporting this?!?! if all it took was me getting on TV and crying to get attention on things that ACCTUALLY matter! There is a war going on that NO ONE has heard of in Uganda...why dont you look it up its called the Invisibal Children....than maybe all you peolpe will see that thsi whole iggy Ellen crap is tottally blown out of proportion! Serously....lets get some publicity on stuff that matters! Ellen your 15 mins is up!!

2524 days ago


Comments by davalyn is not relevent to this blog, but are revelant to our foolishness as humans. No need to knock ellen though. Just an obversation. Yes we do often loose sight of our humanity in our love for an animal and that is why I took the time to look up the invisible children. There is an interesting video at this address:

2524 days ago


sorry about the double post

2524 days ago


I think mutts and moms got what they wanted their 15 min. of fame. I can not believe what they (m & M ) did. Taking that poor innocent dog away from a loving family who had already bonded with him/her. How many people read the fine print of anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we did we would'nt be in debt or losing owr houses....

2522 days ago


I really credit TMZ for keeping this story up on this site, it's generated so much debate. It is so not fair that Ellen is being portrayed as a spoiled celebrity, she's a human being. She did what many of us might have done in her place, not completely read the contract and signed anyway in the excitement of adopting a cute little doggie. It wasn't working because he didn't get along with the cats and Ellen discovered he could have a wonderful home with a loving family. These rescue agencies are run by volunteers. They are not exclusively qualified to determine a good home for the dogs. It's not as if Ellen didn't take the dog's needs and the family's qualities into consideration before she gave the dog to them, with the exception of the ridiculous no-children-under-the-age-of-14 rule, that's ludicrous. I can see not having children under the age of 10 with a small dog, depending on the breed but 14 is excessive. I realize there has to be criteria in place but if a person doesn't have the skills to access a situation and adjust the rules to ensure a good loving home for a dog then they have no business rescuing them. Strange they haven't been charged for adopting out an unneutured pet, which is against the law in that county. I am sick of Ellen being portrayed as a spoiled diva who passed off the dog to her hairdresser with not thought for the rules, that's a load of crap and is being touted by people who are jealous of celebrities, don't give a fig about animals and many who are just plain homophobic and cruel.

2521 days ago


What the heck happened to Ellen's $3,000 she spent on the dog? She was the owner, they stole the dog from her....Possession is 9/10'sof the law......they should reimburse her the $3,000!!! I don't care what it says in the contract...its redundant!

2520 days ago


Texas, that is very funny....give to Vick family.....rofl

2520 days ago


Mutts and Moms have shot themselves in the foot. What a big loss of not working with Ellen to make this okay... how many dogs could they have rescued with her help instead of against it? They could admit their mistake and make things right. They chose not too and dig themselves in deeper. AND THE ANIMALS SUFFER, not Iggy but all those who follow. This could put them out of business(and don't think for once this is not a profitable venture). And the animals suffer....she had a good heart once but has no common sense. Admit the mistake of "my way or the highway" get the dog back (they apparently have the authority). Check out this article -

2516 days ago

Give the lesbian what she wants so this can all end!

2510 days ago
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