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Don't Screw the Pooch!

10/17/2007 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneres has been attacked by a pet adoption agency for committing a cardinal sin -- not getting approval before giving an abandoned dog to a loving family.

TMZ obtained this clip from last night's taping of Ellen's show that will air today. In it, she says the fight should not be about anything but the dog, and the dog just needs to go back to the family.

TMZ broke the story that Ellen had given a dog she adopted to her hairstylist after she realized the pooch didn't get along with her cats. The adoption agency ripped the dog from its new digs because Ellen signed a contract that said if she gave the dog up it would go back to the adoption agency -- HELLO?!? Adoption, loving home!

Now we've learned Ellen never submitted an application to adopt the dog, nor did she undergo a home inspection that seems so important after the fact. There were no holier-than-thou terms to this process.

For the record, we're told the agency has greenlighted other dog adoptions with young children in the house -- the "kids" in question here are 12 and 13.

Also, we've learned the deal was that the info on microchip in the dog's neck was supposed to be updated with Ellen's information. That was never done. That's why when the police checked the chip, the dog was still registered to Mutts and Moms.


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Ellen eats cats.

2528 days ago

Michael Daley    

Mutts and Moms was ambushed on this one - conveniently TMZ was there to film. Now a perfectly good dog rescue agency is being destroyed because Ellen got mad. Mutts and Moms can't defend themselves against Ellen in the media. REally responsible to feed this fire, TMZ...

2528 days ago


Are from Mutts & Moms? your the only one I feel is trying to manipulate here. You assuming people here cannot decide for themselves and you don't like that they did!
I mean are you saying that Ellen arranged for the dog to be taken back for rateings? And TMZ is helping in this puppy caper?

2528 days ago



2528 days ago


This is NOT just about Ellen. She might be the meanest lesbetch on the face of this earth, she might be a horrible, terrible, dog-hating woman deep down. But the DOG and the KIDS who have loved the dog do not deserve to pay, even if Ellen is as bad as some of you think she is! No matter what she did that was wrong, innocents shouldn't suffer for her mistakes.

Also, if she didn't go through the regular adoption process because this agency was starstruck or for whatever reason, then when it came time for her to re-home the dog she might have thought, well, this agency doesn't do much checking, so maybe she felt she could be a better judge of who the dog should be with. Especially not knowing that the usual adoption process is more lengthy. It's the agency's own fault for not treating her the same as everyone else.

They are looking for free publicity and now they're getting it. Oooh theyre not giving in to the bullies like Ellen? How about giving in to the innocence of the little girls and that puppy? How about giving in to decency and the good of the cause?

No it's much better to get back at the lesbianEllen.

2528 days ago


What seems so crazy to me is that Ellen did not have to submit an application or have her home inspected, yet she was given the dog. They never updated the micro chip, which to me defeats the purpose of micro chipping the dog. I think that this agency was wanting to have a celebrity attached to their organization, not a celebrity's hairdresser. They've lost sight of the fact of the fact that this dog needed a good home and Ellen found one for it. Taking a dog away from kids who love it is cruel to the dog and the kids. Muttts and Moms needs to do the right thing and give the dog back.

I moved from the midwest to Las Vegas a couple of years ago and worked very hard to find my two cats good homes. At the beginning of my quest to find them homes, one so-called adoption agency actually told me I would be better off euthanizing my cats than trying to place them in good homes. I was outraged and thankfully, I found my cats new homes. A lot of these pet adoption people are volunteers and couldn't handle a real job in the real world, their co-workers would murder them.

2528 days ago


I am with the agency, this typical behavior of people who claim they love animals, and when things are not working to their satisfaction, they just toss the animal off to someone else. if she can't give the dog what it needs, she is not good enough decision maker to pick what is right home for the puppy, therefore it should be a true dog lover that decides what is a good home for the dog. Ellen is not a dog lover, she is like many of you out there, that can't even take care of yourself, let alone a dog that is dependant on you for the rest of their lives. if you can't handle it, then don't bother. Children are not responsible eough to take care of dogs, when are you morons going to learn that????

2528 days ago


1. There is no such thing as a "non-profit" organization. Period. There is a profit, but it's hidden in all of the "donations" they receive. The only people who see the profit are the owners.

2. The owners of Mutts and Moms are Marina Batkis and Vanessa Chekroun. They also have a pet STORE where they SELL animals. It is located at 523 S. Raymond Avenue in Pasadena, CA. Their phone number is (626)394-0946. I wonder if they have a Brussels-Griffon terrier mix for sale? They would probably get a large "donation" for a dog that has been so extensively trained...(to the tune of $3000.00)

3. To Ellen and Portia:
Anyone who is anyone KNOWS what true animal lovers you both are, and by using a rescue organization, you have tried your best. I, however, no longer have any respect for them. They are nothing but an underground for highly profitable pet stores. Your love for these animals shows through in the midst of all this controversy, while shedding a light on something that should have been made known to the public for some time. DO NOT SUPPORT ANY RESCUE ORGANIZATION. PERIOD. Go to shelters, breeders, etc. No respectible person/organization would EVER adopt a pet out without having them neutered or spayed first.

4. To TMZ:
GO FOR IT!!! Dig up all you can on these extremely disrespectful, irresponsible human beings. They asked for it comes!

2528 days ago


Way to Go TMZ for taking the right stand here and showing this group for what it really is. Even the PAsadena Humane Society has spoken out against the antics of this "rescue". Fanatics like Vanessa and Marina only hurt the cause. SEND LETTERS & EMAILS & MAKE PHONE CALLS TO SHOW HOW MUCH THEY HAVE HURT THEIR CAUSE! DO NOT ADOPT FROM RESCUES THAT ARE RUN FROM APARTMENTS OR BOUTIQUES! These are the most fanatical types of places. At least the humane society has the common sense to know that if it ain't broke you don't need to go and break it. Vanessa & Marina are the BULLIES! BULLIES are people who hurt those who are defenseless. They are not defenseless against Ellen. Iggy and the girls are defenseless against THEM.

2528 days ago

Uhh Joe, yeah Joe    

Please, Ellen blew this up bigger than it would have ever been. Trust me, Ellen has had MANY dogs that she adopts and then gives away without batting an eye. Agencies know this and they got sick of it. This particular one took a step that had to be taken. Don't think for a minute this dog will not get a happy home with the family. It will just be on their terms.

I bet Portia is getting nervous! Don't get in the car Portia! You might get dropped off to "live on a farm where you can run and play" Just ask Alex her former girlfriend. Ellen is cold hearted - it will all come out eventually....we all thought Rosie was nice :)

2528 days ago



The fact that Children and Animals that can have loving homes to belong to, many times miss out due to stupid red tape and people who create the tape to ensure their own jobs.

Wonderful organization.really?

2528 days ago


Rescue volunteers invest their heart, soul, time and money (that they do not even have) to find a loving, FOREVER home for that animal. They have the experience to know what to look for in the potential adopters. Sure, Ellen probably thought she found the dog a great home. Maybe she did. But she does not have the expereince necessary to evaluate the potential home to make that decision, and that decision was never hers to make. Thats why we have contracts.

It makes me sick to my stomach to think of any of the dogs we've (rescue I volunteer for) adopted out ending up in homes other than the ones we chose for them. If we've invested the resources and care into rescuing a dog, we get to choose where that dog lives, so we can ensure a loving and responsible home. It is just a waste of time, energy and almost non-existant funds to adopt out animals only to have them showing up in shelters again because it was not right the home.

That this issue has turned into somekind of negative for rescues is soooo sad. These people are working so hard, devoting so much and giving all they can to an often hopless and devastating cause. So, yeah, the rescuers should get to pick and choose their animals homes. They've earned that right.

What good is rescue if its placing animals in inadequate homes? The animal would end up in the shelter again, or live out its days neglected or God-forbid even tortured and killed. You HAVE to find the perfect home, otherwise you're just perpetuating the cycle. ITs not fair to the animals. Placing as many animals in as many homes as possible will not solve the over-population crisis.

These rules are in place for a reason. You'd be shocked to hear some of the cases we've seen. Homes that appeared perfect, but on further evaluation turned out to be anything but. Homes that 'looked' good, but in the end were wrong or downright dangerous for the animal. And after investing all that time and evergy into that animals lives the rescue group has earned the right to choose the right home for the animal.

2528 days ago


These crazy broads are going to be bullied right out of business.

2528 days ago


WOW...remember when the Bad people stood out because they were so different from everyone else. Now we cheer to see the Good people.

Shame on all that speak cruely. Shame on people who lie and play the drama card.
Shame on our society that feeds on the misery of others.

Oh and the shelter....ego.

2528 days ago
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