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Don't Screw the Pooch!

10/17/2007 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneres has been attacked by a pet adoption agency for committing a cardinal sin -- not getting approval before giving an abandoned dog to a loving family.

TMZ obtained this clip from last night's taping of Ellen's show that will air today. In it, she says the fight should not be about anything but the dog, and the dog just needs to go back to the family.

TMZ broke the story that Ellen had given a dog she adopted to her hairstylist after she realized the pooch didn't get along with her cats. The adoption agency ripped the dog from its new digs because Ellen signed a contract that said if she gave the dog up it would go back to the adoption agency -- HELLO?!? Adoption, loving home!

Now we've learned Ellen never submitted an application to adopt the dog, nor did she undergo a home inspection that seems so important after the fact. There were no holier-than-thou terms to this process.

For the record, we're told the agency has greenlighted other dog adoptions with young children in the house -- the "kids" in question here are 12 and 13.

Also, we've learned the deal was that the info on microchip in the dog's neck was supposed to be updated with Ellen's information. That was never done. That's why when the police checked the chip, the dog was still registered to Mutts and Moms.


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Scaramazoola mitzificula bibbidy bobbidy boo    

Bombard Vanessa Chekroun, the "human being" who took the dog away, with emails. Her email address:

Tell her how she is the most HATED woman in America right now!

2509 days ago

Scaramazoola mitzificula bibbidy bobbidy boo    

Bombard Vanessa Chekroun, the "human being" who took the dog away, with emails. Her email address:

Tell her how she is the most HATED woman in America right now!

2509 days ago


When are we going to stop hearing the ACTRESS'S side of the story?

2509 days ago


I agree, I don't care for Ellen, she is very funny and I like watching her, but it does not mean she is nice. When it comes to dogs, I am on the dog lover side, she better stop this, or it will cost her even bigger, I am writing to that agency, and will stand by them, this is how dog adoption agencies should be.

2509 days ago


Some of these animal rescue people are nuts. I don't even watch the Ellen show but I knew these folks were in the wrong. I love my dog to death, but she is a dog, not a person. Some of these rescue fanatics forget that sometimes.

I went to get a second dog a few years back to keep my other dog company. I was appalled at the application and the amount of information they wanted to know. So I went to the Pennysaver and saw an ad for an older dog that another family could no longer keep and got her from them. I will never use a rescue organization like that again. Those people are nuts and they make real animal lovers look bad.

Using the cops to take back a dog?!? Are you kidding me? I wonder how many dogs were euthanazed in the time it took them to confiscate the hairdresser's dog from it's loving home?

2509 days ago



A woman devotes her life to animal rescue, puts her heart and soul into saving unwanted animals and just because of an incident, which by the way no one has bothered to consider her side of the story, you want people to bombard her with hate mail! You are mean and ignorant and heartless.

The home Ellen chose could be completely inappropriate for the dog and the rescuers who invested the time, energy and funds into saving the animal have the right to decide what home is right. Not Ellen and Not you....

figure it out

2509 days ago


Uhh Joe, yeah Joe...

For what it's worth, TMZ's new series is the highest rated new syndicated series of the fall, and Ellen's show is firmly the 4th highest ranked talk show (out of 13 total), behind only Oprah, Dr. Phil and Live with Regis & Kelly. So you're completely wrong on their ratings being in the toilet.

As to the topic at hand, I see stupidity all around, but especially on the part of Mutts & Moms. If news reports are to be believed, Mutts & Moms did not follow their own stated policies and procedures in the placement of Iggy with Portia, who was the one who signed the contract. It is indeed true that Ellen did not follow the terms set out in the contract, but Mutts & Moms would do a lot better by dialing back on their fascistic stormtrooper tactics. If, indeed, they have demonstrably made exceptions to their rules of not allowing placement with families with children under 14, then they really need to simply investigate Iggy's new family according their stated procedures. If the hairdresser's family is found to be unsuitable, then the reasons should be clearly stated, and the contract violation should be enforced with the removal of the dog. Instead, however, they're simply doing damage to their own mission of rescuing dogs. Utterly stupid!

2509 days ago


Breeders are the worst kind, they don't care about the animals, they just want their income, money making puppies, they are the worst human beings. They are just in it for the money. Just like the beloved movie stars.

2509 days ago


Harvey Levin has said TMZ doesn't even look at these comments. They look at the survey results. And according to the survey results, 95% of 266,000+ votes are in favor of the dog going back to the family who has cared for him for the past couple of weeks. So for every one of you fanatics who think it's right to torment children, puppies, and celebrities, in order to get attention, that means there will be 19 more professing how HORRIFIC it is for this agency to behave in this way. The results speak for themselves. People don't like when the defenseless are punished for the mistakes of the rich and famous. Ellen hasn't said she was right, she has just said she would like for the family & the puppy to not pay for the mistake she made.

2509 days ago


Uhh, Joe (# 62): Wow, you sound like just the celebrity-obsessed people you purport to hate. For your information, Ellen's ratings were up 42% this season so you're flat out wrong. But don't let the facts get in the way of your little hissy fit.

Of course, none of your little tirade had anything to do with the issue which is that the dog was taken from a home by two spiteful women. Do these women not have dogs if they have children? Then, they shouldn't be in the business of rescuing dogs. 12 and 13 are perfectly acceptable ages for children to have a little dog.

2509 days ago


I raised six beautiful foster kittens this summer. I prefer that they go two to a home ("It takes two to play"). I was talked into giving just one to one of the homes and now I have huge regrets as they took the kitten to California and did not tell me. I usually follow up with the new family in two weeks to a month to be sure they are happy with the adoption, to be sure the kitten is spayed/neutered in a timely way, and to be sure all the shots were given (I always pay for the first one). The woman who took the last kitten gave me a false name, false phone number, and I have no way of finding her. That is my fault since I broke my own rule: Always deliver the animal to the new home so you can see where/how they live, how the new pet will get along with other animals and kids, and lots of other reasons.

Ellen is using her celebrity and her TV show to con viewers into feeling sorry for her and to make people believe she is right and the agency is wrong. Shame on you, Ellen!

2509 days ago

Uhh Joe, yeah Joe    

Hey Ellen, why don't you invite the people you have crucified on National TV to your show so they can defend themselves? Instead of you using your show to only tell one side of the story? Huh? I mean it would solve so many issues - and it MIGHT spice up your usual boring show? I mean c'mon...the" wunnerful world of web videos?" That is so 2005

2509 days ago

Get A Clue    

Some of these animal rescue organizations are really out of control. I adopted my three animals from rescue organizations. But now these groups are absurd. I have heard of groups that check up on dogs for the rest of their lives. It seems most of these people are "Volunteers" with some serious power trip issues. What is their point?? I thought it was to save animals lives. All they do is force people to get their animals from breeders. Boycott their pet boutique!! How come their organization is suspended? Something is really wrong here.

2509 days ago


These pet adoption people are RETARDS! Do they want the puppy to have a good home or not???

2509 days ago


Jennifer (#89)

Do YOU have the facts? Have you heard directly from the rescue group why they removed the dog? They rescued the dog. They saved the dog and reserve the right to deny ANY home for ANY reason. Period. They dont have to explain themselves to you

2509 days ago
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