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Hef's Playthings: Dressed Like the Girls Next Door

10/17/2007 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No, those aren't Midwest soccer moms on their way to a PTA bake sale, it's two out of three members of Hugh Hefner's harem, Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison! From Playmates to play dates!

The dowdy duo went shopping for Halloween items on Tuesday, dressed in their non-sexiest best mom-jeans and sweats! Forget the Playboy pool, they're ready for the carpool!

Just because you are in an exclusive, loving relationship with three people doesn't mean you gotta stop caring about what you look like!


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wow- they look way better than they usually do. They are both really pretty...only Kendra is fugly.

2530 days ago

Suzanne Elizabeth    

Actually, Holly is so naturally pretty! She's not wearing a stitch of makeup and looks beautiful. She was always my favorite "Girl" anyway!

2530 days ago

Robin Givens, Toronto, Canada    

I love them and their show and guess what TMZ, this is what most women look like when we're out running errands. If they were dressed like playboy bunnies you'd call them nasty names. How can you call Kim Kardashian bootyfull and gorgeous and hot, but then rag out on these two.
Make up your minds!

2529 days ago


I watch the show and find it amusing as all hell. Oh and to #19, thanks for posting the website..I knew Holly has had plastic surgery but never dreamed so much! I do agree that Bridget is showing her age although she is attractive. I do find it sad that this is the life they choose for themselves. For all the talk of Bridget's education, what has she done with it? She lives with an 81 year old who seems to be in early stage dementia, talks in a little baby voice and has her sister come stay with her. She strips in front of her mother and step-father...sick! Holly rants on about marrying her "Puffin" and having his baby...yes, right. He is still married and has the 2 sons. It is cheaper to keep the estranged wife than divorce her, that we all know. Daughter Christie runs the is obvious that whatever Hef has is already in some kind of trust. Kendra is just plain disgusting and it is so obvious she has no feelings for Hef whatsoever. Unless there is a picture to be taken she keeps as far away from him as possible...she looks as though he revolts her. Her foul mouth and constant talk of pimps tells it like she is...obviously she is nothing but a high priced hooker for Hef. Let's face it, all 3 women are nothing but hookers for the Hef. They are getting their 15 minutes of fame...none of this will last. But I will still watch the show and laugh at their ignorance and laugh at the vacant look in Hef's eyes. The guy is out there somewhat spend you entire life in pajamas, you got to be a little nuts. I do hope that whatever financial deal they have with Hef, they are smart enough to sock it away because they can and will be replaced. Each one of them has replaced other women...what goes around, comes around folks. I cannot imagine getting in bed with Hef, much less kissing him. I worked as a nurses aid for over 15 years and I know what men look like at that age and it ain't pretty! I take the whole show as a joke and a funny one. But yet a sad one...those women come across as terribly shallow, ignorant and so very cheap. I wonder what the relatives really think of them? I wonder what Hef's kids really think of him?

2529 days ago


Dressed up or dressed down, made up or not, educated or uneducated, mom jeans or naked in Playboy, shopping for Halloween stuff or screwing Hefner for 'compensation' -- They're still whores.

Ouch! The truth hurts, doesn't it?

2529 days ago


wanna be blondes......LoL!!!

2529 days ago

teewalk they have to look like sluts all the time...nothings good enogh for you tmz...they look fine to me expect them to walk the streets wiht bikinis on......i personally like them and their personalities.....

2529 days ago


For all of you out there, Christie owns Playboy now & has the money in trust & invested for herself, her 2 younger brothers, who by the way are both under 17. & for the future of the business. The girls are allowed to keep their cars, jewerly & gifts they have been given. These are the 3 luckest girls, b/c they have gotten the tv deal from E! & that money, they are able to keep. If they invest their money, then thats good on their part & they'll have smtg. one day, but if not then thats their fault. Bridget is insucure, Hef would never accept her for a Playboy shoot & it's kinda hard to imange that he'd sleep w/ her. Kendra acts like shes not fond of him, & that she only likes black men which is fine if thats what she wants. Holly how ever is in for the real thing called love. She would give the money up on a geart beat (trust me) she has convienced her that shes in love w/ him. Kendra didn't come from much, & shes looking to shot to the top, & could care less about the whole sex thing w/ Hef, but the smart thing, is that she is investing her money. Bridget is pretty sick & has caught much slag about Hefs b-day party when she practiced stripping in front of her mom & stepdad. Her mom is one thing, but the stepdad is another. If it was her own dad then he i'm sure wouldn't have the natural desire to lust, but given it her stepdad then you could tell he was liking it a bit much & neded to get out of the room. Holly is a very pretty woman & has never hidden the fact that she was plastic surgery. She also didn't invole her family until this season which shows her family nor her is in it for the fame, but i'm telling you she is in it for love. Hefs daughter & 2 sons really love Holly along w/ the other 2, but really know that Holly is heartflet love for their dad. I think the picture above shows they are normal people, & even thoughHolly has had work done, @ least she doesn't look fake like all the other women in hollywood, that look like that cat lady.
(just watch E!'S Dr. 90210 if you want to see fake cat looking women). Bridget is looking old, which she is, but hey America THIS IS LIFE. you age w/ life

2529 days ago


Amen to that JV!

2529 days ago

guess who    

i think they look nice. everyone needs to be able to just be comfortable sometimes and right now, they look like normal everyday people. and they look nice.....

2529 days ago


Bridgey is too old and retarded already- bounce time bimbo!!!!

2528 days ago


Everyone who is judging Bridget and Holly for their lifestyle obviously don't know them. So many people are so quick to judge other people without even knowing the whole story. If they are happy and they make Mr. Hefner happy, then who are we to say anything about it? How would y'all like people judging your lifestyle and how you live? Probably would be upsetting 'cause you would be saying- "they don't even know me." So "He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone." As far as their looks, if you watch the show they don't always have makeup on. Why is it so wrong to look so normal? The nasty names and comments being posted abouts these girls is so wrong. Talk about morals. Stop judging people, and the world will be a better place.

2528 days ago


To #88 Cindy..I read your comments and found them quite funny. Please tell me, what is so wonderful about the way they live? They show their story every week and if any one of those women were my daughter or sister or any member of my family, I would be very ashamed of them. I would be ashamed if any female member of my family showed that type of lifestyle. To me it is morally wrong. Those of us who don't agree with you are within our rights to say so...after all, you have stated how you feel. Hugh Hefner has spent his entire life playing women, he doesn't believe in monogamy in the least, he has stated that he has never been faithful. If this is how he chooses to live, so be it. And obviously this is what the women have chosen to do. I do hope none of them ever have children....would you have pride in your mother for that kind of behavior? They come across as complete idiots...each in their own way. Bridget may have her college degrees but doesn't use them....she lives off an 82 year old man...he pays her way. I doubt that Kendra has nay education..she is sick. And Holly, she is pathetic. I am waiting to see her sing "If I only Had a Brain" as she skips through the mansion. No I have no respect for them as women. And I am sure plenty of other folks feel that way...would you strip in front of your mother and step-father? Use the f word constantly and talk about pimps and act the whore? Take a look at Holly's pictures through the years...plenty of plastic done to her face....and would you live off of an 82 year old man and have sex with him? If so, go for it and lose all respect as a woman.

2528 days ago


They look fine. What should they wear? Bikinis and ball gowns?

2528 days ago


I honestly can't believe how much effort you people put into hating others! Bridget is educated and beautiful. She also does other work, not just for Playboy. Holly is also beautiful and a huge asset to Playboy, she's a jr. photo editor. And I don't know Kendra well enough to comment. As far as what their families think of them? They are very proud, as they should be. They have careers. And they're good, nice people.

2527 days ago
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