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Anna Nicole's Doc Challenges Search Warrants

10/17/2007 8:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, Anna Nicole Smith's former psychiatrist, were in a Los Angeles County courtroom challenging the validity of a search warrant used in last Friday's raid on her Studio City home.

The home of Dr. Erosovich was one of several locations raided by state officials as part of an investigation into doctors who prescribed medications to the former Playmate who died in Florida on February 8th.

Erosovich's lawyers challenged the search warrant as "overly broad" and requested the return of some of the good doctor's personal items, including CDs and DVDs that had been seized in the raid.

Erosovich's attorneys also made arrangements to view all of the seized materials. We've learned the judge may appoint a Special Master to the case. This person ensures there was no "inappropriate seizure," and analyzes the material seized to determine what is protected by doctor/patient privilege and what is not.

In addition, the judge signed several additional search warrants -- what those are for, we don't know. They'll be back in court December 5.

Several agencies conducted searches last week in connection with the Medical Board of California's investigation into whether Anna Nicole was overprescribed medication.



Warrants Served in Anna Nicole's Death

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All alone in paradise    

I doubt that OsitO 'uses another moniker' to respond to your bizarre and twisted brand of alleged humor.

Posted at 2:33PM on Oct 18th 2007 by Just the Facts

What can I say? The guy can compartmentalize. Unfortunately, you can't. That makes you AVERAGE.

2527 days ago

All alone in paradise    

Yes, I only post with one 'moniker'. ☺ And thank you for your kind words earlier.

Posted at 2:52PM on Oct 18th 2007 by Only swim in the Ocean

Oh, Okay. And here I was thinking you had a sense of humor. Sorry for the mistake.

2527 days ago

Virgie is fat    

After all this time you still can't get the basic copy & paste right?

Posted at 2:55PM on Oct 18th 2007 by OH HAPPY DAY



2527 days ago

Virgie is fat    

Yes, I only post with one 'moniker'. ☺ And thank you for your kind words earlier.

Posted at 2:52PM on Oct 18th 2007 by Only swim in the Ocean


You're welcome. Interesting POV from you, but without deliving deeper the health care system is such a disaster I couldn't begin to focus in any one area due to lots of pros and cons on all sides of the issue. The AG in California believes the means justify the ends, assuming that there is an end that is just.

2527 days ago

Virgie is fat    

The end justify the means. lol. I like it better the way I switched it.

2527 days ago

Boycot all Jesses Business    

BamaCat, those pictures are wonderful !!!

2527 days ago


Breaking News suppose to be coming in this case on Fox News

2527 days ago

snow angels    

Turning the page.

2527 days ago


Howard filed papers in court to make DAnnielynn the SOLE Heir to Anna's

2527 days ago

Method, motive and means    

I've gotta do something - if anyone wants to edit please feel free. I'm sending tomorrow. Please follow suit. I'm experiencing these issues and it sucks.

Mr. Edmond (Jerry) Brown
Office of the Attorney General
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94255-2550

Dear Mr. Brown:

I express my appreciation that you are addressing an outrageously ridiculous situation in the Anna Nicole Smith tragedy that exposes obvious corruption. While the public has watched in disbelief you have emerged as a no-nonsense hero. You have absolute support in this investigation and in taking control of jurisdiction.

I ask that you use this situation as a message not only to the medical community but to all fidicuaries, legal authorities, and politicians. Besides the obvious suspicions, the case exposes weakness in our system that results in legally taking another’s assets for personal gain despite what would be the logical and moral intent of the owner of the assets.

1. Joint Tenancy – it is wrong that one can filter money from a person and the heirs of that person and even the creditors of that person by right of joint tenancy outside of a will and an estate when one contributes none of their own funds to bank accounts, property and corporations. The system allows, legalizes and protects exploitation of an elderly or weak minded individual by caregivers and greedy family members. It happens all the time. The laws need to be changed as they are designed to protect financial institutions.

In general, it is the rule The surviving joint tenant is legally entitled to own all of the funds in that bank account – regardless of anything the will does or does not say. A will can only dispose of an estate's "probate assets". Financial-institution accounts such as bank accounts are considered "non-probate" assets. Each state has it’s own laws, but they need to be changed. Israel for example says everything is covered by a will. I believe this joint tenancy is a caveat most people don’t understand until they are faced with the reality that someone with influence over another can legally take advantage of a person’s assets. Upon a person’s death or incapacity it puts the burden of litigation on the damaged party.

2. Probate – this is a powerful issue. It is too easy for a Probate Judge to make appointments for someone who cannot speak. How often do friends of judges profit by their appointments as executors and guardians? Why, when asked to appoint someone to act in a protective capacity do judges bypass capable family members? Probate court is a fertile ground for lawyers to unjustly enrich themselves and of course if they have a fellow lawyer who just happens to be a friend wearing a black. It creates the scenario wherein entire estates are lost by heirs to the system of guardians and executors and their fees. This needs some outside scrutiny. It is too common.

It is the situation created by the first issue that creates an environment where greed is legalized and obvious suspicions can be raised upon the demise of the owner of assets. It is the second wherein an entire estate can be taken from the heirs to benefit judges and their friends.

Please relay to our legal authorities and politicians in every state that these two issues need to be addressed for the benefit of the public. Perhaps you could make a mention of the issues in one of your press conferences as a challenge to our lawmakers.


2527 days ago

All alone in paradise    

Watching life go by while looking through a telescope.

2527 days ago

All alone in paradise    

212. Howard filed papers in court to make DAnnielynn the SOLE Heir to Anna's

Posted at 3:21PM on Oct 18th 2007 by Sue

BFD. The baby IS the sole heir already. Jeesh.

2527 days ago


Stern Fights For Dannielynn To Be Sole Estate Heir

2527 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Breaking News - FOXNews Channel - 'Studio B w/ Shepard Smith':

HKS files papers today in Probate calling for DL to be made the sole heir to ANS's Estate. Calls for Court to establish a Trust Fund for DL.

Carried on the AP Wires.
HKS continues to keep his promise to secure DL's financial future.

2527 days ago

Boycot all Jesses Business    

He got caught so he trying to save himself by giving some of the money back. Kinda late now . He is running and panickiing. Nice to see maybe some of the money will be recovered. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ONE WITH $200,000 IN IT?

2527 days ago
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