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It's O.J., Dionne and Sinbad!

10/17/2007 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson still owes California $1.4 million in back taxes, and now the state's trying to use the Internet to shame him into paying up. (Good luck!) But even so, he's hardly the biggest celeb tax cheat in Cali.

Do you know the way to Sacramento? Dionne Warwick has been dodging a $2.6 million tax bill that's been outstanding for over ten years, according to Franchise Tax Board records just posted online for everyone to see (and first reported by AP), which puts her at number 17 on the listing of the 250 worst offenders. That's what caller ID is for!

And then there's comedian Sinbad, who can't be laughing about the $2.1 million he still owes California. But without doubt, the oddest listing is for the Juice, who supposedly hasn't had any income on which he would have to pay -- and yet he still owes over $1.4 million in taxes?

Clarification from the tax authority and Simpson's lawyer was unforthcoming. And reps for Sinbad and Dionne had no comment.


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2510 days ago

dosen't matter who I am    

I'm with Harry456.....................Black is Black

2510 days ago

You know Jo reads this    

Anyone notice that an overwhelming number of these people are ASIAN????

2510 days ago


All black. Not trying to profile, just seeing a pattern. Kind of like the famous pastors in Atlanta going through a big divorce right now and it their huge mansion is being sold to pay the taxes. And they preached about how bad folks are when they don't pay their bills. I'm just saying.....

2510 days ago


4. Anyone notice a theme here? Just sayin'...

Posted at 4:59PM on Oct 17th 2007 by Deadbeat

Yes, I notice there are a lot of racist idiots who frequent TMZ.

Just sayin'...

2510 days ago

'bout time    

Interesting compilation of tax-cheats.

2510 days ago


They are not in jail because it's California. They only arrest Mel Gibson and Paris.

2510 days ago


this one is just waaaay to easy

2510 days ago


well Dion is a legend!.. sinbad is a has been.. and OJ is a Murderer....and dion is whitney Hustons aunt.. come on whitney put the pipe down and help auntie dion out

2510 days ago


The real question is....if blacks make up only a small percentage of the entire tax-evader list, then why did TMZ only point out these three. I think it's obvious haters.

2510 days ago


People the comments on race are just not cool... its totally ignorant... grow up.. and check yourself...

2510 days ago


I don't understand it! Could someone please explain to me that in america, the state of Florida be a Legal Sanctuary relative the the IRS??????? Since when is anyones property or paycheck/accounts immune from the 'IRS of the United States Government? So his net/whole worth was declared immune from a judge relative to the Goldmans, but this is an intirely different matter, not relative to the Goldmans or the murder in Brentwood. If I stood accused (by the state) of any crime; the state would appoint a public defender to my defense at societys dime, but before doing so would determine whether I had lack of recourses to pay my own defense. If I had a net worth; government would step in and liquidate anything that would/could be worth a dime. So the Goldmans can't touch his money; does that mean/has OJ been given statis of Diplomatic Immunity in America against any crime or judgement? I just don't get it! I don't understand:( Thank you...

2510 days ago



2510 days ago


No matter the race, tax evasion is a crime. I say put them in jail until they cough up the money or pay the price. Christ I'm middle class, white and I got thrown in jail for a traffic ticket!!!

2510 days ago


Why do they only black people up here? Not nice.

2510 days ago
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