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It's O.J., Dionne and Sinbad!

10/17/2007 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson still owes California $1.4 million in back taxes, and now the state's trying to use the Internet to shame him into paying up. (Good luck!) But even so, he's hardly the biggest celeb tax cheat in Cali.

Do you know the way to Sacramento? Dionne Warwick has been dodging a $2.6 million tax bill that's been outstanding for over ten years, according to Franchise Tax Board records just posted online for everyone to see (and first reported by AP), which puts her at number 17 on the listing of the 250 worst offenders. That's what caller ID is for!

And then there's comedian Sinbad, who can't be laughing about the $2.1 million he still owes California. But without doubt, the oddest listing is for the Juice, who supposedly hasn't had any income on which he would have to pay -- and yet he still owes over $1.4 million in taxes?

Clarification from the tax authority and Simpson's lawyer was unforthcoming. And reps for Sinbad and Dionne had no comment.


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Shut up!    

Sandman, your kidding yourself. And you sound hilarious, like an ignorant fool. Get a life!

2528 days ago


OMG! Lets scream race over everything!!! ok it's my turn! i think tmz is targeting young white women! Don't deny it.. look at the bulk of the stories... britney, paris, lindsay, hayden... come one.. its the proof is all right there... they just want to make white girls look bad!!! there you see how silly that sounds ... these people weren't targeted by anyone other than the IRS for not paying taxes! Those are the people on the list who tmzers would know the names... if it were three white people no one ( including white people) would even be having this race talk......

2528 days ago

Shut up!    

Mayhem22, your pretty ignorant aren't you. I looked at the list also, and 249 are not black. Just curious, how did you do your "research". I'm sure you have no college education or even a GED for that matter because your research wasn't thorough or valid. Maybe you should do a little more research so you can see what the real statistics are. Just sayin....Get a life!

2528 days ago


Why hasn't anyone asked the most obvious question--how did Sinbad make all that money. Really folks--SINBAD???

2528 days ago


Maybe Al Sharpeton & Jesse Jackson need to be audited. OOOOOPS! That's for people that have a job. I don't believe they qualify.

2528 days ago


Dear 'M: you don't have a clue as to how many were Black, White, Hispanic or Asian from the list. None of us do. If you had a clue, you'd have a comment to make? Obviously; you haven't a valid thought or idea in your head:( Get a clue and "get a life" (you couldn't have called the kettle black any better than you reveiled of yourself:( Question: 'M stands for Mistake? Misfit? Miserable? Masturbation? Feel free to add an actual comment or idea, or would that be asking too 'Much?...Thank you...

2528 days ago


To answer your question as to why they are in jail: three reasons: 1. rich, 2. famous 3. black. Basta ya, papi.

2527 days ago


It's typical of America to make this (and every issue) a racial one. I myself being white, don't think its right but hey, we live with freedom of speech. Maybe true that black people use the race card to their advantage in situations, but its the white people who caused it....just saying

2527 days ago

Carleen Amadio    

regardless if the made his show just 3 main black people, they could be using martins for all I care, to me it don’t matter. Has nothing to do with the black people cards, get real. All they are saying is that they are part of many WHO DON’T PAY THEIR TAXES! That is all that it is about. CA needs all the money it is owed. Come on, Dionne hasn’t paid in 10 YERARS!!! The STATE Needs this money. HELLO People, I have been paying mine every year. I for one don’t want to be in jail, but PEOPLE who don’t pay are criminals, plan and simple. HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH COLOR of their SKIN!!!

1380 days ago


Dionne like most tax evaders think they are above the law and everyone else. She looks down her nose at everyone. Please put her jail and wipe that stupid smirk off her face.

1261 days ago
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