That Joey Buttafuoco is Still Alive!

10/17/2007 10:30 AM PDT
Creepy Creeperton aka Joey Buttafuoco, dined at the Ivy yesterday and succeeded in his attempts to make all around him feel extremely awkward. Also in L.A., but a lot less weird, were the Beckhams, who loaded the whole tribe into an SUV after a night out and a newly single Nick Cannon hangs out at Fashion Week and hams it up for the TMZ. He's single and ready to mingle ... with anyone!

Hot stuff Hayden Panettiere sucks on a lollipop, teasing all the young men who now wish to be sugar on a stick for Halloween, Brandy laughs it up in the car -- eleven months after her deadly accident, and still free! Damn the man!

All this and more in this Jailhouse rock edition of Star Catcher!