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What Really Went Down in That Minnesota Bathroom?

10/17/2007 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Craig was on "Dateline" last night, trying to explain what happened in a Minneapolis-St. Paul airport back in June.

The tap-happy Senator said he never peeked into other men's stalls and said he "go[es] to bathroom to use bathroom, for bathrooms sake."

Last week, TMZ TV aired a video from our buddies at that offered up a different explanation of what went down.

Watch both videos and decide -- Larry Craig: Gay or not gay?


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Who DOESN'T think he's gay? Just like in OJ's case-everyone knows he did it. Larry is queerer than a $3 bill.

2540 days ago


This shouldn't even be an issue!!...There's gays in congress and so what--its nobodys business except for that individual--its 2007 for godsakes!!!

2540 days ago


don't care

2540 days ago


His wife is stupid not for staying with him that's her choice but to get on national tv and say she belives he was set up....she deserves a loser like that..

2540 days ago


A personal connection was made requiring a medical extraction using rubber forceps and lubricant.

2540 days ago


Watched only part of that interview and had to turn it off. He sure is in denial!
Can't believe he wasn't even honest with his family!

I feel sorry for his wife She smiled and cliche-d her way thru the interview.
("I felt like I was going down a drain")
What a way to find out your husband likes men better.

Glad I dont live in Idaho.

2540 days ago


#3 H is right! Come out of the closet already and let us get back to reading what Britney is doing.................

2540 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Closet Bi Sexual

2540 days ago


Most men convicted of this crime are self-identified 'straight' men. Usually older as his age demographic is more repressed than younger generations. His excuse is extremely weak. Bending down to pick up a piece of paper or trash on the floor of a public restroom. C'mon now. Why would a rich Republican guy even think about touching ANYTHING that touches the floor in an airport restroom? So sad that his bisexuality is something he can't publicly deal with.

2540 days ago

He's Boring now    

I smell a set up....the Gay disgruntled targeted this man for his voting record---than blogged for over a year that the MPO airport bathroom was a targeted anoym. public sex meeting place--knowing full well that Craig used this same bathroom frequently while connecting on NWA from Idaho through MPO to Washington. It than did in fact become the meeting place based on those blogs, and voila the cops began staking it out.

It was only a matter of time before Craig, who frequented this same bathroom on those many DC flights would get profiled and set up.

I didnt believe it at first but now I do....disgruntled Gay Men who become extreme activists are capable of very dangerous things, especially charachter assination when it involves someone who does not openly agree with their views.

I'm convinced he's not guilty and this was a set up. I dont know about the other so called incidents, but they all sound like set ups as well. This particular one was well thought out, planned, communicated, and set up.

The Police were'nt part of the set up, just pawns in it...but wouldnt doubt they profiled him as a frequent user of that bathroom and than the slightest movement of feet or other motions and instantly busted.

2540 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Well it wouldn't be a big deal... but this particular Senator has gone out of his way to pass laws against gays, defeat pro-gay legislation, and condemn gay people in general. So yeah... being a lying hypocrite is a huge issue when you are a Senator.

2540 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Hey "I Don't Think So" there have been reports about this guy having sex with other men since the late 60's. And your whacked out conspiracy theory is the funniest thing I have read on this site in months! Thanks!

2540 days ago


I have learned in life that rumors at times end up being true. This is not just one isolated incidence at the airport. There have been stories about him since the 60's. After all of this time something has to give. They all cannot be people out to get him. That is so ridiculous. I feel bad for his wife, she has decided to stand by him, and he more than likely does love her, and she is grateful for the life he has given her. You watch in all due time you will hear they are divorcing. She is a stand my your man old fashion woman but I am sure she has doubts.

2540 days ago


#9 cracks me up! Thanks for the laugh!

2540 days ago


I agree with Dang completely.Larry Craig has crusaded on anti-gay and family values platforms and it's the hypocritical aspect of this that bothers me.Also,a public restroom where children go,not a good "family value lesson".But if you think about it,he can't go into a gay bar to pick up a guy,so this is his safest venue.It's just him and the guy,and he could just lie if it was brought out,like he is doing now.I feel sorry for his wife

2540 days ago
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