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Britney Gets Bronzed and Bratty

10/18/2007 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney hit up Sunset Tan with her new assistant yesterday, and for once, acted like she didn't want her BFFs the paparazzi, in attendance!

The freshly tanned and annoyed Brit went down a back stairwell, complaining, "This is why I wanted cops here!" Then snapped, "I'm never coming here again!"

Brit's "impromptu bodyguards" were Sunset Tan employees, who became Britney's verbal punching bags as they escorted the cranky "singer" to her car. The popwreck seems to make everyone around her an instant employee -- then rudely dismisses them! Ding dang diva!


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I hate snobs!    

The combination of smoking (sucks the oxygen from your skin permanently, hence when you see a chronic smoker they look 10-20 years older than they are), tanning beds (ages your skin horribly, turns it leather-like and causes cancer) and alcohol addiction (also ages skin besides causing organs to fail) will turn this girl into the saggy grossness she is already becoming. She already has a few chins and skin hanging under chin, sagging arms and it will just get worse. Fake tanning hides it at first but in the end makes aging 10 times faster and 10 times worse. She'll soon become a Donatella Versace. Grossness.

2539 days ago


Brit, she's so fat!!! Thank God she's no longer tooling around Orlando looking like that!

2537 days ago


Hello she gets spray tanned!

2537 days ago


Penny maybe she doesn't want to buy a tanning bed. Oh Karen, you too. BRIT does not want to buy a tanning bed. Enough of the same stuff over and over. You and Penny need to take a chill pill, and get this, BRIT is not buying a tanning bed. Leave her alone.

2537 days ago


"Ice -pick lobotomy" That ought to straighten the girl up!!!!!

2536 days ago


"Ice-pick lobotomy" That ought to straighten the girl up!!!

2536 days ago


who care Britney, you love the attention, including from the police - the public - street sweeper, garbage man, etc..........and you are no DIVA you are a wannabe - and they let you procreate .............. OBTW - your hair looks like crap lose the weave and show your real nubs

2520 days ago


lolol oh give me a break. This salon has a reality show for goddsakes, is she THAT stupid? To think cameras wouldnt be there? What an idiot....she loves the attention or she wouldnt be there. Buy your own bed and keep your no-talent azz home...duh.

2520 days ago


did any of yall think maybe she likes to go out and tan and do other things, just as you do? She shouldnt have to be confined to her house just because paps stalk her

2519 days ago
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