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Britney's Visitation Suspended

10/18/2007 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned Britney Spears has had her visitation rights with her kids suspended until she complies with all court orders.

The order by L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon came after K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, went to court yesterday for an emergency hearing.

The order reads, "Petitioner's (Britney's) visitation with the minor children is suspended pending Petitioner's compliance with the court orders."

Brit's next shot at getting the kids is October 26, when she's been ordered back to court.

The order says, "The parenting coach is to submit a report to the court and counsel prior to October 26, 2007."

UPDATE: We've learned Brit did not provide the drug testing people with contact information so they could reach her to facilitate the random tests, and that is what triggered Commish Gordon's action.


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Sounds to me as though the first tests that her attorney talked about were not the "random" ones ordered, but tests they provided. Sorry, not the same thing. Gotta do what the court sez.

2470 days ago


She has no intrest in having her kids with her. Otherwise she would comply.

2470 days ago




She can have 100 lawyers to defend her..... ultimately though.....they cant FORCE her to do anything...........she has to handle the responsibility put on her by the courts..... to SHOW that she WANTS and DESERVES those kids back...............

She's NOT doing so.......... sadly..........


2470 days ago


This is all because Britney doesn't think she has to obey or listen to anyone. I think the judge will show her that, in fact, she is wrong and that she will listen and obey if she really wants to be a mother. He hasn't given her that much to comply with considering all of the unbelievably stupid things she's done. She had better get her priorities straight, and act like an adult or get used to being ALONE! If she'd stay home instead of running to Starbucks or to buy fast food she could make time for the drug tests. Problem is she wouldn't be in the LIMELIGHT at home. That seems to be all she really cares about. If a judge had taken my children from me, I would have complied with everything immediately to get them back! I think possibly she's too self absorbed to see the damage she's doing to her boys and only worried about her momentary happiness! Sad, don't you think!

2470 days ago


Hope she gets it together soon but, are the kids better off with K-Fed? Just read something on about K-Fed stinking up the set of One Tree Hill by openly smoking pot. Wonder if he does that around the kids?

2470 days ago


Good for the judge, it's about time!!!!
All of her court ordered requirements should have been done ALREADY--since SHE chose to go here.

before the shopping for itty bitty clothes
before the coffee breaks
before the gas stops
before the fast food visits
before the gum stops
before the cruzing around with the popps for photo opps

2470 days ago


lalalala quit making excuses for this supposedly grown woman! if she has some kind of a problem that she wants help with then , unlike alot of ppl in this country, she has the means to get it. otherwise, if she insists on acting dumb and putting her kids in danger, then she will suffer the consequences like the rest of us.

2470 days ago

Desease control    

Mybe she had the kids over night and something didnt go well.

she didnt brush thier teeth feed them ect.

I read that k-fed said the kids never said her name once when they were at his house.

2470 days ago


If in the end she should loose custody and doesn't get to be with them. I would if Britney relinguish all parental rights to those kids. Let Kevin support them totally without her (MONEY) support.

2470 days ago



WHY Was she out shopping for clothes for the boys yesterday if she knew she lost visitiation with them????????????

Did she not know??????????????

That is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's NUTS!!!!!!!!!

2470 days ago


Of course she's on drugs! Why else would she be avoiding the tests? I wish she'd hurry up and overdose.

2470 days ago

I am Just Sayin..........    

To where's the Beef.......I don't know who you calling an idiot when you don't know me. You can keep those comments to yourself. Like you know something other than what you read. You are the stupid idiot.

2470 days ago


She should have got the roll on "My Name is Earl" as the bimbo blond. No acting required. Most men spend most of their lives trying to get into the very same thing they spent 9 months trying to get out of but not her kid. He won't want the crotch rot of his mommy.

2470 days ago

Sick of people calling her the victim    

You know, Brooke Shields went through postpartum depression BAD and she SOUGHT help.

It's no excuse.

2470 days ago

TMZ Rocks    

This case is proof of the joke our American Judicial system has become. This judge is out to prove something and all he is proving is that sadly the fundamentals of the American society have become nothing but a joke. She failed to give the contact information, but the judge is trying to use TMZ video to convict her. So far is far then use TMZ to contact her also. I believe the Judge honestly is a dumb ass who needs to go back to law school. And stop wasting the tax dollars. And start focusing on the thousands of kids who if a judge would actually do there job could be adopted by loving parents.


2470 days ago
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