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Ellen Cancels Taping

10/18/2007 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres has canceled the taping of her show today.

This comes days after an emotional week for Ellen, who broke down in tears on Tuesday's show, as she recalled how Iggy the dog was ripped away from her hairstylist's home by a rescue organization.

The show issued this statement: "Ellen is taking a long weekend and will be back with a new show on Tuesday."

We're told that Ellen's producers asked country crooner Keith Urban -- who was previously scheduled to appear on the show -- to perform for audience members who had already arrived for the taping, not knowing it was canceled.


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Ellen, If by chance you are reading this, Good on You and Godspeed. Much love.

2562 days ago

Learned By Mistake    

When my children were younger I thought how wonderful to buy a small breed dog for my loving preteen children who were all for it. We had a very appropriate and loving atmosphere in our home. I thought...smaller dog, less trouble, lot's of love for life and I knew how to provide and care for a dog. We were definately animal friendly. We were excited and ready for the responsibility.

SURPRISE. It took two month's to discover this adorable "small" dog was an incredible handful and that for various unexpected reasons, I was ill equipped to give her the attention she needed to thrive. I also sadly realized my very responsible children weren't pitching in with the time needed to really satisfy the needs of this small dog we named Angel.

I felt so irresponsible, the dog was a handful beyond what I ever imagined. I needed to think about her especially in deciding what was best for her future at this time in her young life.

We gave her to a best friends loving parents who were so happy, she had her shots, training etc. They were retired with lot's of time to give her attention, I knew them well. Two months later I discovered they couldn't handle the "little handful". They gave her to someone they knew with land in another state. She didn't need land, she fit in the palm of your hand. She needed lot's of love and attention.

They felt no obligation to inform me. When I tracked this couple down they had already given her away to someone else who had sold her and Angel was lost.

I was not required to notify the breeder when I gave "Angel" to another loving family. I was always worried about where she ultimately ended up once out of our home and concerned for her well being.

To this day I feel badly for my ignorance and lack of research..

We don't know all the details in this case but getting and giving away pets doesn't always work out for the best even when we have the best of intentions.

2562 days ago


Why didn't Muts and Moms do an inspection of Ellens home?

Why didn't they do an inspection of the new owners instead of just taking it? The lady with the Mut place even said they'd be returning the dog. What a lie.

Why didn't Mut and Moms change the dogs tags once Ellen took it home? If I'm not mistaken she had the dog a full month.

2562 days ago


Ok, maybe she should have read the fine print. Whatever, but isn't it the POINT to get these dogs a home? Why should you piss and moan about paperwork when the dog and family are happy. They are treating this like some sort of kidnapping. Give the dog back to the crying child for christ's sake. I'm sure this would have been handled differently if not overlooked if it didn't involve a celebrity. This is ridiculous, Ellen made a mistake but a family that had no idea about the rules shouldn't pay for it. It's not like the dog was being beaten or something, it was happy and had a family. It looks like Christmas isn't the only thing the Grinch is after this year. I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too. Whatever happend to kindness?

2562 days ago


TMZ was even there to catch it all on video. Ellen, Portia and the family knew it was wrong and they were coming for the dog. 'Get TMZ here to make the rescue look like jerks', right?

2562 days ago

married with children    

I am and have always been a big Ellen fan, and a big animal lover myself, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why this had to be shared with the entire world, on something that is way so private. Perhaps, if Ellen was too emotional to do her show this week, today's announcement should have been made two days ago.

2562 days ago


Many people foster dogs and turn them back if they don't work out in the home. If Ellen weren't a celebrity, that would be a non-issue.

Marina Baktis threatenedn Ellen with "going to the media". She's getting pleenty of media attention -- karma sucks, doesn't it Ms. Baktis?

2562 days ago


It isn't just Ellen's fan base attacking Mutts and Moms, everyone is. I don't watch the show but found out about what they did through the media.

The only people to blame for the public backlash Mutts and Moms is experiencing is the people who run it.

This story is all over the internet, on most entertainment shows, on local news, and in the newspaper. Do you think Ellen, as talented as she is, has that kind of influence? The reason that those people are gettting threatened is that they are horrible people.

They acted in a very underhanded manner and hurt a lot of people. One of them cried on television. Some people noticed, found out why and got pissed off. Some of those people said some inadvisable things to the the loathesome people that are the root cause of all of this mess. They, being stupid, blamed Ellen when the people actually responsible for all of their troubles are themselves.

2562 days ago


Lessons to be learned. Be wary of so called animal rescue groups. Check them out throughly! Many are pet mills in disguise, or animal hoarders, operating illegally like Mutts and Moms.
Read the contract, better yet, take it to a lawyer, and know your rights! Get the microchip, if any, updated with your information on it. Better yet, take a earth magnet to the chip to deactivate it. These chips cause nothing but trouble. Who knows what information can be placed on those chips without your knowledge! Plus they can be hacked. Those chips are nothing but trouble, for man and animals

2562 days ago


Jesus Christ!!!
IT's a bloomin dog!! Why don't celebrities concentrate on a real issue-like all the abused children IN THIS COUNTRY" who need good loving homes.

2562 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Ellen-I think you are Great and really like you but this is getting way silly! It's a dog the girls had it 2 days,get over it! What if it had hit by a car or something and just died. We have troops dying everyday in Irag and children starving right here in America. There are more important issues Sweetie-Get a grip-buy them another damn dog and move on already-you are turning into Rosie!!!!!!!!!!!

2562 days ago


Cletus, I didn't approve of your post at all. Ellen doesn't tell her viewers what to think or how to act. We are all very different and don't wish this woman nor her family harm. I felt that Ellen was hurting over the taking of the dog after she placed it in a close nit family of hers. Meaning she knew every aspect of that family for years. She spent 3,600 on that puppy to have it taken out of greed. I do hope that woman understands that
Ellen and Rubys family were visibly upset and just wanted THEIR little puppy back. Under false pretenses she invaded their home for an inspection, taking proper steps as in court would have been the sensiable solution to this whole thing. You don't invade someones home and steal a puppy from new and fit owners. Just look where OJ is now.

2562 days ago


RE: Crimson Pixie

EXCELLENT POINTS - What a bunch of losers wanking on Ellen for showing genuine emotion.
Wake up and smell the compassion you cold, sad, pathetic, lonely pisspots.

2562 days ago


Had the real NUT, handled it properly, in the first place.., there would be no problems. I'm glad Ellen went public with it. And by the way.., Mutts & Moms took the dog, but have yet, to return Ellens money. Are they using that little dog to bring in more money? As I said before, there's something very fishy going on with Mutts & Moms.

2562 days ago


She must be suffering the anguish of menopause? Consume some Tofu or soy milk girl!

2562 days ago
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