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Ellen Cancels Taping

10/18/2007 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres has canceled the taping of her show today.

This comes days after an emotional week for Ellen, who broke down in tears on Tuesday's show, as she recalled how Iggy the dog was ripped away from her hairstylist's home by a rescue organization.

The show issued this statement: "Ellen is taking a long weekend and will be back with a new show on Tuesday."

We're told that Ellen's producers asked country crooner Keith Urban -- who was previously scheduled to appear on the show -- to perform for audience members who had already arrived for the taping, not knowing it was canceled.


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I think we all need to get a life. All of you who are talking bad about Ellen obviously have never paid attention to how genuine and real she is. Which makes me wonder if you don't know her, how can you judge her? When I see the tape of the woman whom took the dog, she seems like a bitter bitch whom can't stand a happy free person and will go to any length to see a person like Ellen miserable and that is exactlly what she did. I feel sad that anyone would take a wonderful, fun loving person like Ellen and say bad things about her when all she tries to do is make others happy. Is that what our world is? We are all so miserable we have to make sure everyone else is too?

2559 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Ellen is taking heat in the media and this is why:

According to shock jock Howard Stern...who's girlfriend, BTW, is a member of the animal rescue community, Ellen, according to his sources, may have adopted and returned up to 9 dogs in recent years. Stern, an animal rights advocate himself...helped his girlfriend Beth rescue many unwanted animals in New Orleans, in the days, weeks and months after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area--so he has some major credentials in regard to assisting in the rescue of animals, and knows from when is speaking, hence the reason why he has weighed in on the Ellen issue.

Further, Inside Edition ran photos of Ellen and her girlfriend--pictured on separate occasions with at least 3 dogs...and they questioned whether Ellen and her lover still have possession of these dogs. Also, if I recall correctly, The New York Post has also been investigating Ellen with similar disturbing results!!!

Making matters turns out that Ellen and her girlfriend adopted a dog from the animal adoption agency which they are now battling with, just weeks before Iggy...and quickly returned him claiming that he did not get along with their cats. Immediately, the couple then adopted Iggy from the same agency...but after a month, they decided that their cats weren't getting along with Iggy either and quickly got rid of him too.

With that stunning information being the case, Ellen is clearly a problematic animal owner and should not be allowed to adopt an animal, especially dogs, by anytime. This, appears to be a repeated, and abusive behavior by the talk show host and her live-in that needs to be brought to a speedy end!!! Shame on these two selfish and immature people!!! They are abusing the system and traumatizing already traumatized animals whom were rescued from horrible and abusive owners to begin with--now they have been repeatedly uprooted by Ellen and her girlfriend like disposable toothbrushes!!! These animals have become nothing more than throw away toys to them--that's all!!!

Now the real truth is coming out, with more to follow!!! Shame on you Ellen!!! No wonder why you cancelled your Friday show, so you can hide from the press!!!

Posted at 6:17AM on Oct 19th 2007 by Zip

2559 days ago


TANYA: I agree, something else is going on here. I'm sorry too, Ellen seems like a
nice person. Who knows, maybe she and Portia are going through a thing... I like Keith Urban also. Well, I must get off to work! Take care.

2559 days ago


I saw Tuesday's meltdown & Wednesday's more level explanation by Ellen on tv.

WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY (THURSDAY) ?? Was it similar to the day before (Wwednesday) where she tried to calmly describe the events ? Did she even mention it in her monologue ??

2559 days ago


Ellen has ALREADY explained that she has rescued dozens of dogs in the past and found them good homes. Of course, she's going to be seen in the past with different dogs -- they were the ones that she had previously rescued !!

""Further, Inside Edition ran photos of Ellen and her girlfriend--pictured on separate occasions with at least 3 dogs...and they questioned whether Ellen and her lover still have possession of these dogs.""

2559 days ago

Livin' Free in NH    

This has gotten out of control. I saw the woman from Moms & Mutts on the TV the other day... some people are saying that Ellen's first mention of this was over the top and too emotional (maybe it was)... well this woman was also quite dramatic claiming to be "too emotionally fragile" to talk with anyone while she feigned tears that never came!
At the heart of all this drama is a little dog and two little girls... why couldn't the agency spend some time with the family and "approve" them instead of showing up pretending to do that when their intention was to remove the dog no matter what?
I do wonder what this womans motive is... is she seeking publicity? I think she's one of those people that gets mad when someone takes away her control... I get the feeling when I see and hear her talk, it's like "I'll show them who has the control"!
Anyway, I like Ellen... not a huge fan, but I think she is truly upset by this. I think the woman at the agency is upset too, but she's just not seeing the big picture... she too wrapped up in her rules and the fact that some big star tried to break them.

2559 days ago

Southern Girls Rock    

"Can we please stop calling Mutts and Moms a rescue agency? That gives animal rescue a bad name. Let's call them what they are, an advertising gimmick for a pet store (Paw Boutique). Or maybe we could call them a puppy mill that outsources production? They aren't a rescue agency. Rescue agencies place animals in homes. Pet thieves take pets from homes."


2559 days ago

PO'd pet parent    

Gee where in the contract does it state that small dogs may not be placed in the homes of people with children under 14 years old? This rescue and contract are a joke. Illegal provisions in contracts may not be enforced and this one is full of them. If this lawyer Fink wrote it he is so incompetant he should be disbarred.

2559 days ago


I was at the taping of ellen on wednesday the 17th and ellen talked to the audience a bit about the dog situation, but she seemed fine..she didn't break down at all..she simply said the she wasn't going to talk about it anymore....all you Ellen Basher's can f***k off.....she's a great person who does good things.

2559 days ago



""why couldn't the agency spend some time with the family and "approve" them instead of showing up pretending to do that when their intention was to remove the dog no matter what?""

2559 days ago


Bull...the rescue foundation is being way to hard. Yes, they resued the dog and gave it to a good home; job should stop there. Please, I'm sure everyone questions that Ellen would give the dog to a abusive home. I'm sure the ladies pre-teen and teenage children are not to old to care properly for the dog!
I would think the humane thing to do is quit wasting time on a dog that was going to have a wonderful life and worry about dogs that NEED help.
Don't complicate the situation people; it's simple, the rescue people were only looking for a spotlight not A GOOD HOME.

2559 days ago


First of all, I cannot believe that so many of these posting are hateful. Anyone that watches Ellen at all knows that she is honest and genuine. She is one of the few celebrities around that is not what I considered a poser or plastic. She feels what she feels.

Ellen never has a mean thing to say about anyone. She follows the saying that I was brought up on which is "If you don't have anything good to say about someone, then you should not say anything at all!" She was trying to do a good thing for all parties, but it just got out of hand. She is probably upset for several reasons. Feeling guilty that Iggy did not fit in with her cats, upsetting Ruby and the family, Iggy being up-rooted again, and death threats made to Mutts and Moms.

In regards to taking an extra day off, everyone needs to show a little compassion. Not that long ago, she had a severe back injury and was even doing her show from a hospital bed. I do not recall many other celebrities that have pushed on in that much pain. Many would be out for several weeks.

I have had dogs since I was a child and can not imagine a day without them. I consider them my family since I have no children and they are great companions. They help reduce stress and lower high blood pressure. I myself have never given a dog away to a shelter no matter how bad the behavior, moving to another state, or having to pay a lot more for living arrangements.

I rescued a dog from a local shelter that was the only one in a pin by himself. I wondered why since all of the other dogs had several companions. When I inquired about the dog, they informed me that it did not get along with other dogs and was dropped off with them by a trainer who could not deal with him. They told me that I could not adopt him since I had two other dogs. I convinced them to allow me to bring my two dogs up to the shelter and see how they would all get along. We spent several hours with all three of them and we have been a happy family for over 3 years now.

Shelters do not always check the animal's behavior themselves and in this case went by what the trainer told them which was incorrect. This just goes to show that if you have like minded individuals willing to talk and compromise that the outcome can be great. I hope that everyone involved can swallow some pride and work things out for the best of all parties involved. STOP THE HATE!!!!!!!

2559 days ago

shelter volunteer    

Ellen did a disservice to all the rescue organizations and volunteers across the nation. If you want to use your celebrity to good use go volunteer at a shelter and promote animals finding homes. There is a reason the agreement s are so detailed-it for the benefit of the animals!!Ellen you made a mistake --be a big girl and apologize and by all means--lets move on.

2559 days ago


Update people: The dog is doing fine,Its in china now testing cosmetics,then off to a local restaurant.Ellen and Portia are doing fine too.Their female cats are hapy and content.all is well that ends well.

2559 days ago


#34 Ro I've worked rescue too and had the so called rescue done their job none of this would have happened! They didn't taken an application, they didn't do an evaluation, they didn't do a home inspection & then they placed a dog in a place where it was going to have a problem with cats! On top of this they placed a dog that was still INTACT. Real rescues would never do this. They're phonies & in reality a store front pet shop not a rescue!

2559 days ago
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