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Ellen Cancels Taping

10/18/2007 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres has canceled the taping of her show today.

This comes days after an emotional week for Ellen, who broke down in tears on Tuesday's show, as she recalled how Iggy the dog was ripped away from her hairstylist's home by a rescue organization.

The show issued this statement: "Ellen is taking a long weekend and will be back with a new show on Tuesday."

We're told that Ellen's producers asked country crooner Keith Urban -- who was previously scheduled to appear on the show -- to perform for audience members who had already arrived for the taping, not knowing it was canceled.


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The ASPCA has asked these people to reconsider for a REASON and they have acknowledged all Ellen has done for rescue & rescue dogs! Why is it that so many cannot understand what the ASPCA does? Or the many other *professionals* that have backed Ellen?

On top of this this rescue isn't even a REAL rescue they are a store front PET SHOP!

2523 days ago


There is something more to this story. What is so awful is that Ellen has systematically destroyed these women's lives. How can she do this?

I think Ellen's significant other has something to do with this. The fact that they only tried out Iggy for two weeks in their home is curious since most animals take more than a mere two weeks to adjust to a new family with pets. But the excuse that the little dog didn't do well with the cats after two weeks seem weak. I wonder if Ellen's girlfriend adopted the pet with the idea of giving it to the hairdresser all along. Two weeks is a ridiculously short period of time. Deception on the part of Ellen and her girlfriend is evident to me. Now, Ellen has a breakdown and is pounding hard everyday on national television to garner support. This is really disgusting.

She is doing nothing to help animal rescue except exhibiting behavior that there is only one pet worth anything, and by golly she is going to get it to the family she thinks deserve it.

I think she needs her mother.

2523 days ago


Rescue groups have their "rules" in place for a reason. You have only to work in an animal shelter to find out why real fast. I know one of the criteria at adoptions is to ask the adopting party, "Do you have other animals," and, "what happened to your last dog?"
Ellen and the rescue agency could have anticipated that Ellen's cats might have an issue with the puppy, and that the puppy might be returned. And .... the adopting family who recently lost their family dog because it got out from under their fence and was hit by a car, would have been a concern. Those issues are red flags to an adoption agency and would be a reason for not placing a small puppy with pre-teens - not to mention the problem with the fencing. I don't think the press has accurately portrayed the situation. In any case, the welfare of the puppy should have been the issue - not the glow of Ellen's celebrity or that the rescue group did not want to adopt a small puppy to children. That is their decision to make not Ellen's.

2523 days ago

Nica Gee    

Wow, sounds like of lot of the POSTERS today need a hug.

Some of the stuff I'm reading here is so vile. Take the weekend off. At least Ellen is. Do something nice for someone. At least think a nice thought or two.


2523 days ago


Shame on you Ellen!!!!!!!! I just saw the Bill O'Reily interview.... I came out in your defense! Now I am emarrased! Shame on you for putting these poor women through what you have!!!!! They have had DEATH threats Ellen...these women have children and families! If you knowingly villianized them (as it appears you have), and caused these women's families this grief.... SHAME ON YOU!!! I have always loved you, but I am ashamed of your actions! If you did what they dog rescue agency's attorney said you did, you owe these families a PUBLIC APOLOGY!!!!!
*****For those of you whom have not seen it.... watch the interview w/Bill O'Reily and the rescue agency's atty. Whole different picture than the "heartless dog rescue" Ellen's publicist should have harrasment charges filed against her!!!!!!! TMZ.. you should put Bill O'Reily's interview on your website!!!!!

2523 days ago


" I know someone who was a helper at the big awards show and was assigned to ellen ...seems she was not very friendly and thought she was quite something. Point being she may not be so easy to deal with as she appears on her show ? I dont know , "

She's known to be very difficult to work with. That's why her first sitcom went off the air. She fired all the first-year people (crew) when the show was funny. The following season (after she had taken control), the show was awful.

Her funny, sunny nice facade is just that-- a facade. She's about as nice as Rosie.

Because of her self-indulgent egocentric selfish piggish behavior, a rescue group doing good work was forced to stop and animals will remain homeless and/or be killed.

2523 days ago

Nica Gee    

Mom of 2 Dogs, IF You believe anything Bill O'Reilly and his crew cooks up, you really need to take the weekend off!

Talk about ONE SIDED. LOL!!!

Ellen has apologized by the way. She didn't make death threats. Mutts hasn't apoloziged to anyone even though they are a bit rigid, self-serving, and pretty much heartless when it came to tresspassing on the girls' home and abducting a dog they didn't own anymore after taking big bucks for it. Wonder what a court would rule??? Guess we'll never know. But it's not legal in most states to take MONEY and then take the property back (yes a pooch is property) and then give nothing but grief in return.

Have a nice day!

2523 days ago


How unprofessional of you Ellen. Cancelling your show when people were there already at the studio. Keith Urban ROCKS!

2523 days ago

Ellen Fan    

If you don't like Ellen i can understand some of these comments, but for those of you who say you do like her or are sick of it, you are being hypocritical. If you really like Ellen or are a true fan of her show, then you know she is just being herself and we should honor that, not put her down and complain about it!! She is great at what she does because she is a true and geniune person. She shouldn't have to change for the likes of any of you people. I am sick of all of your BLAH, BLAH BLAH!!!! Shut up and change the channel.

2523 days ago


Why does anyone care what the shock jock says? He isn't exactly what I would call the morality police.

2523 days ago


That contract isn't bad, it's a pretty standard one. Yes, they "swing" in court, they've been used for years and years. You will only get around one by getting a dog bred and/or owned by someone irresponsible. Specifically, puppymills. Horrible choice. Contracts are necessary to protect the dog. It might not be fair to be 'punished', because of morons in the world, but if you are responsible you understand and have nothing to fear. If you won't sign one, that raises a huge red flag and you will be refused. Everyone, except mills (who are too money hungry to care), wants their dog to be properly cared for and a contract is the only way to enforce it. I've been scammed by a 'wonderful' couple with a 'great' home before. They said all the right things and even said I could visit them. They were so 'perfect' I sold them two puppies. The dogs were immediately resold for more money, to God only knows who. I came across the ad in the newspaper. They refused to answer my calls and I had no recourse. Never again, I'm sorry, but the dogs welfare comes first. They can't speak for themselves, so I must. We must.

2523 days ago


Marina C. Baktis 578 McWilton Place Altadena, CA 91001

2523 days ago


Momof2plus2dogs, when did the show air? I'm trying to find it.

2523 days ago


Reading everyone's comments is interesting. The brief bits I have seen on TV (I don't watch this person and her show). She becomes hysterical, then the next news clip is her sitting there very rationally saying "this has gone too far" Do you think Degeneres????Your performance where you air your mental health or lack thereof on national TV, create a disaster from what has turned out interestingly to be a repeated behavior of "sving" then "dumping" dogs and YOU say this has gone too far??? I laugh at those that say Ellen is "real". No one knows what these entertainment persons are really like. They earn a living by pretending to be someone else. How stable can they be? If you've seen those "candid moments" when these so called "stars" blurt out their real thoughts or their "hired help" tell all, my how different they really are. America needs to stop this celebrity worship. They are good for a laugh, but this blatant display is too much. When will she be on Oprah (another overpaid endless therapy session) and they can cry together. Why I read books.

2523 days ago


I hope everyone giving out her personal information will be tracked down by ISP, considering they're fully aware of the death threats she's getting and are helping people find her. I'm going to contact her attorney, by phone, in case he's isn't aware of it.

2523 days ago
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