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Ellen Cancels Taping

10/18/2007 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres has canceled the taping of her show today.

This comes days after an emotional week for Ellen, who broke down in tears on Tuesday's show, as she recalled how Iggy the dog was ripped away from her hairstylist's home by a rescue organization.

The show issued this statement: "Ellen is taking a long weekend and will be back with a new show on Tuesday."

We're told that Ellen's producers asked country crooner Keith Urban -- who was previously scheduled to appear on the show -- to perform for audience members who had already arrived for the taping, not knowing it was canceled.


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ILLEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE!!!! The woman from the adoption agency ENTERED THE HOME UNDER FALSE PRETENCES AND TOOK SOMETHING FROM THAT HOME. SHE SHOULD BE ARRESTED, not even the police are allowed to ENTER a home under FLASE PRETENCES and/or take ANYTHING from that home without expessed concent or a WARRENT SIGNED BY A JUGE. That woman is a thief a liar and BROKE SEVERAL LAWS AND "VERBAL CONTRACTS" which are, by the way, LEGALLY BINDING. (The only time a verbal contract is not legally binding is in real estate.)
She was WAY OUT OF LINE, AND BREAKING THE LAW THE MINUTE SHE ENTERED THAT HOME WITH THE INTENTION OF TAKING IGGY (she told the family she was just 'inspecting the home'). WHEN SHE ACTUALLY TOOK IGGY FROM THE HOME SHE COMMITED A FELONY. A POLICE OFFICER WOULD BE SEVERELY PUNISHED AND POSSIBLY HAVE TO SERVE JAIL TIME FOR DOING THAT. Someone who is not even a police officer, under the law, is subject to severe penalties and even jail time.
(Plus, it's just morally wrong and reprehensible to take a puppy from a child. That is just disgusting and inhumane. Then she promised to return the dog upon completion of the adoption paperwork, which was completed, and a home inpection. She never returned, either for the adoption paperwork, home inspection or to return Iggy. In total violation, again, of a verbal contract.)
Iggy was in a loving home, the rest is (not only illegal but) just a control freak freaking out and breaking the law and breaking the hearts of two children and their family. Shame on her......and I hope she is arrested and booked for 'entering a home under false pretences AND illegal search and seizure. If someone came in to my home, even the lady who I adopted my dog from, and took my dog, I would sooooooo insist that she be arrested and booked ASAP. What are LA law enforcewment thinking!!!!!?????!!!!!!!!
That woman needs to be 'held to the standard of law by which we all are bound.'

2559 days ago


I think alot of people are just being horrible towards Ellen. Give me a break, she said they were trying it out she didn't lie about it. They emailed her and told her and then the woman just went off. How do you go to a house and lie your way in just to get the dog and say you are there to do a home inspection coming with 3 people knowing you are about to snatch the dog. Then if someone paid for the dog, why isn't Ellen name on the chip, why is your name still there. Sound like a scam, take her $600 dollar and then come back and get the dog get another family to pay for Iggy and now you have profit off the dog twice. This family seems like there was nothing wrong with them, they could have taken the application, done the inspection and maybe told Ellen she couldn't use their agency no more for violation a rule, but it sounds like they did too because why didn't they do an home inspection on Ellen?......Fishy

2559 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Posted at 8:00PM on Oct 19th 2007 by Barbara

Why don't you get off here and call the Muts women and threaten them or something. You are getting old.


2559 days ago


Will you people shutup STICK TO THE FACTS .......

1. Ellen tried to do the right thing .

2. She made a mistake.

3. She is living/owning up
to it .

4. The dog still deserves a good home.

5. This whole fiasco
would make anybody violent, ... It has nothing to do with the care of
this dog, they are a loving family.

6. batkis from Mutts and moms is on medication because she can not deal with the pressure she was wrong, SHE is crazy, not Ellen . Ellen is like the great aunt who would do anything for her nephews and nieces.

7. All they had to do was sign the dog up for the new
family and check up on them.

8. Mutts and Moms are just making it
difficult on themselves because they are stubborn and will result in
losing their business.

9. Ellen has stopped talking about it because
of you idiots who if you cant stand by her, youll attack her for
being a spoiled celebrity, when this is not one of those celebrities
who are like that .

10. Ellen is a fun loving person, celebrity or
not, she doesn't take her status seriously. For that reason her show
has succeeded, otherwise I would not watch it.

Grow the heck up .

There are good people in the world ...... If ellen was not a celebrity and I
heard about this dog thing i would STILL BE UPSET ....

bottom line:
the dog deserves a nice home, regardless of the celebrity behind it.
You people have poisoned minds from all these DUI charges lately, you
think every issue with a celebrity is wrong now ? what the heck is
wrong you cant tell when a good celebrity does something good ......

Anyway YOU get a life ... and either stick behind someone, or sit
back and shutup. If you need to bash someone, bash people who
actually deserve it like Paris.Your probably the people who think
Paris or Britney actually have talent . Or that HipHop is actual
music .Good one =D

I posted this earlier but they took it off .

way ta go TMZ ... keep bashing the hiphop idiots and paris ... get that crap off the street ... those are the idiots who think they are worth fame.

Take Care.

Love you Ellen

2559 days ago


Give the dog back. If they threatened to go the media to blast Ellen, then they should be slapped not Ellen. I thought the whole idea of animal shelters were to shelter a dog till a good home could be found. The dog looked like it was well cared for.

2558 days ago


Excuse me but isn't the issue what is best for the Dog???? The dog was in a good home! The agency picked the wrong mountain to die on. Not only is this going to hurt their business, it's going to hurt the animals in the long run. I personally will never go through an agency for an animal, and I expect many others will not as well. I have two Boston terriers I love with all my heart, from breeders, I know what's best for my dogs. I dont need some agency coming in sniffing my home, asking me what age my kid/kids are, how often my dogs go to the vet, or what other personal preferences I have.

2558 days ago

If she demands it ...why can't others?    

Looking at both sides of the moral issue....if Ms. Degeneres feels that 'sexuality' deserves every moral freedom without 'ever' being questioned, then why shouldn't agency who knock themselves out saving innocents from previously abused situations, deserve the same moral freedom to set seriously studied outlines of what is truly best in the continual pursuit to PROTECT THESE INNOCENT'S LIVES?

That being this observer's view, there is also room to remember that Ms. Degeneres seemed to discover this unhappy 'dog-napping' from a family she must surely know and would expect the Adoption Agency to give her the benefit of the doubt and be equally adult, as Ellen tried to be in the costly effort to integrate the little guy with her present pets and simply address the issue privately with her and let her explain to her hair-dresser the over-looked faux pas and let all work it out to reasonable satisfaction.

I just know this....this girl knocks 'HERSELF' out to entertain each and everyone of you who posted on here, who obviously have recieved some rewards from watching her natural talents and remember that Ms. Degeneres has always stated that she would be herself and tell the truth. She even apologized for crying and acknowledged it's 'out of norm for the show' the following day.

So I say give the lady a break. Besides who of us read all the ad nauseum Agreement Notices everytime we download a free data file? Don't we all jump straight down to the I ACCEPT box just like the guy who jumps over cars that are parked on the sidewalk? ;-)

2558 days ago


I do believe Ellen was being very honest about the Iggy situation. I have never heard of
returning a dog to the Rescue people if not able to keep it. A loving family is much better
than a shelter where they eventually get rid of the animals if not adopted.

2558 days ago


Dwight Shrute, I agree 100%. Ellen should never have brought this issue to her show. She was clearly trying to use her power and influence to get what she wanted and that was NOT the right way to go about it. She was being a bully, plain and simple. The popular girl on the playground sent all her little friends after another kid. Ellen KNEW perfectly well that her fans were going to get mad and start storming Mutts & Moms demanding that Iggy be returned to Ruby. She has a lot of nerve telling them not to threaten Mutts & Moms when she had to know right from the beginning that that's exactly what they were going to do. She caused it. If Ellen had decided to handle the matter a little more diplomatically instead of crying to her fans about it so they'd stick up for her, Iggy might be back with Ruby already.

2558 days ago


I never respond to these comments but in defense of Ellen... she did break the rules but I think there IS more to this issue.

I think Ellen uses her celebrity for all the right reasons. At some point, we need to 'take back' our own sanity from the people that create all these rules and contracts and fine print. Have you tried to call a customer service number lately? A bank, Target, Macy's, Time Warner, you name the company, there are somehow 'rules', either written or impled that we agree to all day long... everyday. Do we need all the fine print in our lives. It was a good dog, she trained it, gave it medical attention and when things didn't work out, she found it a home with a couple of kids. I am sure the family could afford to feed it and had a place for it to sleep. If we don't stand up for ourselves, I am happy to see someone like Ellen challenging the simple things in life which should be challenged. Most 'rules and policies' should be guidlines... rules and policies are not LAWS and should be plyable.

2558 days ago

wisty conner    

I think Ellen is a great person, and she does a lot of great things for people, and the fact that this has been so upsetting for her, just shows how caring she is. But, this is not about Ellen, it's about the dog. I have two dogs, and they are my everything, and when I'm gone they wait for me to come home, and when I get there they go nuts with excitement. Every other dog owner in this world can understand this. You don't take the dog away from someone they love!! It's not fair to them. This woman only did this out of spite, and because it was Ellen. The new owners should do the right thing and give the dog back because they other family has already bonded to him/her. There are a million of other dogs in this world that need a good home, and they can easily get another one. Dogs want nothing more in this world than someone to love!!!!

2558 days ago


Okay, I love Ellen, but to cancel the taping of your show for a long weekend? Come on Ellen, people stood in line to see you! I can sympathize with the Iggy thing, but you have to let it go and do your shows, after all it is the fans who made you who you are - don't disappoint them please. If I would have been standing in line and was not able to see you, I would have been truly upset. Stay well Ellen and things will happen as they are supposed to

2558 days ago

Lawrence Sutherland    

Wasn't Portia in Law school? What a crock of crap that they didn't read the contract...they just didn't care. Boo Hoo...we've brought home adopted dogs like take out burgers and then gave the left overs to the help...Boo Hoo

2558 days ago


Seems to me the dog was stolen by the shelter runner under cover of police authority.
It is a civil matter and should have been rectified in the courts.

2558 days ago


give me a break already! sick of hearing about this. the animal shelters shouldn't have such stupid detailed "rules" in the first place...isn't their main goal to get these animals to a good home, geez..they r making to much of a big deal..ellen bought the dog, didn't work out, she gave it to a nice least she didn't put it out on the street or something.

2558 days ago
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