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Ellen Cancels Taping

10/18/2007 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres has canceled the taping of her show today.

This comes days after an emotional week for Ellen, who broke down in tears on Tuesday's show, as she recalled how Iggy the dog was ripped away from her hairstylist's home by a rescue organization.

The show issued this statement: "Ellen is taking a long weekend and will be back with a new show on Tuesday."

We're told that Ellen's producers asked country crooner Keith Urban -- who was previously scheduled to appear on the show -- to perform for audience members who had already arrived for the taping, not knowing it was canceled.


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The big question is did you get a look at her hairdresser? yikes that woman needed to practice on herself. The daughters hair appears it could use some "hairdressing " as well. Just wondering what it takes to be a "hairdresser"?

2561 days ago

AL Dog Mom    

I have rescued dogs and currently have a rescue dog as one of my own. I used to really like Ellen, but she has really done wrong this time. Those rules that everyone who is on her side wants to ignore are in place for a reason. These poor dogs are often mistreated before their rescue, and there is no way to tell if they will react poorly to young children who may accidentally hurt them in some way. Not everyone can deal with the problems a rescue dog may have. These dogs need to be able to bond with one family who will stay with them. Thats why the agencies don't want the dog passed around constantly. This agency made one mistake, they gave the dog to Ellen in the first place. This woman has shown that she cannot take care of and love a dog in her home due to her cats. Iggy should not have been shuffled off to the first person willing to take the dog from Ellen. Iggy should have gone back to the agency in accordance to the contract. I'm glad Iggy has a new home where there is no need to fear being rejected. I feel sorry for the girls, but the care of this poor dog would be my prime concern and I'm glad that the agency was not willing to let Ellen and her status/fame keep them from doing what was right for the dog. How sad that doing the right thing got them death threats...I hope those that would do something like that take a good, hard look at themselves because they need to get help. Its pretty sick to do something like that. These animals can't speak for themselves, they can only hope they are found by an agency who will stand up for them. Thank god Iggy was found by one. Moms & mutts, I salute you for your devotion to the best of our society, our dogs.

2561 days ago

Ban stupid humans, not dogs    

Why do you people all keep saying the hairdresser's family was a good home? How do you know? The rescue has a policy of not adopting small dogs to homes with children for good reason. Children don't always know to be gentle and small dogs are fragile and therefore more likely to feel the need to defend themselves. And when a little kid squeezes the dog and the dog bites, guess who gets kicked to the curb? Hint: it's not the kid. The goal of any rescue organization is to find FOREVER homes for their animals, and if they determined the hairdresser's family wasn't a good match, then that's their perogative to do so.

Yes, it's sad that the little girls were probably heartbroken when the dog was taken away, but it would be even more traumatic if it had to be put to sleep later because it bit one of them.

2561 days ago


I hope this teaches Ellen to keep her private business private. Enough of celebrities trying to use the media and their own tv shows to get even with small businesses. It's sick.

2561 days ago


I'm just wondering how EXACTLY did Mutts and Moms obtained the address of the family Ellen gave the dog to?

I'm also wondering about the name Mutts and Moms, mostly because I never heard of them until this whole debacle hit the airwaves.

2561 days ago

don quixote    

Several different branches of teh SPCA and Humane Society all agreeing with Ellen that Mutt & Moms did the wrong thing in this situation -- Enough said.

The people who try to justify what the so-called recsue organization are enablers of a control freak who puts a rule book before reality.

Gotta love the people who trash Ellen for not taping her show... if you dipwads don't like her, what does it matter to you that her show won't air one or two days. *sheesh* There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the Universe and it has a longer shelf life.

2561 days ago



2561 days ago


No threats were made by Ellen or her staff - THE FANS were getting out of control and THE FANS were the ones making threats - Ellen made public announcement telling THE FANS to please stop

The agency won't get anywhere with any lawsuit - THE AGENCY broke thier own contract for Ellen - The agency was operating illegaly - thier license was suspended earlier this year - the Agency has done this before, they have taken other dogs away from homes - some people who had adopted from this agency said that the agency stalked them, would go to the homes when the owners were not home and take the dogs back stating that the new owners broke thier rules - it was reported from these owners that the Agency would demand a fee to be paid to get the dogs back. The so called agency who has been operating illegaly (not giving the animals shots or neutering the pets before adoption AND requiring an extreme dollar amount to adopt) are the ones in the wrong - totally in the wrong

2561 days ago


I agree that there is more to IGGY-gate then most suspect - I mean what is up with DAYs of crying & whining & now a sudden cancel day - TMZ must find out!

2561 days ago


Stop with the comments about Ellen needs to take her meds. What a cheap shot. 2 million people in the US are bipolar. It's a real disease. Maybe Ellen was too emotional on HER show. Many claim to increase ratings. Hardly, she has 4 or 5 emmys, New York best seller author and recentlt hosted the Oscars with a billion viewers. She made a mistake and so did the women at Moms and Mutts. At least she said she was sorry. I just hear a lot of blame for everyone on the part of the dog rescue team. If this rule is sooo important cover it with the adoptive owners before hand. My dog rescue covered the rules with me.

2561 days ago


People! Why must you be so vicious? It is so easy to criticize when you don't know all the facts, and hide behind the cloak of anonymity. All parties involved appear to have gotten carried away, but lets not forget that all they wanted was a good, safe home for the dog. As for canceling the taping, so what? It will be recorded another day. Lighten up folks!

2561 days ago


There are too many animals locked up in shelters! If the dog is not in harms way LEAVE IT WITH THE HAIRDRESSER! If you were a dog which would you pick--locked up in a cage????? In a home with children?????? LOCKED UP IN A CAGE????----In a home with children!!!!! They are more careful with the placement and well being of an animal then they are with the placement and well being of a child! Maybe SRS workers and Animal shelter worker should trade places!

2561 days ago


I agree with many of the posters here. I have always been a big Ellen fan, but I am nauseated over her once again bringing a dog into her home only to have to find a new home for it because it is not a good match with her cats. Doesn't anyone remember her first season in 2003 when she had a competition to name her new dog?? I think the winning name was Lucy. A HUGE deal was made over that dog and then no more mention until finally word was given that she had to find a new home for that dog because guessed it.....her cats.
Ellen, the basic concept of dogs+cats together is understood by most. They do not as a rule mix period. Focus on one or the other and it will save you a lot of heartache.

Any reputable breeder or rescue group will specify contractually that the dog needs to go back to the breeder or rescue organization if the animal is not going to work out in the new owner's home. Honestly you don't want to deal with anyone who doesn't stipulate that (it means they don't care what happens to the animal once it leaves their hands) is about the animal and it's wellbeing......not the human(s).....

Ellen needs to apologize publicly to the rescue organization and her fans......won't be tuning in to her show again until it happens.......

2561 days ago


The BIG story really is the Ellen baby talk meltdown & she was a dud @ the Oscars!

2561 days ago


A lot of small dogs are great with kids. It depends on the breed. That particular dog may not be great with kids.

2561 days ago
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