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Ellen, Portia Rush to Home Where Iggy Was Taken

10/18/2007 10:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was the only camera at the home where little Iggy was taken Sunday night, when Ellen and Portia frantically arrived, only to find the dog was already gone.


It's emotional, raw and heart-wrenching. Watch Ellen, Portia, Ruby (the little girl) and Cheryl (Ellen's hairstylist) describe the blow-by-blow of how Mutts and Moms steamrolled through the home and took the pup.

Take a look at the backyard confrontation where Marina Baktis of Mutts and Moms scooped up the pooch as cops decided who would walk away with Iggy.


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OH PUH-LEEZE!! I am not a huge Ellen fan, but this Marina woman is a control freak and is NOT doing what is in the best interest of the dog. SHE ALONE is creating her own bad press. She is making animal adoption organizations look bad and it will sadly stop many people from donating to small animal rescue agencies. The poor animals, again, will pay the price. Marina handled it all very unprofessionally and inhumanely and I hope she is proud of herself at night that she WON!! Woohoo!! YOU WON MARINA!! Whatever.........

2541 days ago


The rescue woman is using Ellen as a way to abuse her own power and in the process has broken the hearts of two young girls. The bottom line should be the welfare of the dog which apparently is not of much importance to her. This is disgusting. Ellen wasn't trying to blatantly break the rules; she merely found a better fit for the dog. As she says, she donates a lot of money to rescue organizations and obviously cares about animals. This situation is absolutely ridiculous. If Marina is so concerned about the dog's welfare and wants to do the right thing, why doesn't she go back to the house, do an inspection, and then return the dog to the family? What a putz.

2541 days ago


I have to say, my heart goes out to the little girls, but Ellen did sign a contract. This is a common contract. I heard on the news people have threatened to burn down the shelter and kill the owners. We are going a little too far with this arent we?

2541 days ago


This woman Marina is nuts, seriously, she has deep emotional problems. She should not be allowed to rescue anything!!! The dog and any other rescues she has should be removed from her care immediately and she should check herself into the hospital for a mental evaluation. The dog should be returned to Ruby immediately.

2541 days ago


Well hopefully the remaining dogs will get seized from the conditions they are currently in (psychopaths should not have dogs or children!)and the humane society can find them homes. People who operate that way should not be in charge of the lives of anything, squirrels, dogs, or kids. Hopefully they will be shut down forever and the dogs will be better off for it. No more hurt children, no more dogs taken away for no good reason.

2541 days ago

Johnny Crockett    

Ellen had good intentions, but the rules apply to everyone. Im getting sick of hearing "should ruby get the dog back" the whole thing is getting old.

2541 days ago


It is very pathetic that people don't take responsible for their actions. If they simple followed, they would not be in this mess. And, if the girls truly wanted the Iggy, why aren't they at the shelter filling out the application for adoption. People wnat something for nothing.

2541 days ago


It's Marina's policy to steal dogs from children that will prevent those other dogs from getting homes. If she had bothered to do a real evaluation and could provide logical reasons from why the home was unsuitable (besides that the girls are 11 and 12--what a bunch of BS that they can't have a dog) then maybe none of this would have happened. IT WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. She deserves it. If the kitchen is too hot, get the heck out. GIVE IGGY BAC KTO RUBY!!!!! If Marina cares about her other dogs she would do the right thing and everyone would win.

2541 days ago


A contract is a contract and I would still continue donating money to this organization. I sleep better at night knowing that there are stricter rules for adoption. I've seen too many adoptions go awry. Ellen shouldn't get preferential treatment just because she's a celebrity.

2541 days ago

just saying...    

Sunshine... they filed the proper paperwork for the new adoption home. Instead of coming by to review the house, M&M crazy Marina used the address to come and take the dog away. The family called the police not Marina.

2541 days ago


MSNBC is reporting that the dog has a new home. This is so sad for these kids and the dog. I find it interesting that Batkis says that she is not going to be bullied. It sounds as if she is more interested in her own ego then the adoption of dogs by caring families. If someone is that interested in bullying people and being so hard-nosed without trying to work out a compromise then she is in the wrong business of finding homes for animals. Her ego is in the way....the most important thing is the animals and it seems as if she has lost sight of that.

The only thing she has "proven" is that she needs an attitude adjustment plus she has guranteed that less people will frequent her business, and she has managed to smear MuttsandMoms by her own actions. Ellen only showed what kind of organization this is and the egotistical people that run it and the power trip they are own. MuttsandMoms need a new Mission Statement...that it's for the animals and not for their egos!

2541 days ago


unreal how the facts run out. trickery. The microchip should have been changed I guess thats how they seize the dogs.

2541 days ago


shut the place down

2541 days ago

A rescuer in Fla    

I work with a rescue in Florida and completely agree with what this rescue has done. Ellen KNOWLINGLY admitted to signing paperwork that said if she could not keep the dog, she would return it. She broke the rules she once agreed to abide by! WHO IS AT FAULT HERE?!!! And ELLEN is required to put the dog' microchip in her name, not the rescue. Once the dog is adopted, the new owners MUST contact the microchip agency and fill out/validate the paperwork. The rescue cannot do that. If she had the dog FOR OVER A MONTH, why did she not take care of it? Even the police and animal control said the dog belongs to a rescue. Who is Ellen to think she is above the law?

Other notes: Dogs are fine in crates. In fact, crates are highly recommended in rescue and new adoption situations until the dogs acclimate to the new home environment. It is for their safety, as well as so the dog doesn't pee all over the house and/or chew things. They are not "caged" as Ellen makes it sound so horrible. And when the rescue asked the family to fill out an app, that it the appropriate procedure if they want to adopt the dog. But the smarty little girl says "It was longer than my school application". Oh, okay dear, well then forget about doing it if it's going to inconvenience you. Who do these people thing they are?! If you want the dog, FOLLOW THE RULES! The dog doesn't belong to you, and since Ellen decided she can no longer keep it, it doesn't belong to her either. Unfortunately Ellen didn't keep her mouth shut when she screwed up. Instead she has created an awful mess for this rescue, who will most likely now shut down. Gee Ellen, imagine how many other dogs they COULD have placed in the next months/years if you had just done what you originally agreed to do. I doubt you'll ever see Ellen in a crappy shelter, rescuing a poop-covered, flea infested dog, staying up with it throughout the night, and nursing it back from near death. No, she'd rather brag about her paltry donation of $600. Give me a break. I bet the rescue regrets they ever had anything to do with her and her bs. I used to like Ellen but after this, no way!

2541 days ago


ok, u think everyone is some blame here....portia signed the contract, ellen hands off the dog, maybe the agency went too far in their effort to take the dog....but ellen is essentially giving all the dogs with mutts and moms a death sentence....ellen took a private matter and went public, never thinking beyond her excessive emotions of what this would do to the agency or dogs involved in their care.
ellen should write one big fat check to this and other agencies.....let it go, make it right.....otherwise ellen's crusade is going to be (it is for me) a turnoff....i love animals and rescue them....but she needs to make this write and not be responsible for turning so many people against an agency that was only doing good in the first place.
i have no affliation with mutts and moms whatsoever but ellen going public has pretty much ruined this adoption agency....
think of all the dogs this agency is caring for they are in peril.
ellen needs to rethink and turn her direction around with this one.

2541 days ago
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