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Ellen, Portia Rush to Home Where Iggy Was Taken

10/18/2007 10:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was the only camera at the home where little Iggy was taken Sunday night, when Ellen and Portia frantically arrived, only to find the dog was already gone.


It's emotional, raw and heart-wrenching. Watch Ellen, Portia, Ruby (the little girl) and Cheryl (Ellen's hairstylist) describe the blow-by-blow of how Mutts and Moms steamrolled through the home and took the pup.

Take a look at the backyard confrontation where Marina Baktis of Mutts and Moms scooped up the pooch as cops decided who would walk away with Iggy.


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Please remember the founders of the organization have/had their hearts in the right place, or they would never have created a rescue shelter, but they are now misguided. Please help them find their hearts again!!!

Please email and call the organization:

Mutts and Moms
523 S Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105

On the Web:

Always - kindness and respect please!

2571 days ago


This is gettin' ridiculous!

2571 days ago


Hannity and Colmes read one of the sentences from the contract to the effect that: "M&M dogs shall NOT be placed in a home with children under the age of 14 years." Don't
know why, but that's one of their rules. I'm guessing safety(?), maybe their dogs are wild
and crazy. Also, Portia signed the contract.

Bill O'Reilly stated that his staff/producers are on the case and it will be resolved by
tomorrow. Beats me what that means.

This whole thing has been blown way, way out of proportion. It's a shame we don't see this kind of national outrage on other, more urgent issues.

2571 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Just tried to call them to leave a voice mail to give the dog back, but the mail box is full. Go figure.

Everyone should slam them with calls tomorrow. This idiot woman thinks she is looking bad because Ellen is telling only one side of the story.


2571 days ago


I had big issues getting my dog from an anticruelty society. It took me three seperate trips and debating for over an hour of why I wanted that dog and breaking down into tears. I have had him for two years and would do anything for him. But it was a pain in the ass getting him and I won't go back to that place. They obviously didn't care about placing a dog into a loving home.

Plus aren't shelter's supposed to neuter their animals? I thought they did that as a way to protect future generations being put down, good for the species and what not. Why did Ellen have to get that done herself?

2571 days ago

Michelle Martin    

Hmmm...If the home was so unsuitable for Iggy, then perhaps Mutts & Moms should have fought to remove the other dog from the hairdresser's household as well. Wouldn't it be irresponsible to leave the other helpless animal at the mercy of the heartless and cruel children? By the way, I am a professional dog groomer of many years. My daughters have been grooming with me since they were 10 years old. My oldest daughter, who is now 16, is an internationally recognized certified groomer. Maybe Mutts and Moms should rethink their "children" policy.

2571 days ago


I understand that every adoption center has rules, but Ellen was honest and gave them the new owners information and the new owner was in the process of filling out the proper paperwork. Why couldn't they have left the dog in the home pending proper procedures? This is just to get back at a celebrity. Mutts and Moms should be thankful that a pet owner took the time to find a loving home for the animal themselves instead of resorting back to a shelter or putting the dog on the street. COME ON!

2571 days ago

Caption Contest    

People making death threats against Mutts & Moms need to stop. There is a much better way to deal with what these people have done to Ellen and Ruby -- voice your objection to the tactics used by Mutts & Moms with your wallets and stop giving them business.

People living in the Thirty Mile Zone have enough clout and are networked enough to shut Mutts & Moms down if they really want to. If people refuse to do business with Mutts & Moms it won't take long to make them go away, and its perfectly legal. This is fundamentally about consumer rights, and I question the legality of Mutts & Moms being able to go into someone's house without a court order and removing the animal.

If Mutts & Moms claims that Ellen violated her contract, then this is a civil liability issue and we have courts for that. Removing the animal from ANY home, is in my opinion illegal, and Mutts & Moms may well now find themselves on the wrong end of a very actionable position.

2571 days ago


Yeah, post the contact info again so they can get more death threats and maybe, with a little luck, you can get some wacko to burn down their business or their houses. That will teach them to mess with Ellen!

My mother always said not to trust lesbians because they're all nuts.


2571 days ago


Sorry #45....I meant #43 Conky..........#43 Conky, I am a straight married woman and your
posting is so should go volunteer for MUTTS and Moms, cleaning up
dog careful...please do not get yourself caught up in the broom....after all I would rather be a nice "lesbian" and or that other description you presented in such a vulgar way than a piece of poo!!!!!!!!!! GO CONK YOURSELF CONKY!!!!!!!!!!

The dog should be returned to Ruby immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2571 days ago


What I think most of Ellen's fans and supporters are failing to realize is that if Ellen had handled this whole situation in a more professional manner that none of this nonsense would be up for discussion right now. But Ellen did what she wanted to and damn the contracts and others involved. After all, she is the star and that's all that seems to matter to her and you screwballs.

I'm glad that dog is out of her control now.


2571 days ago


Pet Return Policies
Many shelters and rescue groups insist, through their adoption agreements, that if a pet cannot stay with his adoptive family, the adopters must return him to the group. Why do they do this?

Between 500,000 and 1 million pets adopted from shelters and rescue groups find themselves homeless and in the shelter once again.

One foster mom said it best, "I found the dog on the street, starving. I nursed her back to health. She slept in my bed. I sang her back to sleep when she had nightmares when she first came to me. Then I adopted her to a wonderful family. A year later, I got a call from animal control because she was at the shelter and she was going to be euthanized. The family had gotten divorced and she ended up on death row!"

This too-common experience leads rescue groups and shelter to put strict policies in place governing what happens if the adoption doesn't work out. In effect, the rescue group and shelters are promising to always be there as a safety net for the pets.

2571 days ago


I got this "RESCUE" idiots email address before she got her website off the internet. Send her a message at:

2571 days ago


#14 I agree with you 100%

Ellen was incredibly irresponsible to adopt a dog if she couldn't manage it. It was with her for what--a month? Doesn't she think the dog bonded with her in that time? Also--where was her judgement in not realizing before she took this puppy that it wouldn't fit into her home pet situation? She gave it away like you'd give away a new pair of shoes that you have decided "just don't fit."

Take away the big name, and imagine it as it was. The people at this center are very careful about adopting out. A woman adopts a dog from them, but when the shelter e-mails within 30 days to find out how the dog is doing--she tells them oh, I gave it away! Sorry, I think they acted as many shelters would. Only difference here? Big name Ellen--videocameras--TV show--TMZ. But guess what? The shelter didn't care who Ellen was. They stood by their rules. You don't like the rules? Don't adopt from there. (When we adopted, we had to agree to a total home inspection within 30 days, so this place doesn't sound too different.)

This shelter had clear adoption rules. Whether she liked them or not, Ellen agreed to them and then broke them. She's getting great P.R. The shelter is getting death threats.
Ellen should be ashamed of herself. She's also using those little girls to get publicity. There should be no special treatment just be cause Ellen is well known.

Buy them a new dog, Ellen. They had Iggy for less time than you did. They'll cope.

2571 days ago

just wondering    

...Marina ....or whatever ur name is....u r a DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....makes me wonder abt wha u do with ur animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2571 days ago
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