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Ellen's Last Words on Iggy -- Stop the Violence!

10/18/2007 9:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After pleading over the airwaves for Iggy the Dog for the past few days, Ellen DeGeneres is giving her final statement about the situation.

After her usual dance onto the set of her talk show, a somber DeGeneres told the audience, "I think this is the last time I'm talking about this." In the episode, airing today, Ellen goes on to say how appreciative she is for all the letters and e-mails she's received, but warns her supporters not to resort to violence to make their point.

The only way she'd bring up Iggy again, she says, is if she's "lucky enough to say one day to you, Iggy has returned ... we'll have Iggy on the show to show you if that happens."


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wa wa waa    

Lawsuits don't just go away.

2561 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

she did sign that contract though..... last time I checked a contract is binding I feel sorry for the kid, but Ellen should have NOT given the dog to her

2561 days ago

Dawn Day    

This is getting a little blown out of portion, don't ya think?!

2561 days ago


Ellen is a big television bully. Using her millions and media audience as a leveraging device from death threats to PETA involement.

2561 days ago


It's about time that she grew up rather than continue to throw her tantrum. I won't be watching that show anymore.

SHE is the one that caused the little girls all the heartache - had she gone about it the right way rather than deciding she, as a famous star who obviously knows dog behavior much better than people who dedicate every waking hour to do good for dogs, she would have simply asked the agency to consider the hairdresser.

Ellen, remember, when this is all over, those little girls' tears are on YOUR shoulders, no one elses.

2561 days ago


There is no crazy quite like lesbian crazy.
Everybody in this situation needs to grow up.
First, you don't give a dog you adopted away. You should have called the agency and told them. They don't know you gave the dog to a good home, just your idea of a good home.
Secondly, the woman at the agency should have seen the situation was fine and that the dog in this case was in a good home, and let it be.
One word from Ellen on her show could have made this woman's agency the choice for all the celebrities and money would have poured in. Now, she will be lucky if it survives.

The good thing to come out of this is awareness of these "adoption mills", somehow people have managed to turn even the most innocent of acts, adopting a homeless animal, into a freakshow. It's almost becoming like child adoption that while there are many needing homes, no homes are quite "good enough" for the agencies. I realize they have to guard against animal abusers, but sheeeeeesh already. You almost have to be rich and privileged to adopt a stray these days.

Anyway, I am glad Ellen is going to shut up about it.

No crazy like lesbian crazy.

2561 days ago


Only in Hollywood.... these people need to stop being such pompous @holes! Both sides of the case. The Mutts and Moms need to get off of their high horse and realize that Iggy-the-dog is a dog - not a human baby. This dog was perfectly happy with Ruby, the hairdresser's daughter, and it would probably be just as happy in any loving home... and Ellen needs to stop using her celebrity podium to bully the flea-bag doggy lady (as biatchy as she may be....).

The bottom line - give the frikkin dog back to the little girl and put this stupid story behind us. so we can go back to talking about Britney and Lindsay.

2560 days ago


i'm not a fan of ellen, never watched her series or her talk show

welp, i wont adopt a pet from ANY agency that will ALWAYS have the right to take that pet away. while i can understand the "cannot give the pet away policy", the rest is BS.

mutts and moms screwed the pooch first:

the animal was not altered, a condition ALL shelters etc require.
no home inspection was done.
the appilcation was not done.
the change of ownership on the microchip was not done.

ellen screwed up as well:

ellen not only paid their $250, she actually donated $350 above that.
she wasted $3000 on training the dog to get along with her cats, and getting it altered instead of having the shelter do it, since it is their policy.
she didn't read the contract portia signed about not giving the dog away, and then did so.

then mutts and moms really screwed the pooch and themselves:

they lied about the purpose of their visit to the hairdresser. (they claim it was for inspection, instead they grabbed the dog, made threats and the were police called)
threatened they would call the media if the dog was not returned
they took the dog, from two children , stood there and waited for the police... and got their media.
they then said they would not return the dog due to the treatment of/from "ellen"... which no matter how you word it is petty.. the dog wasn't going to be returned to ellen anyhow.
later they then claimed an age policy... after the damage was already done.

i would rather go through the SPCA, than give my life story and first born, than RENT an animal from a shelter. i think most shelters are there for the right reasons and have the animals and reality clearly in mind, but today far too many have asinine requirements.

besides... i own a hybrid bobcat.. and i can hear their screams even from here about owning another animal with her in the house. doesn't matter what my cat is like etc...

oh and i never bought my cat, she was born in my home and was in my hand less than a minute old.. she's now 14.

2560 days ago


Ellen is mentally unstable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a DOG, she acts like here whole family was wiped out in a car wreck......CRAZY WOMAN!!!!

2560 days ago


actually if you read the WHOLE story, she didnt sign any contract, they didnt even check her house like they would have done with "normal, average" people.

plus they have given dogs to families with kids under 14, they just didnt like that ellen thought she could find the dog a home without them being invovled.

they want you to adopt dogs not buy them and then they put you through hell to try to get one. the only reason i can think of that they wont let this dog with this family is that the dog was hurt in its former home by small kids.

2560 days ago


its pretty shady that ellen called tmz to have them video tape the whole encounter when the people from mutts & moms took the dog. obviously stuff went on PRIOR to this encounter that she isn't sharing with us.

2560 days ago

lot of people dont read things b/4 they sign Ellen was just one of those people if she spent that much on the dog she as the rig    

I will say one more thing give the dog back to the hairdresser

2560 days ago


I think that the shelter should be ashamed. They pretend to care about the dog, who do you think loses in this. They must be about the money. I hope they are put out of business.

2560 days ago

just wondering    

...ERICA...#8...u made me laugh with ur final comment !!!! is a tad ridiculous though!!!!...Go Ellen!!!!!!!!!

2560 days ago


from what i understand ellen did not sign the contract...portia signed the contract. but for a contract to be valid don't both parties have to abide by all of the rules and regulations set out in the contract? there was no "home visit" to check out ellen's house before iggy went home to ellen's house...and if mutts and moms was so concerned about the dog's well-being...
(keeping those bad horrid children who might pull his little tail away from him?) why did they
let iggy go to a place with cats? this is a sad situation all the way around. ellen has admitted her mistake. you can't deny that ellen tried to do the right thing...she found the little dog a good home. she also "donated" $600.00 to adopt an abandoned animal. then she spent another $3,000.00 getting the dog trained, taking him to the vet. and bought him lots of
delightful doggy toys and supplies. mutts and moms is run out of that lady's business...a
dog boutique store. (A BUSINESS!) i really wonder how much money portia spent that day in the boutique purchasing all those dog supplies? neither party followed the letter of the law regarding the contract...ellen may have made a mistake..but she isn't the one coming off as callous and mean. (not to mention slightly demented!) after hearing how mutts and moms have handled this...going into ruby's home and taking the dog away from a crying child....not even giving ruby a chance to say goodbye to iggy...i don't care if i was as rich as oprah or donald trump..i would never adopt a dog from mutts and moms or donate any money to them. they have given dog rescue missions a bad name.

2560 days ago
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