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Jessica Biel

Gets Badonka-groped!

10/18/2007 12:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hardbodied hottie Jessica Biel was at a Packers Football game, when a gal pal reached for waaay more than some popcorn! Biel attended the game with her beau, Justin Timberlake, but while he had his back turned, Jessica's BFF tried to get some PDA with the starlet. Touchdown!

Sources say when Timberlake turned around to chat with the ladies, Jess's friend dropped her fondling fingers from Biel's tush. She's bringing sneaky back!


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Thats Justin cousin Rachel and she also his personal assistant. I'm sure it wa done in fun.Are you people that hard up on news?

2529 days ago


10. Oh come now. Everyone is slapping each others asses on the football field. It's like shaking hands.

Posted at 11:56AM on Oct 18th 2007 by mr holliwood

Smackin asses and Grooping ass are 2 completely different things hun ...
ewwwwwwwww Man hands ,my 1st thought ...again ewwwwwwwwwwww !!!

2529 days ago

go GB    

That is definiteyl Jess & JT. JT is hard to see, he is in the green shirt in front of the "groper" I live in Green Bay and the fact that they were here was all over the news. I've seen many pictures from many angles and that is definitely them.

2529 days ago

Vegas Von    

Must be nice to get paid for taking pictures from 'behind' and putting celebrities' names to faceless images and then making up a story to go with it! YOU'RE "bringing 'anything BUTT the truth' BACK" BOZO! Come back when you can take REAL PICTURES with REAL Stories, with REAL People!

2529 days ago



2529 days ago


What the hell is that!

2529 days ago

PEREZ HIVton    

I would LOVE to rim her sweet assh*le! Jessica is a GODDESS!

2529 days ago


Sorry but without seeing front of this picture/their faces. It could be anybody. TMZ come on you know better than to post a picture of a random ass and claim its Jessica Biel. BUt if it is her then is she a lesbian? Females dont usually grab their friends asses unles sdrunk and being silly, not at a football game in front of their boyfriend?

2529 days ago


That's a girlie DUDE.

2529 days ago

Reality is....    

I am sorry,

But I am a 33 year old female, and I have NEVER once in my ENTIRE life put my hand on another females butt. It's unnatural. I was also involved in college athletics, and played softball, volleyball, and basketball. I was also a member of the track team and a cheerleader.

In all of my years on sports teams and being very good friends with other girls, I have never touched a butt....nor had mine touched by another female. When playing sports we might high five each other, but never grope an a** cheek.

Something is wrong with this picture....normal girls DO NOT do this. The excuse that it's "on a football field" is stupid...they are participating, they are watching. Men, if you are in the stands watching the game, are you gonna grope the dude's butt that is standing next to you just because you are at a football game?

While I think she has a pretty face, I have always thought there is something a little "off" about Jessica Biel. This girl doing the groping has bigger shoulders and arms than my husband fyi.

It's scary.

2529 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I dunno, it is hard for me to tell if she is actually grabbing Jessica's bun or if it just looks that way. Let's review this play on the jumbotron.

2529 days ago

go GB    

# 63...I have seen MANY pictures of them FROM THE FRONT wearing the same clothes. All 3 of them...Jess, JT, and James Van der Beek (who is on the right in this picture) There is no doubt that this is them. As to who the grabber is, I have no idea, but the other 3 really are them.

2529 days ago


Why are celebrities so disgusting?

2529 days ago


Pictures don't lie.
It appears Jessica may have other interests than JT.

2529 days ago

Just Thinking    

Maybe she had an itchy butt?

2529 days ago
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