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Kimora Lee and The Giant

10/18/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Glamazon Kimora Lee spent some quality time with her two mini-me's at a Beverly Hills pumpkin patch and the 6' model was almost the same size as her giant companion ...

... the green one, not her new boo -- Djimon Hounsou -- who was taking their picture!


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I've watched the show, it's just another typical phony "reality show". I think she's very well grounded unlike most celebs these days. She is a classy woman, she's divorced but she always speaks highly of Russell and has many times said "he taught me everything I know"'s a shame the marriage didn't work out but they seem to still be close friends and you can see the love they have for one another. As for her daughters, I think she is a great mommy and she definitely has her priorities straight, she always thinks of their feelings and definitely has them as her #1 priority.

2540 days ago

Internet Website Designs    

Kimorra is sexy BLood Diamond Russ misses that 4 sho

2540 days ago

Joshua Smith    

Kimora is a totally ignorant spoiled moron. She has no talent and is NOT any form of great business woman... she was simply given what she has and think (and claims) that she has built an empire. She is the worst type of person, has spoiled little brat children and her staff hates her. I feel very sorry for her.

2540 days ago


Is that a baby bottle in that kids mouth ?

2540 days ago


Her kids are so beautiful. The little one looks exactly like her and the older one like russell.. They seem like nice, smart children.

2540 days ago


debmom22...she's "classy??????" Please....she's anything but! She designs tacky gansta clothing for children no less! What an accomplishment. She should thank her lucky stars for being given an opportunity in this country rather than back in the rice fields.

2540 days ago


I love KLS! I hated her talk show she piloted a few years back. Thought I would hate her, but her reality show has quicly become my favorite! I LOVE HER! She is truly a SUPER MODEL! Not like these bolt on booby, drug-addicted, anorexic, brainless, nut cases. She is the real deal. Abosultely cool! Amazing fashion sense, gives other's equal camera time. She seems like she would be a dream to work for. I truly cannot get enough of her, and her family. LOVE Russell - I also like Run's House. The whole Simmons family is great. So what, she divorced and has a new boyfriend, and he has a girl friend. It's a free country!

OH, and leave her neck alone! I am glad she has not had plastic surgery! Lots of women with long necks develop a crease of some sort. It is natural, and Kimora is truly a natural beauty!

2540 days ago


being loud and yelling to get your way.... yes a great way to raise kids.

2540 days ago

Kitty Angel    

No one needs to tell Kimora she is great .... she gladly does it herself!!!!
Don't see the "greatness" myself.

2540 days ago


I absolutely love Kimora and I watch her show each time it comes on.

She and some of the other members of the Simmons family are shining examples of the NEW AMERICAN DREAM!! She is a great example of what a woman can accomplish if she puts her mind to it!!

Watching her show has inspired me to franchise my business so that I can be an example to other women. Especially women of color!!!

I love the KLS collection, Baby Phat and I am really excited about the new Hello Kitty jewelry line!!!

Russell has taught her your thing Kiki!!!!!!!

2540 days ago


Her neck looks like a stack of dimes.

2540 days ago


why is that kid still on a bottle? she looks to be about 5 or 6?

2540 days ago


Britney needs to learn from Kimora Lee!!!!!!

2540 days ago

sick of celebs    

ok-- she was just another one of many models before Russell, she likes to say she was a mogul-- she be a mogul if she wouldn't have married him...shes likes to run people around like little slaves..and then taunt her staff...the best type of person is a person that is grounded and does have their head up their ** I watched her show wanting to like her, but was unable after a few viewings...brags to much..blah blah blah

2540 days ago

Queen B    

To #21.... typical ignorant comment from a "white woman". Why go to the BAD mall where only black people from the ghetto go..... ? Looking for something you CANT find in the GOOD mall......??

Keep up the good work KLS..... I am sure "white woman" boyfriend is sporting something from Russell's line or otherwise she would not have commented or looking in the "bad mall".

By the way "white woman", learn how to spell her name, correctly type, and keep your negative comments in the racist world where you belong with all the other haters!!!!!

2540 days ago
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