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Lindsay Lohan is NOT Engaged!

10/18/2007 5:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ just spoke with Lindsay Lohan's rep -- who just got off the phone with her client -- and no, she is not planning a wedding.

Reports are circulating that the rehabbing actress is betrothed to Riley Giles, whom she met at the Cirque Lodge in Utah, and that he gave her a ring. Not so, says Lindsay through her rep. The "new" ring is a gift from her father, Michael Lohan, and the other is a Cartier ring that she has had for some time.

Don't believe everything you read ... unless it's on TMZ!


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#27.....are you stupid or what? Britney lip synch's.......can't dance....can't play any instruments other than the skin flute....can't write her own songs.....can't take care of her kids......

If you're a guy...and you like gotta be gay or a total loser

2563 days ago


You know I don't care........I'm just sorry I took the time out to read your post and now I am sorry I took the time to type this.............

2563 days ago



2563 days ago



This is to all those that resorted to 1st grade name (Lezbo- that wuz your best sho?t!)calling AND this is a reminder of those who in Ellen's name, without her consent, resorted to threats of violence.

I want you to think about this: When the woman from Moms & Mutts called Ellen to inquire about the dog, she was HONEST. The woman however, responded to Ellen's honesty with deceit. Period. The End Ellen's frankness about the dog should have been a HUGE red flag for the woman that Ellen was not aware of the infamous clause. Had she SIMPLY said- "Ellen, you know that violates the contract, right?" might have given Ellen a CHANCE to explain and work it out like adults. But, no, she chose to lie to Ellen, to the new owners and then so callously hold the dog away from the children in stead of waiting to go in with the police. I think that was pretty cold, but in NO WAY deserving of a death threat!

If ANY of you that chose to spew hate, if you had actually ever stopped to learn all that Ellen has done, for people like us, the non famous people. Case in point: Ellen saw a young man on you tube who could leap over a car and she love it. So, they tracked the young man down and invites him to be on her show. He was great- they brought a car onstage and he jumped over it, then later jumped over 5 or 6 cars all in a row! He later told Ellen that his dream was to be in a Nike commercial. SO, Ellen calls the CEO of Nike and she surprised him today with an appearance at the opening of a new NIke store, $5000 shopping spree at Nike and a spot in the new spot for! She made a dream come true for regular guy like us. He's not her first either- not by a long shot.

So, yea, Ellen's a real bitch, hugh?

2563 days ago


This guy is a K-Fed wannabe, Linds had better watch out.
He gave the girl in Utah an engagement ring with a FAKE diamond in it.

Man, two users getting together. Now there is a match made in Heaven.

2563 days ago

Lets all praise God

2546 days ago

fanboy B    

some of you people are just terrible... everyone makes mistakes in life, and it's apparent that Lindsay is trying to make up for those mistakes.

Give her a break and let her live her life in peace.

Lindsay, you're better off without Riley... let him go before he breaks your heart like he did with Bree.

2538 days ago
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